January 27-29, 2017
“Through the Judges Eyes”
Hyatt Regency Hotel, Tulsa, OK

Knowledge is power; become a more successful exhibitor. Learn what the judges are looking for, what makes one run stand out from another, and how to “think like a judge.” The Academy is also an educational opportunity for those who are thinking about becoming a judge. The program is also a great resource for apprentice judges and collegiate judging teams. And, it’s an excellent place to learn how to scribe scored classes.

Early registration deadline is January 3

For more information and registration forms, visit


small web bannerThe ApHC Planning and Review Committee would like your feedback on a possible rule change regarding the High Point Territory Awards. The recommendation is for changes to be made to rules 702, 803, and 903 – changing High Point Territory Awards to High Point Geographic Region Awards. Currently outlined are 19 different “Geographic Regions:”

The Committee believes that changing the awards will benefit the members and therefore the ApHC by making the regions smaller and more user-friendly. It is their hope that changing from Territories to Geographic Regions will encourage members to compete for these awards more readily and with less expense for travel. *The term “Geographic Region” may change, but is currently being used to describe the new area divisions. Also note that geographic regions would only apply to the show/point system, not election territories or other purposes.


Immediate Rule Additions for ApHC-Sponsored Shows

small web bannerIn response to industry developments, the ApHC Board of Directors has agreed that the use of magnetic devices in clothing in showmanship, horsemanship, hunt seat equitation and saddle seat equitation constitutes an unfair advantage for exhibitors and shall not be allowed at ApHC-sponsored shows (Youth World, National Show, World Show). Magnetic devices must be removed prior to competition or the exhibitor shall be disqualified. This show management rule is effective immediately.

The Rules Committee will develop specific language regarding implementation of this rule at all regional club and ApHC-approved shows. It is expected that this additional language will be included in the 2017 ApHC Handbook. In the meantime, any use of magnetic devices in clothing is strongly discouraged at all ApHC-approved shows. The Board has further stated its intention to have more discussion about potential rule changes or additions for the entire categories of artificial aids and prohibited equipment.

Also, the use of belly bands is prohibited anywhere on the show grounds at ApHC-sponsored shows (Youth World, National Show, World Show). This show management rule is effective immediately.

As with the magnetic devices rule, specific language will be developed for implementation at all ApHC-approved shows and is expected to be included in the 2017 ApHC Handbook.

Green Class Eligibility?

small web bannerThe link to determine horse eligibility for green classes is now available online. This is on the show page of the web site. Click to view the page. When you’re on that page, you’ll see a link to “Verify Green Class Eligibility”. From there, you can enter a horse’s registration number to determine their eligibility in all green classes.

Note Regarding ApHC Rule Changes and “Guest Judges”

ApHC-LogoWe understand there are questions about the recently approved rule change allowing regional clubs to utilize guest judges beginning in 2016. To be clear, this is a provision for regional clubs and international affiliates only. Guest judges will not be an option for ApHC-sponsored shows, i.e., the Youth World Championships, National Show or World Show. The intent of this change is actually two-fold; the first goal is simply to reduce the financial impact of hosting a horse show at the regional level. Secondly, it has the potential to encourage individuals to subsequently apply and go through the regular process to become an ApHC-carded judge. Guest judges may judge a maximum of two single-judge or multi-judge ApHC-approved shows. Thereafter, they must apply for ApHC judging credentials in order to continue judging ApHC-approved shows. To receive guest judge status, the individual must be a current ApHC member and must pass a written ApHC rulebook test. The ApHC will also verify the judge’s existing credentials with an appropriate organization. Guest judges may only be contracted to judge shows sponsored by an ApHC regional club or international affiliate. Clubs and affiliates are limited to contracting a maximum of three guest judges per year.
NOTE: In conjunction with this rule change in 2016, the option of having a “double-pointed” judge is eliminated.

2015 Handbook

rulebook15We regret the delay in providing the 2015 edition of the ApHC Official Handbook (better known as the rule book), but it is now available on the website. The print version should be available soon. Some questions have been asked about the “green” classes, ranch pleasure and other classes that are new for 2015. Those were published in the December issue of the Appaloosa Journal (as attachments to the board meeting minutes). Here’s wishing you a successful and fun show season!

Attention ApHC Novice Non-Pro and Novice Youth members

You can now check your 2012 novice status by going to Click on “Show” and then click on “Verify Your Membership and Novice Eligibility Here”. Enter your membership number and click “Submit” for a list of classes in which you are eligible to show in the novice division.

If you checked this information prior to January 11, the information that appeared was still for the 2011 calendar year. We’ve now closed out the 2011 show year and re-calculated novice eligibility for 2012. Please check again!

The records indicated on this list include only the points and titles earned in ApHC-approved or -sponsored competitions. If you have earned points in excess of the limits listed below or have earned any National or World titles with any other equine breed association, you are expressly denied the ability to compete as a novice non-pro and/or novice youth (in that specific class). Eligibility listings on this record do not guarantee novice eligibility if points and/or titles earned with another breed association eliminate you from eligibility.

And remember to print a copy of your listing in order to present to show officials at any ApHC-approved show that you attend in 2012!

Novice Non-Pro eligibility:
In order to be eligible to show in novice non-pro classes, the non-pro must have fewer than 20 points (including points earned in non-pro, novice non-pro, 35 & over non-pro, masters non-pro, youth and novice youth divisions) in that class in the ApHC and/or any other breed association as of January 1 of the current year and must not have won an ApHC non-pro National or World title or title in any other equine breed association in that class (beginning 1/1/1996). In addition, former professionals reclassified as non-pros are ineligible to compete in any novice classes.

Novice Youth Eligibility:
To be eligible to show in a novice youth class, the youth, as of January 1 of the current year, shall have earned less than a combined total of 20 points in the ApHC and/or any other breed organization –approved or –sponsored shows in the group of youth and novice youth classes that count toward determining novice eligibility in each of the five novice youth classes, excluding walk-trot, leadline, hunter in hand and halter. The youth must not have won an ApHC youth National or World title or title in any other equine breed association (beginning 1/1/1998) in that class to remain eligible. Youth may be ineligible for one class (based on points or titles earned) but may still be eligible to compete in other novice youth classes.

Color Breed Congress

Going on through Sunday Nov 6th in Tulsa, the Color Breed Congress includes competition for Pinto, Appaloosa, Buckskin, POA and Palomino horses. This is the first year for an approved ApHC show to be included at the Congress. It’s a four-judge ApHC show. The Pinto Association is the presenting organization. You can find more details at The logo shown here is being featured on award jackets and seems to be very popular. The new four-sided video screen in the photo is new to the Ford Truck Arena.

Some of us believe the concept of a multi-breed show is a good one. Horse folks getting acquainted, vendors dealing with customers from several segments and sponsors getting their names in front of a cross section of industry participants seem to make sense.

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Dal-Worth success story

Thanks to Carla Peacock for providing this good-news PR story from the Dal-Worth Club:

The Dal-Worth ApHC tried a new marketing approach to try to get new youth into our breed and shows. Much like the “bring your kid to work” program, we tried “bring your barn buddy to the show.” There are plenty of youth and non-pro horses that are “packers” at the shows and whose owners agreed to make available for the “guest” riders to utilize for the show.

We offered an iTunes gift card to the person bringing the barn buddy IF the barn buddy joined the ApHC. If they joined the ApHC, we gave them a free Dal Worth membership and allowed them to ride in the youth classes for $5 per class. We figured we would accomplish several things with this: the guest rider would join the ApHC (revenue for the ApHC) and they would be an additional entry in the class. Although they would not earn national points because they would not own the horse, they would count for entries and points for those youth chasing points.

The purpose of the entire deal was to get the kids that rode (either in a lesson program or in another breed) to our shows and competing in our events. We wanted them to experience the fun family atmosphere that is present at the ApHC shows (you have to admit that you won’t find a nicer group of people that the ApHC people!) and get hooked on the friendly and fun competition there. That would hopefully lead to a possible lease of an Appaloosa or even better yet the purchase of an Appaloosa!

Well, it was only one person, but this story has come full circle. There was a young girl named Brooked Dryden that was riding at the barn where Debbie Ryan keeps her horse. Debbie decided to use this program to introduce Brooke to the wonderful Appaloosa people. She arranged for Brooke to utilize her seasoned show horse, JB Fine N Dandy at the Dal Worth Spring Spectacular held in April in Glen Rose, Texas. Brooke joined the ApHC and we gave her a free Dal Worth membership. She showed in several classes for only $5 per class. Brooke had a great time and was in love with JB! Almost as if it was perfectly choreographed, Brooke leased JB and actually went to the Nationals! She had so much fun and was making so many new friends that her family bought her their own Appaloosa while they were in Tulsa!

It was only one new youth member, but it led to a purchase of an Appaloosa and what will hopefully be a long time relationship with our breed. If every club could generate just one new youth per year, think about how many new youth that would bring into our industry! The Dal Worth club liked the response so much that we are going to continue to offer the incentives and run the promotion in the hope of introducing more new youth to our wonderful Appaloosa every year!

Delaware show cancelled

The DELAWARE SUMMER SIZZLER in Harrington, DE scheduled for this weekend (8/27-28) has been cancelled due to weather conditions related to Hurricane Irene. If you have questions about your pre-entries, please contact Trisha Reed at 26940 RIVER BRIDGE RD HENDERSON, MD 21640, by email at or by phone at (410)482-8178. If you have any questions regarding World qualification concerns, please contact the ApHC show department at 208.882.5578 ext. 400 or by email at

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Arkansas show cancelled

The Arkansas ApHC show scheduled for this coming weekend (May 21) in Texarkana has been cancelled. Stay tuned to this page for updates and news about other cancellations.

You can also check the status of regional shows on the “show calendar” page of the Web site. If we know that a show has been cancelled, it will be designated on the calendar listing.

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Equine Herpes Virus

Dear ApHC Members,

With reported cases of Equine Herpes Virus (EHV-1) in some Western states, it is appropriate to be vigilant for symptoms of this disease which is contagious among horses (but not transmittable to humans).The Equine Herpes Virus can affect the respiratory, reproductive, and nervous systems causing a wide variety of diseases.

You may have heard about facilities being quarantined and events cancelled. The ApHC does not currently intend to issue any directive to regional clubs that would compel you to cancel approved shows, nor is there any consideration of cancelling the National Show/Youth World Show in Tulsa at this time. Along with other equine groups, we urge caution and extra care when introducing new horses to your facility, traveling to equine events and in observing the health condition of horses at home.

Visit the American Association of Equine Practitioners website for “infectious disease control” guidelines ( There are also useful updates and resources available on the National Cutting Horse Association site, . You may also want to monitor information coming from your State Veterinarian. We received an update/advisory from the State of Idaho with advice and precautions, so we’ll assume that most states are doing the same.

Major achievement for Appaloosa

News flash from South Africa:

Storm Runner, the 7 year old Appaloosa stallion my husband imported for me in 2004, is now owned by Cobus Smit. Storm Runner (bred by B & L Ranch) had a fantastic Horse of the Year (HOY) show this past week. In General Breed (open to every breed), he was 2nd in the 1.5 to 1.67 metre Stallion in Hand class.

He was Champion Halter and Champion Ridden horse in the Western Showing Association of South Africa (WSASA) show on Friday, was Reserve Champion Stallion Halter and Champion Ridden Horse in the Appaloosa show on Saturday, then on Sunday he became the first Appaloosa to ever make it into the ribbons–top 5–at the HOY Supreme Ridden Champion event. There were about 24 horses of different breeds in the run-off and he made the first cut to 10 then was 5th in the finals.

Storm in particular and Appaloosas in general are the talk of the HOY.

For the first time both an Appaloosa mare and Appaloosa Stallion made it into the top 5 in hand–one owned by George Contos and the other by Ros Nightingale.

I am so pleased that I have not stopped smiling!

Happy Spring!

Deborah Ann Buchan

NEW Non-Pro Versatility Award

Thank you to NAPA Auto Parts of Ithaca, New York for sponsoring the non-pro 35 & over and the non-pro masters versatility awards. These new awards will be presented in 2011 through 2015. Points are calculated on a one-horse/one-rider basis using the regular national point system scale. Points must have been earned in both showmanship and performance with a minimum of 5 points being earned in the lowest division. The non-pro with the highest number of points in these respective divisions with one horse will receive a custom-made sterling silver belt buckle compliments of Napa Auto Parts. Please visit the ApHC web site periodically for current standings throughout the 2011 show year. If you have any questions, please contact the ApHC performance department at 208.882.5578 ext. 400.

Novice youth rule amended

We’ve had a few questions about whether the board has approved changes to the novice eligibility rule. The answer is yes. The language below will be included in the 2011 Official Handbook:

Rule 806.B
To be eligible to show in a novice class, a youth shall have less than a combined total of 20 points in each youth and novice youth class earned in ApHC and/or any other breed association-approved or –sponsored shows, excluding walk-trot, leadline, hunter in hand and halter as of January 1 of the current year. Novice points will be accrued to the youth’s record regardless of whether or not the youth is eligible to earn points as determined by the youth’s relationship to the owner of the horse. Once the 20-point total is reached, the youth will no longer be able to show in that novice class at the end of the calendar year.

Rule 806.C
Beginning January 1, 2011, in the event a youth wins a National or World title in any ApHC-sponsored show or in any other equine breed association in a class in which points earned in that class count toward determining the eligibility of the youth in any novice class, that youth will no longer be eligible to compete in that novice class at the end of the calendar year, however, that youth will continue to be eligible to compete in the other novice youth classes if otherwise eligible. Championship wins in walk-trot, leadline, hunter in hand and halter classes will not count toward determining novice eligibility.

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