Free youth classes at Tri-State Zone Show

North Carolina Appaloosa Horse Club and Palmetto Appaloosa Horse Club are proud to present the Tri-State Zone Show on September 4-5 at the T. Ed Garrison Arena in Clemson, South Carolina. The Tri-State Zone Show is one of three shows approved for the Regional Appaloosa Experience Grant. The show has received funding from the Appaloosa Horse Club (ApHC) to be able to offer all youth classes free of charge. The Tri-State Show is open to all breeds with most non youth classes offered at $8.00 or a flat fee of $100 per a horse for the two judge, two day show.

If you are interested in experiencing Appaloosas at their finest, consider the Tri-State Zone Show.

For more information regarding the Tri-State Zone Show please go to the show flyer and bill respectively; and To learn more about the Regional Appaloosa Experience Grant and apply go to:

ApHC show results, qualifying deadline update

The Performance Department is currently processing show results for the month of August. Results are completed through the end of July except for three shows for which the results have to be corrected.

Because the deadline for regional show managers to submit results from August shows is Sept 10th, we are currently only uploading or entering open and non-pro class results for August shows in order to meet that deadline. Once World Show invitations have been processed, we will upload youth class results. So if you’re checking results for horses and/or competitors, there will be a slight delay in accessing current youth points.

Canadian National

The 53rd Canadian National Appaloosa Show is going on this week in Brandon, Manitoba. This year’s show is also approved for ApHC points. The youth team competition has been especially good and especially entertaining. Appaloosa Horse Club of Canada directors and other volunteers are working hard to stage a successful show. Several competitors are here from the U.S. and the atmosphere filled with the usual enthusiasm and friendly hospitality. Additional photos will be posted in the album shortly.

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Challenge for Cash

The Pinto Horse Association of America invites all Appaloosa horse owners to join the fun this fall at the Color Breed Congress in Tulsa, Okla., Nov. 3-7.

The Pinto Congress will host the Color Breed Cash Challenge, a series of events where Appaloosas, Palominos, Buckskins, Paints and Pintos will compete together for cash prizes.

Open to any horse registered with ApHC, PHBA, APHA, PtHA, IBHA or ABRA, the Color Breed Cash Challenge classes include halter, western pleasure, English pleasure, trail and longe line. Even Solid-Bred Paints, Breeding Stock Pintos and Good As Gold Palominos are eligible to compete in these events.

Complete rules and entry forms are available at For questions, email or call (405) 491-0111.

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Canadian Stock Horse Championships

The Appaloosa Stock Horse Organization is hosting the High Roller Big Gamble – 2010 Canadian Stock Horse Championships in conjunction with the 2010 Canadian National Appaloosa Show on Saturday July 31/2010 in Brandon, Manitoba. The divisions will run concurrently with the Junior, Senior and Non Pro Working Cow Horse Classes. Paybacks and prizes will be as per the ASHO pay scale and rules. 0% of the entry fees are retained and any added purse will be pro-rated by entry numbers.

For information and entry forms please contact

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Keystone success

How about a little good news? Ray Burchett reports that the Keystone Classic show this past weekend in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania was a doozie — 1466 entries per judge, making it certainly one of the largest regional shows in quite a while. Congratulations to all the show organizers, volunteers and supporters.

Regional Appaloosa Experience Show Program

The Appaloosa Horse Club (ApHC) Board of Directors has approved a one year pilot program called the Regional Appaloosa Experience Show.

The key components of the program include direct funding support for regional clubs and national point fee waivers for youth exhibitors.

Established and new ApHC Regional Club shows meeting the program criteria may submit an application for approval to participate in this innovative pilot program. Shows approved for Regional Appaloosa Experience Program will receive up to $2,400 in financial support from ApHC, national point fee waiver for all ApHC youth classes, ApHC press release services and electronic promotion of selected shows.

Any show that is approved in this pilot program will offer ApHC-approved and all-breed youth classes for FREE! That means no entry fees for any youth exhibitor to compete in any youth class at the show.

The completed application along with supporting documents must be submitted to the ApHC by May 10, 2010 in order to be considered for the 2010 calendar year. The Regional Appaloosa Experience Grant Application can be downloaded from the ApHC website at by clicking on the Regional Club link or the Show Approval link.

The show must meet all regular show approval requirements (per rule 601 of the 2010 Official Handbook of the Appaloosa Horse Club). In addition to minimum mandatory class requirements for ApHC approval, the show must offer 5 all-breed youth classes (halter, showmanship, western pleasure, English pleasure and games).

Contact Merida McClanahan, ApHC Marketing Director, with any questions about the application process or materials to submit. Email: Phone: 208.882.5578 ext. 235

Membership/Novice info online

ApHC has updated Web site access to include novice eligibility information for those members who haven’t yet renewed their membership for 2010. Since so many members purchase membership at the first show they attend, it’s important for show organizers and members alike to have access to accurate information on the novice status of those exhibitors. Visit, click on “Show” and then click on “Verify Your Membership and Novice Eligibility Here”. Type in a membership number and click “Submit” for the latest information. This is a great tool for regional shows to use when checking in horses and riders at the show office. Instant access to membership and novice information is just a few clicks away.

Reining Derby at Gordyville, USA

May 1 & 2, 2010, Long Creek ApHC will be joining forces with the Illinois Appaloosa Association in Gifford, IL, to co-sponsor a four judged, dual-approved point show. There will be added money and grand prizes awarded in the Reining Derby Saturday evening. The show will feature jumping classes, cattle classes and AGHA (Appaloosa Games Horse Assoc.) classes. Judges will be Mary Ann Cash, Andrea Koehn, Duke Neff and Ron Rhoades. Visit for full details. See you at the Derby!

Trophy rumors

Apparently there are rumors that the ApHC is changing or eliminating trophies for our National and World Show. Not true! We are simply evaluating production options and giving potential suppliers an opportunity to bid competitively — as always. Here’s a better statement from the Performance Department:

ApHC continually assesses all expenditures as we try to ensure that we get the most benefit for each dollar spent. To that end, we have a bid process for many goods and services each year. Currently, we have provided Requests for Proposals (RFPs) to a number of award suppliers asking them to bid on producing our National and World trophies. While we have no intention of changing the trophies (we like the Mare & Foal and Versatility trophies as much as you all do), we’d still like to make sure that award dollars are being well spent. If there’s a way to get a great product for less money, we’d like to find it. We apologize for any misinformation you’ve heard about this process, but rest assured that we’ll carefully consider the quality, look, feel and price of each sample we receive to ensure that these trophies not only look great, but are a great value.

No, we are not changing to plastic!

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Canadian National is “ApHC-approved”

The Appaloosa Horse Club is pleased to announce that we’ve entered into an agreement with the Appaloosa Horse Club of Canada to allow ApHC-registered horses the opportunity to show at the Canadian National Appaloosa Show and earn ApHC points. The Canadian National Appaloosa Show will be held July 27-31 at the Westoba Credit Union ACE Arena in Brandon, Manitoba Canada. Judges for the show include Susan Robinson, James Simpson and R.J. Muir.

In most cases and where rules are consistent between the two organizations, ApHC-pointed classes will run concurrently with ApHCC classes. ApHC national points earned will be based on the number of horses in the class that are eligible to show at ApHC-approved shows. All horses registered with the ApHC will be eligible to participate in the show.

For a complete list of ApHC-approved classes, please visit the ApHC Web site at and visit our show calendar section. Or you can visit the Appaloosa Horse Club Canada’s Web site at for complete entry information and forms. Please contact Show Manager Don McClure with specific questions. He can be reached at BOX 2 GRP 201 RR 2 WINNIPEG MB R3C 2E6 CANADA, by email at or by phone at (204)633-2133.

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Show cancellations

Unfortunately and due to severe weather conditions, we’ve been notified about two show cancellations for this weekend. The Dixie National in Jackson, MS scheduled to be held January 30-31 has been canceled due to severe ice storms. The Calizona Fun Circuit in Vista, CA scheduled for January 31 has been canceled due to a large amount of rain.

Novice Non-Pro Program

small web bannerBeginning January 1, 2010, the novice division of the non-pro program has undergone some changes. Eligibility to compete in novice non-pro classes will be determined by the number of points you have earned in each class rather than by the total number of non-pro points you’ve earned. Non-pros will be eligible to compete in novice classes if they have less than 20 points in that class. This includes class points earned in ApHC competition in youth, novice youth, non-pro, 35 & over non-pro, masters non-pro, novice non-pro and any other breed organization class points. Points earned in leadline, walk-trot, youth halter and non-pro halter classes do not count toward determining novice eligibility.

Novice eligibility is determined by the number of points that the exhibitor has earned in that class, no matter which age division. There are no Novice Age division classes, but an exhibitor is welcome to show in both their age division and in novice at the same show. Once an exhibitor is ineligible for Novice they can still show in all of the other Non-Pro divisions that they qualify for by age.

Former professionals reclassified as non-pros are not eligible for novice classes. And if you’ve won an ApHC National or World class title or a class championship in any other breed organization beginning January 1, 1996, you are not eligible as a novice non-pro in the class in which you earned the championship (excluding halter and hunter in hand classes).

There is a novice non-pro class for each corresponding non-pro class (except halter and hunter in hand).

Novice eligibility is determined as of January 1 of each year. If you are eligible for novice classes as of that date, you remain eligible to compete in novice through the end of that calendar year.

Because novice eligibility is determined by class, you will no longer receive a novice sticker for your membership card. You will be able to access your novice eligibility status for each class by logging on to the ApHC Web site at Click “Show” and then click “Verify Your Membership Here” where you will be able to enter your membership number and find a list of specific classes in which you may compete as a novice. Please print out a copy of that list and use it as proof of novice eligibility when required.

As always, we rely on non-pro members to be aware of rule changes and to understand that even if you are listed as being eligible to show in novice classes, if you don’t meet all the criteria (including points or titles that you may have earned in other breed association competition), you are expressly denied the right to compete in novice classes.

We realize that not all the data on-line is current and accurate at this point. However, we are working to update records as quickly as possible. If you access this information and feel that it is not accurate, or if you have any questions about these changes, please contact the ApHC office at 208-882-5578 ext. 400 or by email at

Non-Pro/Novice info

The ApHC I.T. department has finalized the programming necessary to track novice non-pro status by class. This information will be available to customers after all show results and awards have been calculated and verified for 2009. Once the 2009 point year is closed, novice eligibility data for 2010 will be available on the ApHC Web site. The ApHC expects to have the 2009 point year finalized by January 20. After that date, novice eligibility information will be available to on-line users.

The ApHC will not send out novice stickers in 2010 due to this change. However, non-pro and youth members can access current membership status and novice eligibility information free of charge by logging on to Customers may still receive verification of membership status and novice eligibility by fax by calling the ApHC office to request this information (standard fax charges of $5 for the first page and $1 for each additional page of information apply).

Calizona members win year-end CSHA awards

Calizona Members won 2009 California State Horseman’s Association Awards for Region 11 by showing their Appaloosas on an All Breed Circuit through the Moreno Valley TrailSeekers. Congratulations to Joe Brooks, CJ Brooks, Diane Dodd, and Stephanie Vrabel! Throughout 2009, they exhibited their Appys at shows held by the TrailSeekers ending up with several year end high point awards. This is promotion outside the Appaloosa Breed circuit and demonstrates that the Appaloosa and our members retain the “Top Spot”! Year end award winners received embroidered day sheets, halter bags, garment bags, silver platters and a collage of photos throughout the show year.

Joe Brooks showing Lads Blue Eyed Jewel garnered Division Champion in Halter-Open, Division Reserve Champion Junior Halter-Amateur and Class Champion Halter Non-Stock Type. CJ Brooks with Lads All Star is the Division Champion in English 35 and Over and Class Champion English Equitation 35 & Over. Diane Dodd as trainer showed Lads All Star to a Division Championship in Open English. Stephanie Vrabel exhibited her flashy appy, Wyakin Too, to Division Championships in Senior Halter-Amateur, Open Halter, Halter Geldings, Halter Color as well as Division Championships for Showmanship 18 & Over and Open Showmanship. All of the Calizona winners qualified to participate in the State Championship show held in Santa Rosa, CA.

The California State Horsemen’s Association comprises twenty geographical Regions within three areas (Northern, Central, and Southern) of California. CSHA represents the pleasure horse industry and pleasure horse owners. CSHA has many programs (show, parade, gymkhana, & trail, etc.) most of which are run through other clubs and organizations like the TrailSeekers.
Congratulations to our Calizona Appaloosa winners!!!

Leslie Foxvog
President Calizona ApHC

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