Calizona to ride in Famous Christmas Parade – Hollywood!

calzonaparadeThe Calizona Appaloosa Horse Club’s Parade group is one of seven illustrious equestrians to participate in the famous Hollywood Christmas Parade on Sunday, December 1, 2013. This parade, an 80 year American tradition, heads down the famous streets of Hollywood and Sunset Boulevards and includes celebrities and many performers. The parade is televised and later shown closer to the Christmas holiday.

Remaining true to the heritage of the Appaloosa, Calizona continues in the Native Indian tradition of the horse parade dressed in the finest and most elaborate regalia to honor our beloved breed and shout “Have Appy Holidays”. Calizona’s Hollywood Parade group comprised of 13 riders will include: Leslie Foxvog, husband Paul and daughter Danie, costumer Debbie Herzman, Stephanie Rawley, Evon Owens, Christy Wood, Steve Wood, CJ Brooks, husband Joe Brooks, Tisa Aley, Christy Calkins and Austin Bogner.

The Hollywood Christmas Parade website includes a list of the Equestrian groups, celebrities and participants. Please see: and for CZ’s equestrian picture & description follow the link for Participants and Equestrians. Calizona is honored to be a part of this parade tradition and acknowledge that the group was invited for this event – “they came to us, not us to them”. Historically, equestrians were required to apply for the parade. Take note that under the Television link for Airdates that the parade will be aired on the Hallmark Channel (cable) and local KTLA television stations throughout December.

Riding down Hollywood Blvd is a preliminary event to the “Big Daddy of Parades” to which Calizona garnered a third appearance in the 2014 Tournament of Roses Parade on January 1, 2014. As in prior years, the group will also participate in the Tournament’s Equestfest on December 29th at the Los Angeles Equestrian Center televised on RFDTV.

Calizona’s riders are ready for a long day, and fun night in Hollywood; but, feel it so worth it to share their Appaloosa Enthusiasm with those that see them both in person and later on TV, we hope we are not edited out!

ApHC Community Comes Together to Help Youth Who Sustained Traumatic Brain Injury

During the afternoon of April 8th, ApHC exhibitor, Karen Breslin, underwent a terrifying ordeal when she received a phone call informing her that Keeley, her thirteen-year-old daughter, had fallen off the back of a golf cart and sustained extreme damage to her skull and brain. Since the initial barrage of tests and after spending two months in ICU, Keeley is making a slow but steady recovery with noted improvement in her physical rehabilitation and some cognitive abilities.

The road to recovery will be a long one, but the Breslin family is getting some much needed support from fellow ApHC exhibitors, who have organized a special benefit class at the upcoming Texas Appaloosa Horse Club Summer Fun Circuit in Waco, Texas. Since the announcement of the Karing For Keeley Hunter In Hand Classic, the prize donations and financial contributions have been pouring in, including breedings to some of the top Appaloosa stallions in the nation and months of instruction from the best horse trainers in the industry.

Read the full article at in the lifestyle section. You’ll find information about more ways individuals and groups can get involved to offer support and assistance. All of us in the Appaloosa community send our best wishes and prayers to Keeley and the Breslin family.

Tournament of Roses Equestfest – Calizona ApHC 12/30/11 on RFDTV

The Calizona Appaloosa Horse Club’s Parade group will appear in the Tournament of Roses Equestfest on December 30, 2011 which is filmed live by RFD-TV. Equestfest presented by Wells Fargo is an up close and personal opportunity for the public to meet many of the Equestrians that will be seen in the Rose Parade. It is a 2 hour show of beautiful horses and talented riders performing drills, dances and the “wild west” comes alive! After the event, the public can stroll through the stables and talk to the performers and see the horses. Calizona performs a patterned routine to Native American Indian music to show off our colored horses and traditional Heritage costume.

The Equestfest group of 10 riders for the performance includes: Paul Foxvog, Leslie Foxvog, Debbie Herzman, Danie Foxvog, Diane Dodd, Christy Wood, Angila Gallagher, Steve Wood, CJ Brooks and Joe Brooks (two other members of the parade group, Evon Owens and Stephanie Rawley, are unable to participate in the Equestfest but will be with the group on Colorado Blvd for the parade on January 2, 2012). Calizona is ready to present the Appaloosa with beautiful stall decorations and ApHC Table top and materials display. Again, watch for the Equestfest performance on RFD-TV 12:00 noon Pacific Time, earlier for Standard/Central time.

Calizona ApHC is extremely excited to put the Appaloosa on display to all throughout this fun day!

Calizona ApHC to ride in 2012 Tournament of Roses Parade!

A personal call from the Tournament of Roses offering congratulations and acceptance in the upcoming 2012 Rose Parade was received by Group Marshal, Leslie Foxvog. This is the second time that the CZ Parade group will appear in the parade with their first appearance January 2010.

The 2012 Rose Parade in Pasadena, California is themed “Just Imagine” and will be held Monday, January 2 (not January 1st in a tradition every seven or so years to not hold the parade on a Sunday). The CZ group consists of 12 mounted riders dressed in the traditions of the Nez Perce and northern plateau and plains region heritage costume and regalia.

To quote the opening on their application, “Just Imagine … an animal so deeply embedded in the way of life of one culture that it almost became lost but over time, developed and changed because of the hearts and desires of a second people. Close your eyes and let your imagination take hold. Listen for the faint sound of hooves and see in the distance images of spotted horses, manes and tails floating on the breeze, as they run carefree across the vast open landscape of the western northern plains. Listen more closely as the air is filled with the faint sweet sound of tingling bells and cones as their music joins the sound of hooves on the hard ground growing ever closer. Open your eyes to see that sometimes what is just imagined … has come to life! Look for the Calizona Appaloosa Horse Club equestrian group to follow in the footsteps of their forefathers in the time honored horse parade tradition to celebrate in the Tournament of Rose Parade and promote the spirit of the Appaloosa Horse with the thousands of Appaloosa owners that enjoy the horse today.

Strategy question #3

Regional Clubs and their relationship with the ApHC are on the list of strategy priorities. Assuming there’s no additional money to invest in “incentives,” what two or three things would be mutually beneficial to the partnership? Hint: Communication, workshops, approved classes, rules, schedules, online services, joint dues, deadlines, awards, co-sponsorships, territory shows, etc.

Calizona wins another parade sweepstakes!

Entering the Riverside (California) Black History Parade for the first time, the Calizona Appaloosa Horse Club won the “Equestrian Sweepstakes” Award as well as Best Indian Group. The Parade was held Saturday, February 12, 2011 and eight CZ members rode to honor and promote the Appaloosa Horse with regards to its ties to the Nez Perce and other native cultures riding colored (and non colored) Appaloosas dressed in traditional heritage parade horse trappings and regalia. The parade was themed, “The Gift of Legacy” and what better than to show off the legacy of the Appaloosa!

The parade group included riders: Leslie Foxvog, Paul Foxvog, Danie Foxvog, CJ Brooks, Joe Brooks, Kristal Mead, Diane Dodd and Laura Rinard as well as two carrying the Club banner: Brian and Ashley. Other support team members included Debbie Herzman, Evon Owens and Chuck Collins. We also wowed the California State Horseman’s Association (CSHA) judge with our knowledge of the Appaloosa and detailed costumes! The Judge stated that in his past experiences, other groups could not explain their costumes or history of their horses. Calizona enjoys and takes pride in promoting the breed, and reaching out to the public to share the Appaloosa experience.

Leslie Foxvog