Appaloosa Makes 4400 Mile Journey Across the USA

Note from: Bobbie McTimmons, Back Country Horsemen of Washington, Lewis Co. Chapter; ApHC member

Thought you might be interested in meeting “Wolf” (the Appy) who has walked (both packing and being ridden) from Quoddy Point State Park in Maine to Grayland, WA — a 4-year, 4400 mile trip, 20 miles a day! The trip was made in four laps, side-stepping bad weather each year to return home/beginning the next year, as weather allowed, at the point left off the previous year.

My attached photo (the 3 horses and 2 riders) appeared in the Chehalis, WA “Chronicle” on August 18, 2011. Wolf is the only horse of the three pictured who made the entire trip. The blurb which was published with the photo explains all.

Wolf left Maine June 16, 2007 and arrived at the Pacific Ocean on August 21, 2011. Luckily the two long riders did not experience any of Washington’s famous rain while crossing the state. The rain started the day after they completed their journey.

Wolf belongs to Deb Yavorski, who had a life-dream to ride across the USA. She started out with two horses. Her “non-Appy” Walker proved to be too traffic shy to be safe and she next she bought “Mercury”, her Arab. Deb York joined Yavorski in Montana for the final leg of the trip. She borrowed the QH, “Chiquatah”. The two horsewomen met years earlier at a stable where Yavorski worked and York boarded her horse. Both women are from New York. York rode to honor her mother who passed away in 2007 from leukemia. She says she wanted to do something “extraordinary” before she passed from life (and the trip definitely qualifies in that category).

Deb Yavorski is a member of the Long Riders Guild. She plans to write a book about the trip across the country. I came away from several visits with the two women with the idea that no matter what anyone may say, America is a wonderful place – both women told me that people have been “AMAZING”! Additionally, both women firmly believe that ‘God will provide’ and have many stories to illustrate their belief.

As of today, the women have rented a car and plan to see the Olympia coast beach. (Their horses are being boarded and are resting up while the two long riders see some country and visit). Yesterday plans were being made to have a horse hauler pick up the horses for transport back to New York. The QH was loaned to York and is going back to his pasture in Montana and will work on a pack-string. York plans to get hay in as soon as she gets home and get some painting done around the place. Just business as usual! She is thinking about riding the Pacific Crest Trail in two years. Deb York retired from a job as a cable line woman in 2007; Deb Yavorski will return to her two jobs — she works for an inventory company and subs for the post office. Deb Yavorski is 49; Deb York is 57.

Calizona ApHC to ride in 2012 Tournament of Roses Parade!

A personal call from the Tournament of Roses offering congratulations and acceptance in the upcoming 2012 Rose Parade was received by Group Marshal, Leslie Foxvog. This is the second time that the CZ Parade group will appear in the parade with their first appearance January 2010.

The 2012 Rose Parade in Pasadena, California is themed “Just Imagine” and will be held Monday, January 2 (not January 1st in a tradition every seven or so years to not hold the parade on a Sunday). The CZ group consists of 12 mounted riders dressed in the traditions of the Nez Perce and northern plateau and plains region heritage costume and regalia.

To quote the opening on their application, “Just Imagine … an animal so deeply embedded in the way of life of one culture that it almost became lost but over time, developed and changed because of the hearts and desires of a second people. Close your eyes and let your imagination take hold. Listen for the faint sound of hooves and see in the distance images of spotted horses, manes and tails floating on the breeze, as they run carefree across the vast open landscape of the western northern plains. Listen more closely as the air is filled with the faint sweet sound of tingling bells and cones as their music joins the sound of hooves on the hard ground growing ever closer. Open your eyes to see that sometimes what is just imagined … has come to life! Look for the Calizona Appaloosa Horse Club equestrian group to follow in the footsteps of their forefathers in the time honored horse parade tradition to celebrate in the Tournament of Rose Parade and promote the spirit of the Appaloosa Horse with the thousands of Appaloosa owners that enjoy the horse today.

How much fun can you legally have in 3 minutes?

From Lantz McLaren, Indian River, Ontario:
Well, I’m happy to report that Craig Cameron and the Extreme Cowboy Race program can motivate even the most diehard horse person to do things they would never imagine. Pushing for speed, overcoming long held phobias, even getting in on the act and putting on a show for the crowd, it rapidly all becomes part of the rush.

On June 10-11, Canada’s Outdoor Equine Expo presented the Extreme Cowboy Race and Craig for all who wished to try something just a little different. A sucker for a challenge, I bit and hauled Ima Patriotic Doc to give this YouTube sensation a try. Ima Patriotic Doc is an Appaloosa stallion that has earned 17 National titles, World Show placings and countless high-point awards in his “show pen” career. Cutting, sidesaddle, ranch trail and roping are all within our normal grasp of events, but this was a test beyond our expectations. As Craig explains, speed, horsemandship and the ability to “ride smart” are required to get around this program. The course included jumps, log gates, bridges, ground ties, roll backs, sliding stops, lead changes and a host of other demands, with a need for speed and entertainment.

Our log gate rolled off, jumping barrels we normally turn was a bit different, a single stride lope over a bridge is not a show norm and me on my hands and knees trying to wiggle through a straw tunnel seemed to please the crowd. “Smoke” and I saved the best to near last, with me the guy afraid of height scrambling up a 10′ ladder, egging on the crowd and Smoke throwing down huge stops and rollbacks, much to the delight of everyone. After the times were reviewed, judges’ score sheets tallied and the check endorsed, Ima Patriotic Doc and I were named Reserve Extreme Cowboy Race Champions and awarded a nice big ole check for $1,000!

So, it’s perfectly legal, a ton of fun, about the best entertainment going and just as easy as swinging your leg over your horse’s back to have a good time. Extreme Cowboy Racing is a “Smart Riders” way to bring fun times and fresh faces to horse related events.

Appaloosa star at KHP

Wow! Mr. Awesome Affair and Eric La Porte just finished 4th in the inaugural World Championship Freestyle reining competition at the Kentucky Horse Park. Standing room only and the only Appaloosa in the competition, Eric took his bridle off and they spun into the money at the landmark event. Way to Go Team Awesome! Click on the link for the replay and so much more!

$25,000 added money; held at the end of the Five Star Reining competition, CRI5* (Concours de Reining International), the sport’s highest level and held concurrently with the Rolex Three Day Event.
12 competitors including David O’Conner; Totally packed house!
He did the same routine he won App Worlds with – Desparado.

Favorite Trail Horse update

Received word from George Ehmer that he and P.S. No Joke (Joker) have qualified for the finals in the American Competitive Trail Horse Association competition to determine “America’s Favorite Trail Horse.” They’ll be heading to Austin, Texas, next week. George says to watch for them on RFD-TV and be sure to vote for them!

Way to go George…and Joker!

Road trip

We were pleased to see a Moscow to Riggins, Idaho “Road Trip” featured in the April/May issue of American Cowboy magazine. Even better, the Appaloosa Museum and Heritage Center is spotlighted as the place to visit in Moscow. There is also mention of the Nez Perce National Historic Park Visitor Center in Spalding along with John and Rosa Yearout’s Sweetwater Appaloosa Ranch near Lapwai. Another portion of the trip includes White Bird Pass and White Bird Battlefield, sites familiar to many ApHC members who have participated in the Chief Joseph Trail Ride.

Major achievement for Appaloosa

News flash from South Africa:

Storm Runner, the 7 year old Appaloosa stallion my husband imported for me in 2004, is now owned by Cobus Smit. Storm Runner (bred by B & L Ranch) had a fantastic Horse of the Year (HOY) show this past week. In General Breed (open to every breed), he was 2nd in the 1.5 to 1.67 metre Stallion in Hand class.

He was Champion Halter and Champion Ridden horse in the Western Showing Association of South Africa (WSASA) show on Friday, was Reserve Champion Stallion Halter and Champion Ridden Horse in the Appaloosa show on Saturday, then on Sunday he became the first Appaloosa to ever make it into the ribbons–top 5–at the HOY Supreme Ridden Champion event. There were about 24 horses of different breeds in the run-off and he made the first cut to 10 then was 5th in the finals.

Storm in particular and Appaloosas in general are the talk of the HOY.

For the first time both an Appaloosa mare and Appaloosa Stallion made it into the top 5 in hand–one owned by George Contos and the other by Ros Nightingale.

I am so pleased that I have not stopped smiling!

Happy Spring!

Deborah Ann Buchan

Regina Broughton – life’s journey on a horse

If you’re not a “Googler,” you might have missed this story about ApHC member Regina Broughton of Bristol, Tennessee. She’s profiled in a local news article (link below) with special mention of her Appaloosa X Thoroughbred Tango. The duo is earning a regional award from the North American Trail Riding Conference and we thought you’d like to know about another special person in the Appaloosa community.

Appaloosa star shines at National Western Stock Show

From ApHC Director Sandra Matthews:

At the Dodge Ram $15,000 Invitational Freestyle Reining at the National Western Stock Show in Denver on January 9, the Appaloosa horse was extremely well represented by Mr. Awesome Affair. Mr. Awesome Affair, owned by Highcrest Reiners of Dayton, MT and trained and shown by Eric La Porte of Rocky Mountain, NC, traveled 2,600 miles one way to participate. It most certainly paid off!

This event is always a crowd sell out and one of the more popular ones at the Stock Show. There were 14 participants in this invitation only event. Several were FEI medalists in international reining competitions and had also been at the World Equestrian Games as demonstrators and clinicians. Devin Warren on Bright Little Gun posted a score of 229½ mid-way through the competition. An awesome score to say the least and one most of the audience believed couldn’t be touched.

Mr. Awesome Affair and Eric were second to last to go. He performed the same routine as he did at the 2010 Appaloosa Worlds. The song was “Desperado” and Eric came in with a duster, black hat and scarf over his face. What made it even more dramatic this time was he had been out in the snow storm and walked in dripping snow! He started off with a bridle but soon removed it. Mr. Awesome Affair showed everyone that he could not only spin like a whirlwind but really get down in the dirt when he stopped. After it was all said and done, Eric and his horse scored a 229, blowing the socks off the competition and putting them in 2nd place. He definitely showed the Quarter Horses and Paints the Appaloosa would not be outdone!

The other part of this competition is the People’s Choice Award. This is determined by the audience reaction to each contestant. After the winners are announced each rider is brought forward to be judged by the crowd. Initially Eric tied with Aaron Ralston, who placed 3rd in the competition, and who did his routine bareback with a small bosal to a medley of Christmas music performed by Mannheim Steamroller. Eric was determined to be 2nd in this phase also.

After the competition, Eric and his horse had several people follow him out to the barns to ask questions and take pictures. It was a great day for the Appaloosa!

Wouldn’t be great if an Appaloosa won this?

You may be sitting on “America’s Favorite Trail Horse.” At least that’s what the American Competitive Trail Horse Association (ACTHA) wants to find out. They have launched a new reality series where America gets to choose their favorite trail horse! Auditions are being held across the USA and 100 finalists will be chosen to come to Austin Texas to perform for the cameras! Here, competitors will be assisted by National Clinicians including Monty Roberts, Pat and Linda Parelli, Van Hargis and Patti Colbert.

Segments will be aired on two national RFDTV shows with full length features on streaming video.

America votes 10 times after TV viewing, each time awarding $5,000 to the performance of the week. The 3 final winners determined by cumulative votes share $50,000.
Go to to join the fun!” because ANY horse can WIN This!

Horse & Rider features “Blue”

We were pleased to receive the February issue of Horse & Rider with one of our own featured as the horse “we’d love to own.” SHYS BLUE BOY, owned by Abby Bruno of Moreno Valley, California, is the star of this month’s “Your Horse, Your Life” page. The description of “Blue” and his accomplishments — so far –certainly embody the Appaloosa theme of versatility, disposition, willingness to please, etc. Congratulations Abby and Blue! The photo here is from their win at the 2010 World Show, where they earned the Nutrena Iron Horse award and were named World’s Best Appaloosa. Earlier in the year, at the Youth World, Abby and Blue won the High-Point Youth All-Around title as well.

Cowgirl Magazine features Appaloosa breed

The January/February issue of Cowgirl magazine includes a feature story entitled, “Appaloosas — The Ultimate Comeback Story,” by Gavin Ehringer (with photos from the ApHC). It’s especially nice to see that the publishers have included an Appaloosa in one of their own in-house ads for the magazine and the website. The article traces the history of the breed, but includes some personal background from Mr. Ehringer and references to Joker B. and Prince Plaudit.

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ApHC member signed to Auburn Equestrian Team

ApHC Director Lynette Thompson passed along the good news about a recent collegiate signee. ApHC member and exhibitor Juliana Cook, from Farmington, Georgia, will participate as part of the Auburn University Equestrian Team. Congratulations Juliana!

The link below includes the full news release from the Auburn folks. I guess football isn’t the only thing they do well.

Another Appaloosa TV star

This is from Stephanie Hutcherson, Appaloosa Horse Club member, with a registered Appaloosa gelding named Touche Roman. I wanted to let you know that he (“Romeo”) was in a side saddle scene on the TV series Vampire Diaries on November 11, 2010. Romeo was also on the Vampire Diaries website for the previews of the show for almost a week before the show, and currently he can be seen on the website on their past episodes video. The episode is called Katrina.

You can see some photos that I took while on the shoot on my club’s sidesaddle website , both on the blog and on the past events page.

Romeo and I have been partners for almost twelve years, and I have to say he has been the best horse I’ve had in the over twenty-five years I have owned horses. We (Romeo and I) have competed in hunter/jumper, combined training, and dressage shows… in astride saddles and in sidesaddle. We have participated in the ACAAP program for many years, receiving Top Ten in Combined Training and Certificate of Achievements in combined training, over fences and dressage. We have also received many awards at the national and international levels in sidesaddle riding.

For pleasure we enjoy driving, trail rides, hunter paces and parades. We have competed in many parades in Georgia and Kentucky. Our most memorable parade was in a sidesaddle in the 2009 Presidential Inaugural Parade in Washington, D.C. We also participate in sidesaddle demos throughout Georgia and also at the Kentucky Horse Park once a year. Romeo and I have also volunteered our time with Special Olympics riders and horse shows.

Back to the Vampire Diaries. I was contacted by the film production company who found me through our web site, and who were initially looking for a “side saddle consultant.” This role grew over the next few days as we got closer to the shoot date, to the point where they invited Romeo in for a role with a stunt double for the actress. When I was asked to include Romeo, I knew right away that my Appaloosa could handle it. It was an 18-hour day with the scene being shot at night. There were bright lights, ladders, fog machines, and people coming and going out of the dark woods with video equipment. Romeo did not spook once. He had to canter past “dead bodies” (actors, or course!), a stuffed wolf, and an overturned wagon. He also did many takes where he had to stand completely still as the actress ran away from him. Throughout it all, he delivered a perfect performance, and was quite popular with the cast and film crew.

He was and is the perfect “spokes-horse” for the Appaloosa breed: smart, calm, gentle, and versatile. And I’m so blessed to have him!

Stephanie Hutcherson

Board of Directors

Appaloosa wins!

Had to share this news item from ApHC judge and exhibitor Christy Wood:

I attended my first Ultimate Cowboy Trail Challenge on Nov 20 & 21 in Bishop, CA. This was going to be my stepping stone to start entering extreme cowboy racing so I went to scope it out. There were 60 riders to run on the qualifying round on Sat with 16 advancing to the finals on Sunday. The age divisions were 2 youth, 2 non-pro and Pro. We had to memorize 29 obstacles within two arenas and out as well. They gave us 9 minutes to complete the course. I did it in 5:45seconds. The end result was that I won the whole darn thing! What a blast! I won the Pro division, my horse,”Dollar” won Top horse, she was the highest point earner for both days, and I won the entire Ultimate Cowboy Trail Challenge and was handed a check for $1,000.00.

I will be joining the EXCR association in Jan and hope to ride in more races throughout the year. I will also be back on the Appy circuit and my goal is to be back at the Worlds in Oct. Please note that this is a solid bay mare, and when I had to give a short bio for the announcer at the challenge I had him say “Dollar is a registered Appaloosa mare which goes to show you that it is in the bloodlines that gets you down the trail, not the color on the butt.” I know our breed wants to be recognized for our color, but perhaps we need to give those solids, who we do allow on our trails and in our arenas, to take center stage once in a while. I own 2 solids and two colored Appaloosas, and they are all my breed of choice!

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