Reminder to Regional Clubs

World Show Qualifying Requirements for Non-Pros

Under the regional club system, a regional organization may qualify up to its top five (5) non-pros for the World Championship Appaloosa Show in each class. The club must have sponsored or co-sponsored at least one ApHC-approved show in that qualifying year and may only nominate non-pros in classes in which those non-pros exhibited in that club’s show.

A non-pro may receive only one (1) World Show invitation per class. If the non-pro earns an invitation under the National Point System, he/she becomes ineligible to be nominated by a Regional Club. Only the top five (5) ranking non-pros from the Regional Club, regardless of whether the non-pro qualified under the National Point System, may receive the Regional Club invitation.

For complete qualifying details, see Rule 703 and Rule 710 of the 2016 ApHC Handbook.

NRCHA Novice Non Pro Bridle Champion

Deborah Anderson_Signed PrescriptionExciting Appaloosa news from the Reined Cow Horse Championships in Fort Worth:

Deborah Anderson rode Signed Prescription (High Sign Nugget x Ima Docs Dolly) to the Novice Non Pro Bridle Championship with a composite 429 score (216 rein/213 cow). The Championship paid $2,693.75 and came with a Bob’s Custom Saddle sponsored by Kit and Charlie Moncrief, a Gist buckle sponsored by Smart Boons/Eric & Wendy Dunn, boots from Rios of Mercedes, a gift certificate from Platinum Performance, and a World Finals jacket from Hickory Holly Time and Gardiner Quarter Horses.

Anderson admitted she was incredibly nervous before her run. However, she said, “this time I just really wanted to try and do my best, and just enjoy every second of it.”

Deb has owned “Sadie” since she was a 2 year old, and until she was five, she hauled her to cutting shows as her turn back horse. When her cutter needed time off, she decided to show her as a hackamore horse in the reined cow horse The next year she didn’t compete on her, but instead rode her as her trail horse. Deb has always wanted to show cow horse seriously, and decided she better send her to get trained as a bridle horse. She choose to send her to John Swales, who showed her successfully in the two rein.

This past year she had a goal to qualify for the World Show and learn how to show a cow horse. This season she won two shows, and her trainer, Travis Rempel showing in the Limited Open won Championship titles in Canada and the Northwest Region as well as the preliminaries here at the Celebration of Champions and tying for Reserve Champion Limited Open Bridle Finals for a paycheck of $2,307.60.

Anderson said, “This is my once in a lifetime horse, I will never sell her.” Her plans for Sadie, now 10, is to take her home and raise some foals.

Photo Credit: Primo Morales Photography

Attention ApHC Novice Non-Pro and Novice Youth members

You can now check your 2012 novice status by going to Click on “Show” and then click on “Verify Your Membership and Novice Eligibility Here”. Enter your membership number and click “Submit” for a list of classes in which you are eligible to show in the novice division.

If you checked this information prior to January 11, the information that appeared was still for the 2011 calendar year. We’ve now closed out the 2011 show year and re-calculated novice eligibility for 2012. Please check again!

The records indicated on this list include only the points and titles earned in ApHC-approved or -sponsored competitions. If you have earned points in excess of the limits listed below or have earned any National or World titles with any other equine breed association, you are expressly denied the ability to compete as a novice non-pro and/or novice youth (in that specific class). Eligibility listings on this record do not guarantee novice eligibility if points and/or titles earned with another breed association eliminate you from eligibility.

And remember to print a copy of your listing in order to present to show officials at any ApHC-approved show that you attend in 2012!

Novice Non-Pro eligibility:
In order to be eligible to show in novice non-pro classes, the non-pro must have fewer than 20 points (including points earned in non-pro, novice non-pro, 35 & over non-pro, masters non-pro, youth and novice youth divisions) in that class in the ApHC and/or any other breed association as of January 1 of the current year and must not have won an ApHC non-pro National or World title or title in any other equine breed association in that class (beginning 1/1/1996). In addition, former professionals reclassified as non-pros are ineligible to compete in any novice classes.

Novice Youth Eligibility:
To be eligible to show in a novice youth class, the youth, as of January 1 of the current year, shall have earned less than a combined total of 20 points in the ApHC and/or any other breed organization –approved or –sponsored shows in the group of youth and novice youth classes that count toward determining novice eligibility in each of the five novice youth classes, excluding walk-trot, leadline, hunter in hand and halter. The youth must not have won an ApHC youth National or World title or title in any other equine breed association (beginning 1/1/1998) in that class to remain eligible. Youth may be ineligible for one class (based on points or titles earned) but may still be eligible to compete in other novice youth classes.

Membership/Novice info online

ApHC has updated Web site access to include novice eligibility information for those members who haven’t yet renewed their membership for 2010. Since so many members purchase membership at the first show they attend, it’s important for show organizers and members alike to have access to accurate information on the novice status of those exhibitors. Visit, click on “Show” and then click on “Verify Your Membership and Novice Eligibility Here”. Type in a membership number and click “Submit” for the latest information. This is a great tool for regional shows to use when checking in horses and riders at the show office. Instant access to membership and novice information is just a few clicks away.

Non-Pro/Novice info

The ApHC I.T. department has finalized the programming necessary to track novice non-pro status by class. This information will be available to customers after all show results and awards have been calculated and verified for 2009. Once the 2009 point year is closed, novice eligibility data for 2010 will be available on the ApHC Web site. The ApHC expects to have the 2009 point year finalized by January 20. After that date, novice eligibility information will be available to on-line users.

The ApHC will not send out novice stickers in 2010 due to this change. However, non-pro and youth members can access current membership status and novice eligibility information free of charge by logging on to Customers may still receive verification of membership status and novice eligibility by fax by calling the ApHC office to request this information (standard fax charges of $5 for the first page and $1 for each additional page of information apply).

62nd National and 2009 Youth World Appaloosa Horse Show Class Specials

A non-pro or a youth exhibitor may enter 9 classes at regular price and enter a 10th class for FREE! This option is available for PRE-ENTRIES ONLY! This option is available to non-pro and youth exhibitors regardless of the number of different horses they exhibit and is based solely on the number of classes in which that non-pro or that youth exhibitor enters.

Entries for multiple horses MUST BE RECEIVED TOGETHER in order to credit the exhibitor for the free class. Once entries have been received, classes can NOT be substituted, scratched, added or changed in order to qualify for a class. After the pre-entry deadline, regular post-entry processes and fees apply to any changes or added classes. Equipment, cattle and NSBA charges must still be paid on all classes even if these are assessed in the class in which the non-pro or youth exhibitor does not have to pay the entry fee.

It’s official – National Show and Youth World swap weeks

The schedule in Jackson, Mississippi, for the Youth World Championship Show and the ApHC National Show has been revised to address some issues relating to youth participation. It’s basically a swap of show weeks so that the National Show Open and Non-Pro events will begin on Monday June 22nd. The Youth World Show will be AFTER the National Show. The middle weekend will feature the cattle classes, so the youth-only portion of the show will likely begin on Monday the 29th. Complete show dates are June 22 – July 4.

Non-Pro Advisory Committee

In the midst of other World Show activity, the Non-Pro Advisory Committee got together for a discussion of topics important to the group. We’ve heard from many of you at town hall meetings and through other channels that more work needs to be done on clarifying non-pro eligibility and the structure for earning points to qualify for the World Show.

Other topics included specifics about the class schedule at ApHC shows, ownership rules and regional club shows.

Please — if you have suggestions, recommendations or concerns relating to the ApHC Non-Pro “System” — contact your director or send a note to members of the Non-Pro Committee. We’ll be doing a few one-question-at-a-time blog surveys too, so stay tuned.

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