World Show schedule

In case you haven’t checked lately, the 2011 World Show schedule is now available by clicking on the World Show icon at the bottom of the home page. Hope to see you there!

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Online National Show entry info

Just a reminder that you can check to confirm your National Show/Youth World entries by logging into the members section of the website, then click on the “My National/World Show Pre-Show Entries” link on the left hand side of the ApHC Member Home Page.

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Wednesday’s questions

One of the tactics being used by the ApHC “strategy group” is to imagine that you’ve moved ahead 12 months in time and you’ve been asked to report to the membership on the ApHC’s three major achievements in the past year. What would you like for those to be?

Another hard question comes in the form of “What are we not going to do? What are you/we willing to live without because the organization doesn’t have the resources, the capabilities or the capacity to do it all?”

Priorities are different for individual members and membership segments. Sometimes it feels as if everyone is forced to make trade-offs or give up something. What can we all agree on as “essential” programs and services? What key areas of ApHC programs and services define value for you as a member?

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Tulsa meetings/banquets

Annual Membership Meeting: Friday, July 8
2011 ApHC Board of Directors Summer Meeting: July 8 – 10

Don’t forget to purchase your tickets for the Youth Awards Banquet Sunday July 3rd; and the Year-End Awards Banquet for open, non-pro, race, trail and distance on Sunday July 10th.

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ACTHA competition update

From ApHC member George Ehmer, Milton-Freewater, Oregon

The April 8th audition (one of many across the country) for “America’s favorite horse,” a competition organized by the American Competitive Trail Horse Association, was held at the beautiful Sky Hawk Ranch near Redmond, Oregon.

All 35 riders met with Carrie Scrima, one of the founders of ACTHA, who explained the course obstacles, the free ride and the interview process.

The obstacles were:
First: 6 logs, 8 in. in diameter, with the first two spaced 28” apart and the last spaced to 36” apart. This was done at the trot.
Second obstacle was a stop straddling another log with a marker in the center where we were supposed stop.
Third obstacle was a side pass to the right off of the log.
Fourth and final obstacle was two cones spaced four feet apart that we were to back a figure 8 around.

The next phase was to do a free ride with a time limit of 45 sec.

The last phase was an interview of 3- 10 minutes to talk about our horse and why the horse should be America’s favorite trail horse. As usual Joker and I were the first team in; we did everything ok – could have been better. In the interview I focused on the heritage of the Appaloosa horse, the Nez-Perce and what they contributed the Appaloosa breed and the many accomplishments of my horse Joker. I also wanted to let the world know how much he has done to help me be a better rider and person.

We will be notified within the next couple of weeks if we will be traveling to Austin, Texas, for the finals.

The photo is of George and Joker competing in the Supreme Cowboy Race (similar to an extreme trail challenge) at the Idaho Horse Expo this past weekend.

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Regina Broughton – life’s journey on a horse

If you’re not a “Googler,” you might have missed this story about ApHC member Regina Broughton of Bristol, Tennessee. She’s profiled in a local news article (link below) with special mention of her Appaloosa X Thoroughbred Tango. The duo is earning a regional award from the North American Trail Riding Conference and we thought you’d like to know about another special person in the Appaloosa community.

Vote — and vote often — for an Appaloosa in Merial’s spokesperson contest

Dear Appaloosa Friends,

I am a veterinarian who competes my wonderful rescue leopard App mare in eventing. As an indirect result of my competing in the American Eventing Championships I have been selected as a finalist in Merial’s Ulcergard spokesperson contest. If I win, my mare’s picture may be used in many venues in their promotions of this widely used product. She is a very attractively colored horse who brings many comments where ever we go. She is a lovely example of the breed.

The winner of this contest is determined by popular vote on line at One can vote daily until Friday the 19th at 5 PM. Would you be willing to disseminate this information to your ApHC friends in order to help us win this? If you go to the website you will see a photo of us at the AECs. Thanks, KSK

Kent, CT

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Member needs help

We received a call today from a member in Texas who needs help. Because of a partner death and assorted complications that go with it, she is asking for assistance with feed costs for her eight Appaloosas. Some are previously rescued horses and several are from well-known bloodlines.

We don’t necessarily make it a practice to get involved in every situation like this that arises, but I promised that we’d at least issue the plea for help. If you would like contact information to make your own evaluation of the circumstances, give me a call or send an email: 208.882.5578 x249 or

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Wilma Tate

We received this personal memorial for Wilma Tate from board member Dennis Dean:

I thought I’d pass along a note that Wilma Tate passed away over the weekend. I don’t have the exact date. Wilma is in the Cow Girl Hall of Fame, known for her Roman riding, and was a lifetime Appaloosa supporter beginning in the early 1960’s. She owned her own training facility where she trained students to ride Appaloosa horses. Together, she and her youth team dominated Appaloosa shows in Southern California, attended National Shows and produced a number of Champions.

One of her ApHC World Champions during the 1960’s era was Reboso Tildo, who was a hunter and jumper. Wilma was part of the group that worked with Bob Hawkins (Hall of Famer) that founded the Southern California Appaloosa Club in 1963. She served as President of So. Cal Appaloosa Club in 1964, and served on the Board of Calizona Appaloosa Club in the 1980’s. She was the principle designer of the Tenton Ranch in Lakeview, California, standing the Appaloosa stallion Cojo Bueno, where they specialized in reining, pleasure and halter. Later this facility became the Lakeview Thoroughbred Farm which is still in operation. Wilma Tate was most recently remembered for her highly successful monthly Open show circuit where her Appaloosa horses and students competed well against all comers in the Riverside area. This circuit continues today after being passed along to one of her protégés.

Wilma was well respected and looked to for equine expertise. Health issues forced her to be bed ridden for the recent past. Until then, she regularly hauled and sold horses between Oklahoma and California.

Wilma was a pioneer and an industry mainstay for many decades. She will be missed. By the way, a mare name after her, Sweet Wilma T, foaled this morning, having a colored filly.


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Royce Crosby

We received sad news from former director Debby Letham that long-time Appaloosa breeder Royce Crosby of Lawton, Oklahoma, died today. According to the source we found, a memorial service will be held Sunday May 16, 2010, 3:00 PM at Whinery-Huddleston Chapel in Lawton. We’ll share more details soon.

Upon checking the file, we can tell you that Royce has been an ApHC member since 1962 and was the proud owner of Prince Rocky, a son of Prince Plaudit. Rocky sired 22 point-earning halter horses, 3 bronze medallion winners and 7 ROM earners…among other highlights.

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Election ballots

The deadline for submitting director election and bylaw ballots has been extended — for international members only — to June 10th.

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Breeders Trust payouts

Office note: Breeders Trust checks are in the mail (really). Total payout for 2009 is slightly more than $90,000. Read more about the program on the site.

One hundred percent of all funds received from stallion enrollments and foal nominations is maintained in an interest bearing account. Five percent is retained by the ApHC to help defray the cost of administering the Trust. The remaining 95% is divided into 5 equal parts. The five age categories receiving these funds are Yearlings, Two-Year-Olds, Three-Year-Olds, Four-Year-Olds and Five-Year-Olds. The total amount of funds in each age category is divided by the total number of show points earned by enrolled horses in that age category. This determines the cash value of each point.

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Youth Horse Judging Contest

The Appaloosa Horse Club will once again be hosting (with lots of great volunteer help) a judging contest in Jackson, Mississippi, during the National/Youth World Shows. All forms have been updated on the AYA Web site and AYA Facebook page.

The contest will be held June 24th at 10:30 am. For additional information, go to this link where you can find Rules and Entry forms. Or call the ApHC office and ext 400.

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New ACTHA list on Yahoo Groups

New American Competitive Trail Horse Association list on Yahoo Groups! It’s a great way to meet other riders, chat about ACTHA rides, post ride photos, ride information and just plain chat horses!

It’s a free and easy to use list!

Judges Seminar

It’s a full schedule of education sessions, rules review, testing and discussion at the 2010 Color Breeds Council International Judges Seminar this week in Oklahoma City. The ApHC program included interviews and testing of judge applicants (17, I think) and specific sessions on bits and equipment, contracts and scoring of classes. Today’s general sessions covered working cow horse and cutting, the nuances of which are increasingly important to understand as the competition gets tougher at all levels of our shows.

In the photo: Randy Snodgress of Joshua, Texas, and Billy Steele of Amarillo talk about life as a carded judge.

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