Another addition to ApHC online resources

We have added a new listing to the web for our online users. We call it the FPD Pedigree. This new pedigree is very much like our recently added Color and Points pedigrees only it lists the FPD Eligibility status and percentages of the primary horse and all horses in its 3 generation pedigree.

The cost of this pedigree is $10. If a user selects a horse that does not contain any FPD information within its pedigree the web page display a blank pedigree and inform the user that no data exists for the selected horse. They will not be charged for the pedigree if no data is found.

The actually FPD Pedigree description seen online is as follows:
Lists the Registration Number, Foal Date, Sex, FPD Eligibility Status and FPD Percentage of the selected horse plus the Names, Registration Number, Foal Date, FPD Eligibility Status and FPD Percentage of all horses in its 3 Generation Pedigree.

Order test kits online

ApHC members now have the ability to purchase DNA and HYPP test kits online for Registered Appaloosas and Non-appaloosas that exist within our database.

The kits that are available online are as follows:


To purchase a test kit simply click on the “Online Services” link at the top our main webpage, Click on the “DNA/HYPP TEST KIT” link on the left hand side of the screen, then select the test kit that you would like to purchase.

Users will be required to enter additional information associated with the horse for which they are purchasing the kit. Once the kit request has been processed via the work order system, staff will create the kit and send it to the appropriate recipient.

Saddle Log now on line

Keeping track of your hours on horseback just got a little easier. For ApHC members enrolled in the Saddle Log program, it is now possible to manage your information via the Members Only section of our website.

The basic options available on line:
1. Purchase or Renew your Saddle Log Membership
2. Enter/Update the dates and times that you have ridden within the current calendar year
3. Enter/Update the horses that you are riding within the current calendar year
4. View your award history.

*Update from original post: Lifetime totals can now be viewed whether the person is currently enrolled in the saddle log program or not.

Rule reminder — the rider is not required to own the horse(s) ridden, but all horses must be registered Appaloosas.

Recognition is given for successful completion of 100, 200, 500, 1000 and each 1000-hour plateau thereafter for hours ridden.

Additional Web search functions for members

From the hard-working folks in the IT Department:

Greetings All,

We have recently added some new search functions to the Members Only section of the ApHC website.

1. Non-Appaloosa Horse Name Search: It is now possible to search for a Non-Appaloosa horses by name. Only those horses that are listed as a sire or dam on a registered Appaloosa’s pedigree will be included in this search function. If the Non-Appaloosa horse does not have any Appaloosa foals, you will not be able to find it within this search.

This function was created so those members that have Non-Appaloosas could list such things as award history of their Appaloosa production. The only listings available at this time for a Non-Appaloosa are… Production, Race Production History, and Sire/Dam Production Statistics. No other information about the Non-Appaloosa parent will be available.

2. Horse Registration Number Search: This function will allow our members to look up a horse’s information by typing in the registration type and number of a horse. The user can look up Non-Appaloosa’s as well but only if they have produced an Appaloosa foal. All Non-Appaloosa listing functions will be the same as described in the Non-Appaloosa Horse Name Search.

Both of these options can be found on the Members Only home page.

Online Members Only services correction

small web bannerOn page 49 of the February 2010 Appaloosa Journal, the “Online Members Only services” information is incomplete. Please note that the final paragraph should read, “Members continued to enjoy free access to reports of the Appaloosas they own until December 31, 2009.” If you have any questions regarding Members Only services, please call (208) 882-5578 ext. 235 or e-mail We apologize for the error and any inconvenience it may have caused.

Discount prescription card for ApHC members

small web bannerIn case you haven’t heard:

The Appaloosa Horse Club (ApHC), in partnership with United Networks of America (UNA), is proud to offer its members and their families a free discount prescription drug card! Members may receive up to 75 percent in savings on everyday prescriptions, with an average savings of approximately 30 percent. This benefit is being provided to the ApHC membership at no cost!

Members wishing to receive the card must create an online account by logging onto the “Members Only” section of Once logged on, members may download and print the prescription drug card, which is pre-activated and may be used immediately! Simply take the card to a participating pharmacy with a prescription to receive discounts on medication.

The prescription drug card program was launched to help uninsured and underinsured ApHC members to afford their prescription medications. For members who are fully insured, this program may provide a discount on drugs not covered by their insurance. All prescriptions processed through the program are completely confidential with the guarantee that members are paying the lowest possible price. The program, which is only available to ApHC members, not only includes discounts on prescription drugs, but also eyeglasses, hearing apparatuses, nutritional supplements, diabetic supplies and more.

To become an ApHC member and receive these great benefits, among many others, visit

ApHC E-newsletter

small web bannerJust a friendly reminder that you probably should sign up to receive the monthly ApHC E-newsletter. Folks here have been working on upgrading the design, content and overall value of the newsletter for ApHC members. Just click on the menu button (left side of the home page of to sign up or to provide a new e-mail address.

Any time you have questions you’d like answered or specific program components you’d like to know more about, tell us. We’ll find a place for it in the next issue of the E-newsletter.

New services on the Web

More upgrades to the Member Services available on the site, courtesy of Dave O’Keefe.

Greetings All,
We have added four new services on the web this morning. Those services are as follows.

1. View Breeders Trust History – This option will allow the owners of stallions enrolled in the Breeders Trust program to view their earnings and payout history. The horse named DREAMFINDER has a good history if you wish to see what this page lists.

2. View Genetic History – This option will allow the owner of a horse to view the results of any blood or DNA testing that we have on file for the selected horse. Please note that this option will list the results of tests and not the history of tests that have been done.

The test results that can be listed are as follows:
Blood Typed
Blood Typed – Parentage Verified
DNA Typed
DNA Typed – Parentage Verified
HYPP Results – H/H
HYPP Results – H/N
HYPP Results – N/N

3. View Breeder History – This option will allow the owner of a horse to view the Breeder(s) of the selected horse.

4. View Owner History – This option will allow the owner of a horse to view the ownership history of the selected horse.