Counting Down

15N_ShowLogoJust happened to notice that the 2015 National Show starts two weeks from today! Holy Horseshoes, it’s almost here. Based on entries at this point, the numbers look good – should be at or possibly slightly above last year. We are looking forward to having the new covered pavilion available, along with other improvements at Will Rogers. The Appaloosa Youth Association board members are prepping for a full menu of fun activities and deserve whatever support you can offer. In case you need any urging, sponsorship forms for classes, buckles, ribbons, etc. are included on the show page of the website. Mostly wanted to say Thank You in advance to all our owners, exhibitors and friends who will be making the trip to Texas. We look forward to a great show and wish you as much success as you can stand. Safe travels!

Appaloosa Youth Foundation Scholarships

small web bannerHelp spread the word by offering a reminder at regional club gatherings or anywhere there might be Appaloosa youth that the deadline for submitting scholarship applications is MARCH 20TH. Details and downloadable forms are available at

Each year the Appaloosa Youth Foundation awards thousands of dollars to youth who are pursuing higher education. As many as eight scholarships of $1,000 each and one scholarship of $2,000 may be awarded to high school graduates, upperclassmen and graduate students who are members of the ApHC or are the son or daughter of an ApHC member. The Appaloosa Youth Foundation awards six youth educational scholarships of up to $1,000 each, one from each of the six territories of the Appaloosa Horse Club. Another scholarship may be awarded at-large, and yet another to a winner from the previous year in the form of a continuing scholarship.

Another scholarship—The Sagebrush Circuit—Lew & JoAnn Eklund Educational Scholarship—is funded in its entirety by donations made by the Appaloosa Youth Foundation from the dissolution of funds of the Sagebrush Circuit. This scholarship, the highest attainable scholarship available from the Appaloosa Youth Foundation, is given to members of the ApHC or the son or daughter of an ApHC member, is awarded to a college junior, senior, or graduate student who is pursuing a degree in a major field of study that is closely related to the equine industry.

Dal-Worth success story

Thanks to Carla Peacock for providing this good-news PR story from the Dal-Worth Club:

The Dal-Worth ApHC tried a new marketing approach to try to get new youth into our breed and shows. Much like the “bring your kid to work” program, we tried “bring your barn buddy to the show.” There are plenty of youth and non-pro horses that are “packers” at the shows and whose owners agreed to make available for the “guest” riders to utilize for the show.

We offered an iTunes gift card to the person bringing the barn buddy IF the barn buddy joined the ApHC. If they joined the ApHC, we gave them a free Dal Worth membership and allowed them to ride in the youth classes for $5 per class. We figured we would accomplish several things with this: the guest rider would join the ApHC (revenue for the ApHC) and they would be an additional entry in the class. Although they would not earn national points because they would not own the horse, they would count for entries and points for those youth chasing points.

The purpose of the entire deal was to get the kids that rode (either in a lesson program or in another breed) to our shows and competing in our events. We wanted them to experience the fun family atmosphere that is present at the ApHC shows (you have to admit that you won’t find a nicer group of people that the ApHC people!) and get hooked on the friendly and fun competition there. That would hopefully lead to a possible lease of an Appaloosa or even better yet the purchase of an Appaloosa!

Well, it was only one person, but this story has come full circle. There was a young girl named Brooked Dryden that was riding at the barn where Debbie Ryan keeps her horse. Debbie decided to use this program to introduce Brooke to the wonderful Appaloosa people. She arranged for Brooke to utilize her seasoned show horse, JB Fine N Dandy at the Dal Worth Spring Spectacular held in April in Glen Rose, Texas. Brooke joined the ApHC and we gave her a free Dal Worth membership. She showed in several classes for only $5 per class. Brooke had a great time and was in love with JB! Almost as if it was perfectly choreographed, Brooke leased JB and actually went to the Nationals! She had so much fun and was making so many new friends that her family bought her their own Appaloosa while they were in Tulsa!

It was only one new youth member, but it led to a purchase of an Appaloosa and what will hopefully be a long time relationship with our breed. If every club could generate just one new youth per year, think about how many new youth that would bring into our industry! The Dal Worth club liked the response so much that we are going to continue to offer the incentives and run the promotion in the hope of introducing more new youth to our wonderful Appaloosa every year!

My favorite kind of people…

…are the ones I get to meet at their first-ever ApHC Youth World Championship Show! Alexis Steele is from Discovery Bay, California, and will be busy during the coming week in Tulsa. She’s entered in six classes that I know of and is anxious for things to get underway.

It’s a busy Saturday as most of the trade show vendors are moving in and finishing the set-up process. Horses are getting used to their temporary homes and exhibitors, especially the youth, are putting in some riding and practice time. Some of us are just happy that the ice cream stand is open for business!

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National FFA Week

Might be a good time for a regional club to reach out to a local chapter and make some plans for a get-together this spring or summer:

February 19th through the 26th is National FFA Week, a week set aside to spread the word about agriculture, agricultural education and the FFA. Anna Peissig is from Colby, a small town in central Wisconsin and serves as Wisconsin State FFA Reporter this year. She first got involved in FFA when she moved to a new school as a freshman. Her cousin at the school got her into the Creed Speaking contest “and my career just kind of took-off from there.”

Now a college student majoring in elementary education, Peissig says people are constantly surprised by how much agricultural education has changed. “It’s actually a large, science-based industry because there is so much that goes into making those farms productive.” As a result, there are over 27 million careers in agriculture today and the FFA is constantly evolving to prepare members for those careers.

Today there are 523,309 FFA members in 7,487 chapters across 50 states, Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands. Of that membership, 27% live in rural farm areas, 39% live in rural non-farm areas and 34% live in urban and suburban areas.
Source: Brownfield Network

Novice youth rule amended

We’ve had a few questions about whether the board has approved changes to the novice eligibility rule. The answer is yes. The language below will be included in the 2011 Official Handbook:

Rule 806.B
To be eligible to show in a novice class, a youth shall have less than a combined total of 20 points in each youth and novice youth class earned in ApHC and/or any other breed association-approved or –sponsored shows, excluding walk-trot, leadline, hunter in hand and halter as of January 1 of the current year. Novice points will be accrued to the youth’s record regardless of whether or not the youth is eligible to earn points as determined by the youth’s relationship to the owner of the horse. Once the 20-point total is reached, the youth will no longer be able to show in that novice class at the end of the calendar year.

Rule 806.C
Beginning January 1, 2011, in the event a youth wins a National or World title in any ApHC-sponsored show or in any other equine breed association in a class in which points earned in that class count toward determining the eligibility of the youth in any novice class, that youth will no longer be eligible to compete in that novice class at the end of the calendar year, however, that youth will continue to be eligible to compete in the other novice youth classes if otherwise eligible. Championship wins in walk-trot, leadline, hunter in hand and halter classes will not count toward determining novice eligibility.

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Free youth classes at Tri-State Zone Show

North Carolina Appaloosa Horse Club and Palmetto Appaloosa Horse Club are proud to present the Tri-State Zone Show on September 4-5 at the T. Ed Garrison Arena in Clemson, South Carolina. The Tri-State Zone Show is one of three shows approved for the Regional Appaloosa Experience Grant. The show has received funding from the Appaloosa Horse Club (ApHC) to be able to offer all youth classes free of charge. The Tri-State Show is open to all breeds with most non youth classes offered at $8.00 or a flat fee of $100 per a horse for the two judge, two day show.

If you are interested in experiencing Appaloosas at their finest, consider the Tri-State Zone Show.

For more information regarding the Tri-State Zone Show please go to the show flyer and bill respectively; and To learn more about the Regional Appaloosa Experience Grant and apply go to:

Regional Appaloosa Experience Show Program

The Appaloosa Horse Club (ApHC) Board of Directors has approved a one year pilot program called the Regional Appaloosa Experience Show.

The key components of the program include direct funding support for regional clubs and national point fee waivers for youth exhibitors.

Established and new ApHC Regional Club shows meeting the program criteria may submit an application for approval to participate in this innovative pilot program. Shows approved for Regional Appaloosa Experience Program will receive up to $2,400 in financial support from ApHC, national point fee waiver for all ApHC youth classes, ApHC press release services and electronic promotion of selected shows.

Any show that is approved in this pilot program will offer ApHC-approved and all-breed youth classes for FREE! That means no entry fees for any youth exhibitor to compete in any youth class at the show.

The completed application along with supporting documents must be submitted to the ApHC by May 10, 2010 in order to be considered for the 2010 calendar year. The Regional Appaloosa Experience Grant Application can be downloaded from the ApHC website at by clicking on the Regional Club link or the Show Approval link.

The show must meet all regular show approval requirements (per rule 601 of the 2010 Official Handbook of the Appaloosa Horse Club). In addition to minimum mandatory class requirements for ApHC approval, the show must offer 5 all-breed youth classes (halter, showmanship, western pleasure, English pleasure and games).

Contact Merida McClanahan, ApHC Marketing Director, with any questions about the application process or materials to submit. Email: Phone: 208.882.5578 ext. 235