January 27-29, 2017
“Through the Judges Eyes”
Hyatt Regency Hotel, Tulsa, OK

Knowledge is power; become a more successful exhibitor. Learn what the judges are looking for, what makes one run stand out from another, and how to “think like a judge.” The Academy is also an educational opportunity for those who are thinking about becoming a judge. The program is also a great resource for apprentice judges and collegiate judging teams. And, it’s an excellent place to learn how to scribe scored classes.

Early registration deadline is January 3

For more information and registration forms, visit

Western Dressage Seminar

The Western Dressage Association® of America is hosting another Judge’s Seminar as part of the International Equine Judging Seminar (IEJS) at the Hyatt Regency in Tulsa, OK on February 1st and 2nd, 2016. This seminar is an integral part of the Judge’s Education program offered by the WDAA and is considered the first step in the process to attain USEF Western Dressage judge’s licensing.

During the Judge’s seminar, participants will learn about a judge’s perception of gaits, impulsion, submission, rider position and seat in western tack, the rider’s correct and effective use of aids and harmony between rider and horses of different styles. The seminar will focus on the evaluation of horse and rider combinations, scoring tests and providing comments. Working with Debbie Riehl-Rodriquez, Joyce Swanson and Cliff Swanson, participants will have the opportunity to practice scoring several levels of tests on video.

The program is a full two days and will include a Rules Exam, learning terminology, methodology and judging mechanics. Judge Candidates should complete this seminar prior to working on the online evaluations (Step Two), during which each candidate is asked to review, score and comment on videoed Western Dressage rides with professional feedback. Step Three requires each candidate to complete learner judge opportunity, sanctioned by the
USEF guidelines found at: The WDAA also offers an Advanced Training Program (ATP) designed for those with history in judging for Dressage, Western and/or Breed events.

For Registration and more information on the Judge’s seminar and Judge’s Education programs offered through the WDAA, please visit or see
the CBC information pages at: or
Please note that all Judge’s seminar participants must be a WDAA member.

Note Regarding ApHC Rule Changes and “Guest Judges”

ApHC-LogoWe understand there are questions about the recently approved rule change allowing regional clubs to utilize guest judges beginning in 2016. To be clear, this is a provision for regional clubs and international affiliates only. Guest judges will not be an option for ApHC-sponsored shows, i.e., the Youth World Championships, National Show or World Show. The intent of this change is actually two-fold; the first goal is simply to reduce the financial impact of hosting a horse show at the regional level. Secondly, it has the potential to encourage individuals to subsequently apply and go through the regular process to become an ApHC-carded judge. Guest judges may judge a maximum of two single-judge or multi-judge ApHC-approved shows. Thereafter, they must apply for ApHC judging credentials in order to continue judging ApHC-approved shows. To receive guest judge status, the individual must be a current ApHC member and must pass a written ApHC rulebook test. The ApHC will also verify the judge’s existing credentials with an appropriate organization. Guest judges may only be contracted to judge shows sponsored by an ApHC regional club or international affiliate. Clubs and affiliates are limited to contracting a maximum of three guest judges per year.
NOTE: In conjunction with this rule change in 2016, the option of having a “double-pointed” judge is eliminated.

ApHC Notes

ApHC-75th-anniversaryI’m sure many of you have been on the edge of your virtual seat waiting for the 2014 Official Handbook. Printing is later than we’d like, but the Handbook in its digital form is up on the site. We’ll be posting a summary of additions and changes … soon.

The Color Breed Council’s “International Equine Judges Seminar” wrapped up last week in Tulsa. All ApHC-carded judges are required to attend the seminar once every three years. A new feature this year was the Judging Academy, sort of a preview for applicants and folks who are thinking about getting judging credentials. The program also has portions that should appeal to exhibitors who want to know more about how various classes are evaluated. And, for everyone who needs to get a better handle on how classes are scored, there is quite a bit of information and practice on scoring and scribing. Plans are already being made for next year’s academy, so stay tuned for updates.

We ended 2013 with 12,876 ApHC members. If you haven’t renewed your membership, today would be a good time. The online process is pretty simple. Be sure to get yourself and/or your horses enrolled in specific programs such as Saddle Log, Non-Pro, etc. And, we’ll take this opportunity to encourage you to recruit ONE NEW MEMBER. Appaloosa Horse Club activities aren’t much fun if we don’t have other members to share them.

Industry trends have us wondering about what the future holds for registrations and equine activities. As with most other breed associations, the ApHC numbers are more than a bit sobering. In 2013, we registered 2,654 Appaloosas. That’s almost a 30% decline over the past 10 years. Lots of theories about why and lots of legitimate concern about what role breed registries will have in the world of equine sports and recreational riding as we move ahead. For the record, we recorded 3,541 transfers and issued 250 performance permits last year. And, for those who always ask, it was almost an even split between Appaloosa X Appaloosa and Appaloosa X Outcross permits.

European Judges Seminar

Carded judges and applicants from throughout Europe were able to take advantage of a combined seminar held the last week in March. The best part is that AQHA, APHA and ApHC cooperated on the venture. Joe Carter and Alex Ross provided excellent instruction for the combined group. We had 13 ApHC-carded judges participating in the continuing education portion and we had three applicants take our test. Rather than try to list all the folks who helped or hosted, just let me say thanks to everyone who made it a successful week. German hospitality was wonderful and it was great to visit with enthusiastic horse people. A collection of photos is available in the Flickr album (click link at left).

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2012 CBC Judges Seminar

The 2012 International Equine Judges Seminar (for Carded Judges only) will be held February 1 through February 5, 2012 at the Biltmore Hotel in Oklahoma City. The schedule is posted at Application forms are not posted on line. All information concerning registration and the complete schedule will be forwarded to all carded judges. If you have any questions or are interested in attending (or if you’re not sure it’s your turn in the three-year rotation), please contact Klancy Allen, ApHC Judges’ Coordinator.

NEW APPLICANTS: For information about the Color Breed Council Applicant Testing Session and to receive registration forms, contact the ApHC office (Klancy Allen, Judges Coordinator, ext 244, or email

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ApHC All-Star Judge

Part of the program at the Color Breed Council Judges Seminar in Oklahoma City is the presentation of awards for various judging anniversaries. At this year’s event last week, the Appaloosa Horse Club was especially pleased to offer an engraved plate to Roland (Pete) Wood of Ocala, Florida. Pete has been a carded judge with the ApHC for 55 years! We had to come up with a new category of award since this doesn’t happen too often. Shown with Pete as he accepts the honor is Ray Burchett, ApHC Judges Committee Chairman. It’s also worth noting that Pete has been a member for 60 years. Thanks Pete – and congratulations!

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2010 ApHC European Judges Seminar

The ApHC and APHA will be co-hosting the 2010 European Judges Seminar and Applicant School on May 5-9, 2010 in Kaiserswerth, Germany.

Please check the website often for updates on the schedule and registration. If you are interested in becoming a ApHC European Judges Applicant please see the European Judge Applicant Fact Sheet and submit an Application with current 2010 membership.

For additional information please email the ApHC at