Appaloosa Makes 4400 Mile Journey Across the USA

Note from: Bobbie McTimmons, Back Country Horsemen of Washington, Lewis Co. Chapter; ApHC member

Thought you might be interested in meeting “Wolf” (the Appy) who has walked (both packing and being ridden) from Quoddy Point State Park in Maine to Grayland, WA — a 4-year, 4400 mile trip, 20 miles a day! The trip was made in four laps, side-stepping bad weather each year to return home/beginning the next year, as weather allowed, at the point left off the previous year.

My attached photo (the 3 horses and 2 riders) appeared in the Chehalis, WA “Chronicle” on August 18, 2011. Wolf is the only horse of the three pictured who made the entire trip. The blurb which was published with the photo explains all.

Wolf left Maine June 16, 2007 and arrived at the Pacific Ocean on August 21, 2011. Luckily the two long riders did not experience any of Washington’s famous rain while crossing the state. The rain started the day after they completed their journey.

Wolf belongs to Deb Yavorski, who had a life-dream to ride across the USA. She started out with two horses. Her “non-Appy” Walker proved to be too traffic shy to be safe and she next she bought “Mercury”, her Arab. Deb York joined Yavorski in Montana for the final leg of the trip. She borrowed the QH, “Chiquatah”. The two horsewomen met years earlier at a stable where Yavorski worked and York boarded her horse. Both women are from New York. York rode to honor her mother who passed away in 2007 from leukemia. She says she wanted to do something “extraordinary” before she passed from life (and the trip definitely qualifies in that category).

Deb Yavorski is a member of the Long Riders Guild. She plans to write a book about the trip across the country. I came away from several visits with the two women with the idea that no matter what anyone may say, America is a wonderful place – both women told me that people have been “AMAZING”! Additionally, both women firmly believe that ‘God will provide’ and have many stories to illustrate their belief.

As of today, the women have rented a car and plan to see the Olympia coast beach. (Their horses are being boarded and are resting up while the two long riders see some country and visit). Yesterday plans were being made to have a horse hauler pick up the horses for transport back to New York. The QH was loaned to York and is going back to his pasture in Montana and will work on a pack-string. York plans to get hay in as soon as she gets home and get some painting done around the place. Just business as usual! She is thinking about riding the Pacific Crest Trail in two years. Deb York retired from a job as a cable line woman in 2007; Deb Yavorski will return to her two jobs — she works for an inventory company and subs for the post office. Deb Yavorski is 49; Deb York is 57.

Chief Joseph Trail Ride

This year’s ride from Spencer, Idaho to West Yellowstone should be winding down this evening. We had approximately 125 riders – plenty of veterans but a good bunch of first-timers as well. Everyone seemed to enjoy the scenery, the friendships, the food and whatever entertainment could be had. This segment of the CJTR is considered to follow most closely the original trail of the Nez Perce in 1877. There is a fascinating story about the confrontation/battle at Camas Meadows, during which the Nez Perce made off with a big string of animals, mostly pack mules. General Howard and his troops were delayed for a few days as he was forced to ride to Virginia City, Montana, to resupply and buy more mules. Stay tuned for more news about award winners and tales of adventure from the Chief Joseph Trail Ride.

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Land of Liberty Trail Ride

Don’t miss your opportunity to attend the 2011 Land of Liberty Trail Ride June 12-18. Beginning Sunday evening, participants will embark on a week-long adventure involving all of our favorite things: friends, family, food and of course Appaloosa horses.

Located on the western edge of the Allegheny National Forest, four miles north of Tidioute, PA – the 150+ acre ranch is just a stone’s throw away from the only congressionally designated wilderness area in the Commonwealth of PA. Encompassing 8,663 acres, this pristine area abounds with many species of wildlife including white-tailed deer, coyotes, eagles, wild turkeys and black bear. There is a nearby virgin forest. The trail terrain is moderate rolling hills and single-track and old shale-based logging roads with creek crossings and is suitable for beginning to intermediate riders. Expect to ride an average of 15 miles per day.

And don’t worry about the price of fuel!! If you want to attend but you don’t want to haul your horse cross-country, there are rental horses available from Hickory Creek Wilderness Ranch, the site of the base camp. They have primitive camp sites for no additional charge. Or you can rent a cabin or a camp site with hook-ups for an additional fee. Contact them directly at 814-484-7520 to reserve your rental horse and/or cabin.

Click on the link below for more information and for a reservation form. We are still accepting reservations with no late fee so be sure and send yours in today!

If you have any questions, please contact the ApHC office at 208.882.5578 ext. 264 or by email at

Favorite Trail Horse update

Received word from George Ehmer that he and P.S. No Joke (Joker) have qualified for the finals in the American Competitive Trail Horse Association competition to determine “America’s Favorite Trail Horse.” They’ll be heading to Austin, Texas, next week. George says to watch for them on RFD-TV and be sure to vote for them!

Way to go George…and Joker!

Regina Broughton – life’s journey on a horse

If you’re not a “Googler,” you might have missed this story about ApHC member Regina Broughton of Bristol, Tennessee. She’s profiled in a local news article (link below) with special mention of her Appaloosa X Thoroughbred Tango. The duo is earning a regional award from the North American Trail Riding Conference and we thought you’d like to know about another special person in the Appaloosa community.

2011 National Championship Endurance Ride

If you’ve ever thought about testing yourself and your horse at a higher level of distance riding, it’s not too early to start preparations for the 2011 ApHC National Championship Endurance Ride. It will be held in conjunction with the Alabama Yellowhammer at Talledega September 30th. The ride weekend includes several competitive events of varying distances. The ApHC NCER is a 100-miler. Check out more information about the Talladega National Forest and surrounding area by doing a Web search. Stay tuned for additional details.

Wouldn’t be great if an Appaloosa won this?

You may be sitting on “America’s Favorite Trail Horse.” At least that’s what the American Competitive Trail Horse Association (ACTHA) wants to find out. They have launched a new reality series where America gets to choose their favorite trail horse! Auditions are being held across the USA and 100 finalists will be chosen to come to Austin Texas to perform for the cameras! Here, competitors will be assisted by National Clinicians including Monty Roberts, Pat and Linda Parelli, Van Hargis and Patti Colbert.

Segments will be aired on two national RFDTV shows with full length features on streaming video.

America votes 10 times after TV viewing, each time awarding $5,000 to the performance of the week. The 3 final winners determined by cumulative votes share $50,000.
Go to to join the fun!” because ANY horse can WIN This!

2011 Sheltowee Trail Ride

Details about this year’s Sheltowee can be found at htt:// The dates are September 25 – October 1. There is also a pre-ride Sept 23-25. Location is at Wrangler’s Camp in the Land Between the Lakes (Western Kentucky). Roland and Mary Tom Haun are your hosts, managers and contacts.

Appaloosa wins!

Had to share this news item from ApHC judge and exhibitor Christy Wood:

I attended my first Ultimate Cowboy Trail Challenge on Nov 20 & 21 in Bishop, CA. This was going to be my stepping stone to start entering extreme cowboy racing so I went to scope it out. There were 60 riders to run on the qualifying round on Sat with 16 advancing to the finals on Sunday. The age divisions were 2 youth, 2 non-pro and Pro. We had to memorize 29 obstacles within two arenas and out as well. They gave us 9 minutes to complete the course. I did it in 5:45seconds. The end result was that I won the whole darn thing! What a blast! I won the Pro division, my horse,”Dollar” won Top horse, she was the highest point earner for both days, and I won the entire Ultimate Cowboy Trail Challenge and was handed a check for $1,000.00.

I will be joining the EXCR association in Jan and hope to ride in more races throughout the year. I will also be back on the Appy circuit and my goal is to be back at the Worlds in Oct. Please note that this is a solid bay mare, and when I had to give a short bio for the announcer at the challenge I had him say “Dollar is a registered Appaloosa mare which goes to show you that it is in the bloodlines that gets you down the trail, not the color on the butt.” I know our breed wants to be recognized for our color, but perhaps we need to give those solids, who we do allow on our trails and in our arenas, to take center stage once in a while. I own 2 solids and two colored Appaloosas, and they are all my breed of choice!

Sheltowee Trail Ride

I had the opportunity to take a short drive from Lexington for a brief visit with participants in this year’s Sheltowee Trail Ride. Thanks to the hard work of Roland and Mary Tom Haun, there were 60+ riders enjoying the accommodations at Red Hill Horse Camp. As you can guess, the terrain provided lots of uphill and downhill riding and some very pretty scenery. Not quite the ideal fall foliage yet, but still really interesting country. Riders came from Washington, Utah, Texas and various other spots on the map to enjoy another week of trail pal-hood.

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You might think this is crazy

We received this note from Mary Bengel in Oregon. The details are pretty amazing.

Dear Appaloosa Horse Club,

Please check out our friend and horse trainer’s Facebook page and blog. Plus you can hear her being interviewed on The Horse Radio Network’s Stable Scoop show (episodes 94-107). Kathleen Dodd left Oregon mid-May to ride her two Appy’s across the USA to the East Coast….alone with no support or follow vehicle. She is currently in Nebraska. Her Appy’s are mother and daughter. Mystic, the mama, is Kathleen’s jumper champion. And Delightful, the daughter, is as pretty as she can be at only 4 years old. These mares have seen a lot over the last 4 states. They are now snake proof, wild horse proof, firework proof, semi-truck proof, jack rabbit proof, and train proof.

Kathleen and the mares are traveling on little to no money. Care packages are being sent as well as cash. We are looking for sponsorship to help cover the cost of hay, horseshoes, and the cell phone bill that is used for safety and to monitor and navigate their trip. I have added your facebook page to Kathleen’s Wild Ride as one of “our favorites” Please check it out at: Kathleen’s Wild Ride [On facebook] The Horse Radio Network’s Stable Scoop Show [episode 94-107] They also have a facebook page. And Kathleen blogs when she can:

Competitive Trail Challenge/Horse N Around Weekend

The Appaloosa Museum and Latah County Sheriff’s Mounted Posse hosted a “Horse N Around Weekend” at the Pony Club Grounds in Deary, Idaho, Aug 27-29. In addition to a poker/fun ride, dinner and silent auction, the groups also conducted a trail challenge sanctioned by the American Competitive Trail Horse Association. The ACTHA ride covers at least six miles and includes six judged obstacles. The “CTC” world is growing and it has some obvious attraction for various skill levels and all breeds.

The winner of the “Pleasure” division was ApHC member and Chief Joseph Trail Ride veteran George Ehmer of Milton-Freewater, Oregon. He rode P.S. No Joke (pictured here with George in casual attire). And, in what is surely more than just a coincidence for the Appaloosa breed, the winner of the Open division was ApHC member Talea Metivier, from Chewelah, Washington, riding Smart Little Cayenne.

Don’t forget, it’s never too late to support the Appaloosa Museum with a contribution. You should also consider buying a raffle ticket for this year’s horse prize, an Appaloosa colt sired by Secret Admirer. He has been donated by Rocky Top Appaloosas of New Salem, North Dakota. Visit for all the details. The drawing is October 4th.

And, I would suggest a click to the American Competitive Trail Horse Association site for information about their activities:

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Horse n Around Weekend

For those of you within reasonable driving distance from Moscow, consider joining us August 27-29 for the inaugural Horse ‘N Around (HAW) Weekend. Activities benefit the Appaloosa Museum and Latah County Sheriff’s Posse. There will be a “fun” ride with prizes, a trail challenge sanctioned by the American Competitive Trail Horse Association (visit and click on the “Moscow Ride”), another leisure trail ride, dinner, entertainment and all sorts of fun people to meet. Location is the Pony Club Grounds near Deary, Idaho. Camping, horse pens, showers, water, etc. are available.

To sign up for camping, reserve a spot for dinner or to just let us know you’re coming for the fun stuff, email or visit

To sign up for the ACTHA ride you’ll need to pre-register at (Moscow Ride).

Chief Joseph Trail Ride 2010

Just returned from this year’s Chief Joseph Trail Ride and need to send thanks and congratulations to all the participants – riders, drivers, crew, professional support staff, scouts, etc. I firmly believe this is one of the best trail ride experiences in the world and it’s truly unique. The ride started near Wisdom, Montana and ended in the Lemhi Valley of Idaho. A number of riders specifically gushed about Thursday’s trip along the Continental Divide and said it was probably their best day of riding — ever.

We had a group of Nez Perce youth riders as well as representatives of the Nez Perce Appaloosa Horse Club and Chief Joseph Foundation. Folks were there from all across the U.S., Canada, England, The Netherlands, Germany and Norway. I’ll have a separate story about the gents from Norway who decided more than a year ago to plan a ride of the complete 1300-mile trail in one year. Now they’ve modified the route a bit to include “only” the more difficult and scenic parts of the trail, but they’ll still be riding through September.

I want to add a special thanks to Susan Fredrickson, who stepped in late in the game to serve as ride manager. She and husband Mike helped in so many ways to ensure a successful adventure. Andy Shaw, camp crew supervisor, Norman Shaw our chef and Ervin Gross the camp manager (and ever-patient parking director) all provided outstanding support. The list of people we depend on is very long. Their reward comes when riders acknowledge that they had a wonderful time and were spoiled.

The Chief Joseph Trail Ride is a commemoration, a history lesson and a family reunion that the ApHC is proud to be associated with.

We’ll have more photos in the Flicker album very soon.

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Sheltowee Trail Ride

The ApHC Board has given management authority for the Sheltowee Trail Ride for the next two years to Roland Haun and he has sent us this information:

October 3 – 9, Daniel Boone National Forest, Kentucky;

We will schedule a regular 5-day ride as in the past, but we will also provide two 3-day rides for those who prefer a shorter time away from home. Riders will receive credit from the ApHC for the Distance Program and the Trail Hall of Fame.

This year’s ride will be at the Red Hill Horse Camp near Livingston, Kentucky (the Daniel Boone National Forest); Paved roads lead to the camp. Cost of the full ride is the same as last year — $335. The cost for a three-day ride will be $200. This will include campsite with water and electric, a stall for your horse and meals. Restrooms and showers are available. All horses must be stalled.

We now have a website:

Ride applications should be mailed to Roland Haun, 872 Nacke Pike, Cecilia, KY 42724. If you have specific questions, give Roland a call at 270.862.9357.

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