Immediate Rule Additions for ApHC-Sponsored Shows

small web bannerIn response to industry developments, the ApHC Board of Directors has agreed that the use of magnetic devices in clothing in showmanship, horsemanship, hunt seat equitation and saddle seat equitation constitutes an unfair advantage for exhibitors and shall not be allowed at ApHC-sponsored shows (Youth World, National Show, World Show). Magnetic devices must be removed prior to competition or the exhibitor shall be disqualified. This show management rule is effective immediately.

The Rules Committee will develop specific language regarding implementation of this rule at all regional club and ApHC-approved shows. It is expected that this additional language will be included in the 2017 ApHC Handbook. In the meantime, any use of magnetic devices in clothing is strongly discouraged at all ApHC-approved shows. The Board has further stated its intention to have more discussion about potential rule changes or additions for the entire categories of artificial aids and prohibited equipment.

Also, the use of belly bands is prohibited anywhere on the show grounds at ApHC-sponsored shows (Youth World, National Show, World Show). This show management rule is effective immediately.

As with the magnetic devices rule, specific language will be developed for implementation at all ApHC-approved shows and is expected to be included in the 2017 ApHC Handbook.

2016 National/Youth World Show Schedule

The schedule has been posted on the ApHC website. Hope to see ALL of you there.

Counting Down

15N_ShowLogoJust happened to notice that the 2015 National Show starts two weeks from today! Holy Horseshoes, it’s almost here. Based on entries at this point, the numbers look good – should be at or possibly slightly above last year. We are looking forward to having the new covered pavilion available, along with other improvements at Will Rogers. The Appaloosa Youth Association board members are prepping for a full menu of fun activities and deserve whatever support you can offer. In case you need any urging, sponsorship forms for classes, buckles, ribbons, etc. are included on the show page of the website. Mostly wanted to say Thank You in advance to all our owners, exhibitors and friends who will be making the trip to Texas. We look forward to a great show and wish you as much success as you can stand. Safe travels!

Youth World/National Show Update

15N_ShowLogoBe sure to tell your ApHC friends that the on-line entry system and a bunch of other information pertaining to the Youth World And National Show are active on the website pages for those shows. We’ll have additional updates as we get closer to the events — which, as they say, will be here before you know it!

National Show & Youth World Entry (and other) Forms are Online

National Show aThe Premium Book, show schedule, entry forms and lots of other information for the 67th National Appaloosa Show and the 2014 World Championship Appaloosa Youth Show are posted on The dates are June 23 – July 5. Make your Fort Worth plans now. Be sure to check out all the options for special events and classes. And, give some thought to sponsoring a class, a buckle or a youth activity.

Show Schedule now available

small web bannerThe class schedules for the 2014 National Show and Youth World Championship Show are now posted. Click on the National Show link at the bottom of the home page for your quickest route.

And, as you make plans for the summer, please consider opportunities for you, your farm, your regional club or other group of friends to sponsor a class, sponsor a buckle, a farm flag or other means of support for these events. If you have questions or just need more information, you can email or

Pattern Book posted

The Pattern Book for the National Show is now available by clicking on the show links from

NEW! Enter your National & Youth World Classes ONLINE!

National Show aPre-entry deadline for online entries is May 19th…

* You must have an active online account with the ApHC in order to use the National/World Show online entry system.

* Log into your members only online account at and select “My National/World Show Entries” then follow the prompts.

* Any current member with an online account can enter and pay for any another member’s entries. You just need to enter in the correct information for the horses and riders. This allows trainers and others to enter horses and riders into the show.

* Please have the horse’s registration numbers and the membership numbers of the exhibitors at hand prior to entering your information.

* Purchase any required memberships, performance permits, or changes of ownership prior to entering your information.

* The system will retain the information that you enter so you do not need to enter everything at one time. Just be sure to purchase your entries before the entry deadline. Once the entry deadline has passed you will no longer be able to enter into a class online. To pay pre-entry prices, ONLINE entries must be processed on or before May 19, 2013. Entries processed after this date will be assessed post-entry fees.

* Post entry fees will be applied to all entries that have not yet been purchased once the pre- entry deadline has passed.

* The system will not enter you into a class or assign a back number to your horse until you have purchased the entries.

* Upon purchasing your entries you will receive a detailed receipt listing your Class Entries, Fees Paid, and Assigned Back Numbers. Be sure to enter a valid email address when paying for your entries, otherwise you will not receive a receipt with this information.

* Please do not use your web browser’s BACK button to navigate to a previous webpage. Doing so will not allow the code behind the webpage to execute and can cause unexpected errors in web processing. Use the back buttons found on the web pages.

* You do not have to enter into all of your classes at once. You can continue to enter into classes up to the online entry deadline.

* In order to be eligible for the 10th free class in Youth or Non-Pro at the National Show (see the premium book) you must enter all 10 classes that apply at the same time. Purchasing 5 classes at one time and 5 more at a later date will not allow you to be eligible for the 10th free class promotion.

* If you wish to use more than one credit card to pay for your classes you may enter into a few classes, pay for those classes, then enter into more classes and pay for the additional classes on a separate credit card.

* * IMPORTANT NOTICE: After you have entered your credit card information and clicked on the purchase button, please be patient and give the system time to process your payment and the work that you have entered. If you click your web browser’s back button then click the purchase button again your credit card could be charged twice.

* This online entry system is a Beta version and may be taken offline if upgrades are required to accommodate the needs of our members.

* Do not wait until the last minute to purchase your entries!

* We hope to have the ability to purchase stalls online in place by the 2013 World Show.

ApHC will be broadcasting live online from Tulsa

The Appaloosa Horse Club is pleased to announce that the 2012 Annual General Membership Meeting (Friday 13th at 5 p.m. Central) and full board session (Monday 16th) of the ApHC Board of Director’s Summer Board Meeting will be broadcast live online and will be free to ApHC members.

Fee structure added to show broadcast:
The ApHC has brought equine enthusiasts free live online broadcasting from the National and Youth World and World Shows since 2005. These broadcasting services have been sponsored by the Appaloosa Horse Club with limited sponsorship and paid advertising support. The ApHC is changing show broadcasting services from a free online service to a pay-per-view service starting with the 65th National Appaloosa Show and 2012 World Championship Appaloosa Youth Show.


We are hosting the 2nd Annual Get Your Pink On evening performance, a Susan G. Komen Passionately Pink event, at the National Show on the evening of July 19, 2012. That evening exhibitors, show officials and staff will all be wearing pink carnations in support of breast cancer awareness. Donations are accepted at the door and each donor will receive a raffle ticket for some great prizes. Show up wearing pink we will give you 2 raffle tickets! But you have to be present to win!

If you are unable to attend but would like to make a donation in our Team Name, please click on the Team URL Our team id is 10354923. Please include this important number on all your donation forms.

Susan G. Komen Passionately Pink for the Cure® supports life-saving research, education, screenings and treatment programs in the fight to end breast cancer forever.


The Appaloosa Horse Club (ApHC) announced today that they signed a five year agreement to hold the National Appaloosa Show / World Championship Appaloosa Youth Show at Will Rogers Memorial Center (WRMC) in Fort Worth, Texas. ApHC will continue to host the World Championship Appaloosa Show for five additional years. The City of Fort Worth’s bid was bolstered by the new $32-million Equestrian Multi-Purpose Building at WRMC.

The 66th National Appaloosa Show and the 2013 World Championship Appaloosa Youth Show, with a total of 3,500 entries, will run concurrently from June 24-July 6. The 2013 World Championship Appaloosa Show is scheduled for October 25 – November 2.

“We are ecstatic to have won this bid and to now be working with the National and World Championship Youth Shows for The Appaloosa Horse Club,” said Kirk Slaughter, Public Events Director for the City of Fort Worth. “This is a great group of individuals and we love to have their beautiful, hard working horses here in our facility. WRMC and Fort Worth were able to offer a compelling package with our recent improvements, reputation for excellence and unrivaled equestrian heritage. At a projected economic impact of $11 million for this two week summer event, this is a huge win for our city.”

The summer show will overlap with the American Paint Horse Association Youth World Championship Show, presenting a unique opportunity for cooperation between two of the largest stock horse organizations in the world. “The future of horse shows will be about cooperation,” said APHA Executive Director Billy Smith. “This is a unique opportunity to create a model partnership that gives both organizations an opportunity to showcase great stock. The two shows will overlap from June 28 through July 6, 2013.

The board of the Appaloosa Horse Club, headquartered in Moscow, ID., approved the contract with Will Rogers for two shows from 2013-2017. Fort Worth was chosen over Tulsa which was the other final bidder for the National Appaloosa Show and World Championship Appaloosa Youth Show. Tentative dates are June 23 – July 5, 2014; June 22 – July 4, 2015; June 27 – July 9, 2016 and June 26 – July 8, 2017.

“The Will Rogers facility in Fort Worth is an excellent venue for both our major shows,” said Appaloosa Horse Club Chief Executive Officer Steve Taylor. “Beyond some basic efficiencies in terms of logistics and costs, the recent upgrades at WRMC and a double dose of Texas hospitality will ensure that our exhibitors have a great experience. We’re also enthusiastic about the opportunity to work closely with the American Paint Horse Association and believe in the merits of building relationships within the equine industry for our mutual benefit.”

“The equestrian show business has become quite competitive in the last few years, with cities recognizing the value and importance of these visitors to their local economies,” said David DuBois, President and CEO of the Fort Worth Convention & Visitors Bureau. “We are fortunate to have a city that is recognized both for its legendary western culture and strategic leadership that puts us at the top of the competitive set. The equestrian shows that Fort Worth brings in not only supply a continuing stream of room night revenue but those visitors spend generously in other sectors of our economy as well. We look forward to showing the Appaloosa Horse Club our sincere and unbeatable hospitality.”

The Equestrian Multi-Purpose Building opens June 6 and includes two indoor 20,000-square-foot exercise arenas on the upper level and approximately 740 additional stalls. An expanded underground tunnel system will allow exhibitors and their horses to move throughout the complex without interfering with traffic or being exposed to inclement weather.

Established in Fort Worth in 1936 to house events near downtown and in the Cultural District, the Will Rogers Memorial Center attracts more than two million visitors a year. It is host to an extensive variety of cultural, educational, recreational and sporting events and has become a premier destination for national and international equestrian events.

About the Fort Worth Convention & Visitors Bureau
The FWCVB is the official destination marketing organization of the 16th-largest city in the United States. The organization is dedicated to promoting Fort Worth as a premier business and leisure destination, with thriving centers of culture and commerce. For more information, visit

Help celebrate the 65th National Show

We’d really like to see you and your horse(s) at the 65th National Championship Appaloosa Show and the 2012 World Championship Appaloosa Youth Show July 9-21 in Tulsa, Oklahoma. It’s a pretty cool milestone to celebrate the longest running national breed show. If you have not received a printed premium book, all the forms and information are available on the web site. Remember that the pre-entry deadline is May 16th and the stall reservation deadline is May 23drd.

In case you haven’t noticed the teaser ad in the Journal, we’ll be introducing NEW TROPHIES at the show. And we can’t neglect to mention the fact that this year would be a great time to get together with some pals, your regional club or other group to sponsor a buckle and/or a class (or two).

And, take note that the July issue of the Journal will also include the 2011 Appaloosa Yearbook! Special advertising packages and discounts are available — reservation deadline is May 25th.

Hope to see you in Tulsa!

National Show Schedule

The schedule for the Youth World/National Show is now posted on the site. Click on the National Show icon at the bottom of the home page or click on the show link from the left side menu.

Tulsa wrap

The Appaloosa community is in the mood to brag at least a little after documenting a 25 percent increase in entries at this year’s National Show and Youth World Championships in Tulsa, Oklahoma, July 4-16. Along with a 30 percent increase in the number of horses, the statistics indicate strong support for the move back to a central location. There may also be a glimmer of cautious optimism about economic conditions and a general sense of positive things happening in the equine world. Whatever the logic, exhibitors from across the continent were anxious to compete, renew friendships and enjoy one of the best youth events in years.

The 64th National Appaloosa Show and Youth World Championships included a few bonus opportunities such as the revival of a youth “champion of champions” competition, five sweepstakes classes with extra cash and prizes on the line and the inaugural Appaloosa National feature race at the adjacent Fair Meadows track. With an expanded trade show, a splashing good time at the water park for youth exhibitors and even an egg toss contest, the entertainment meter rose considerably.

We were delighted with all aspects of the show and we heard lots of positive comments from our exhibitors. There’s always something special about everyone working together to provide a proper stage for our great breed.

Get your pink on!

It’s here! It’s “Get Your Pink On” night! Tonight the Appaloosa Horse Club is hosting its inaugural Get Your Pink On, a Susan G. Komen Passionately Pink event. Exhibitors, show officials and staff will all be wearing pink carnations in support of breast cancer awareness. We will be taking donations at the door and in exchange for a donation, the donor will receive a ticket for some great door prizes including gift certificates, jewelry, equipment and a Dale Chavez silver bridle. And if you show up wearing pink we will give you 2 tickets! But you have to be present to win! We look forward to a sea of pink tonight!

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