small web bannerThe ApHC Planning and Review Committee would like your feedback on a possible rule change regarding the High Point Territory Awards. The recommendation is for changes to be made to rules 702, 803, and 903 – changing High Point Territory Awards to High Point Geographic Region Awards. Currently outlined are 19 different “Geographic Regions:”

The Committee believes that changing the awards will benefit the members and therefore the ApHC by making the regions smaller and more user-friendly. It is their hope that changing from Territories to Geographic Regions will encourage members to compete for these awards more readily and with less expense for travel. *The term “Geographic Region” may change, but is currently being used to describe the new area divisions. Also note that geographic regions would only apply to the show/point system, not election territories or other purposes.


Reminder to Regional Clubs

World Show Qualifying Requirements for Non-Pros

Under the regional club system, a regional organization may qualify up to its top five (5) non-pros for the World Championship Appaloosa Show in each class. The club must have sponsored or co-sponsored at least one ApHC-approved show in that qualifying year and may only nominate non-pros in classes in which those non-pros exhibited in that club’s show.

A non-pro may receive only one (1) World Show invitation per class. If the non-pro earns an invitation under the National Point System, he/she becomes ineligible to be nominated by a Regional Club. Only the top five (5) ranking non-pros from the Regional Club, regardless of whether the non-pro qualified under the National Point System, may receive the Regional Club invitation.

For complete qualifying details, see Rule 703 and Rule 710 of the 2016 ApHC Handbook.

2016 ApHC Board Election Clarification/Correction

small web bannerThe motion below was passed unanimously by the ApHC Board on August 4, 2016.

BOD Motion 01-08-16: As a result of a clerical error in the preparation and publication of the 2016 Declaration of Candidacy for the ApHC Board of Directors that in form and content likely misled ApHC members otherwise eligible to seek an ApHC director position from considering and/or seeking nomination as an ApHC director because they did not meet the ApHC director eligibility criteria that had been erroneously set forth in the Declaration and to remedy that error such that all eligible ApHC members are provided the rightful opportunity to seek nomination for an ApHC director position in the 2016 regular election of ApHC directors as provided under the ApHC Bylaws:

The ApHC Board of Directors moves, as a matter of equity and fairness to all concerned, to (i) exercise its rights and powers under law in the best interests of the ApHC by approving the extension of the deadline set forth in the ApHC Bylaws from July 31, 2016 to August 31, 2016 for submittal to the ApHC of the required nominating petition for the 2016 ApHC Board of Directors regular election and the 2016 special election to fill a vacancy in Territory V, (ii) approve for use in the regular election the form of 2016 Nominating Petition and Declaration of Candidacy, (iii) approve acceptance of the 2016 Declaration of Candidacy submitted by nine ApHC members on or before July 31, 2016 as timely for all purposes of the regular election, (iv) approve for use in the special election the form of 2016 Special Election Nomination Petition and Declaration of Candidacy and (v) approve immediate publication of this Motion.

Eligible ApHC members are advised that the domicile restrictions set forth in Article IV, Section 2.B of the ApHC Bylaws will not apply to this 2016 territorial election, but will become effective beginning with the next territorial election in 2018. For the 2016 regular election, all members in Territories I-VI are eligible for election based on domicile considerations.

*In other words, the Declaration of Candidacy should not have referenced zones as they have been eliminated beginning with this year’s election. Any eligible ApHC member from a territory may seek nomination as a director.

Updated and corrected nomination forms are available by clicking on the “About Us” tab, then “Board of Directors” on

Immediate Rule Additions for ApHC-Sponsored Shows

small web bannerIn response to industry developments, the ApHC Board of Directors has agreed that the use of magnetic devices in clothing in showmanship, horsemanship, hunt seat equitation and saddle seat equitation constitutes an unfair advantage for exhibitors and shall not be allowed at ApHC-sponsored shows (Youth World, National Show, World Show). Magnetic devices must be removed prior to competition or the exhibitor shall be disqualified. This show management rule is effective immediately.

The Rules Committee will develop specific language regarding implementation of this rule at all regional club and ApHC-approved shows. It is expected that this additional language will be included in the 2017 ApHC Handbook. In the meantime, any use of magnetic devices in clothing is strongly discouraged at all ApHC-approved shows. The Board has further stated its intention to have more discussion about potential rule changes or additions for the entire categories of artificial aids and prohibited equipment.

Also, the use of belly bands is prohibited anywhere on the show grounds at ApHC-sponsored shows (Youth World, National Show, World Show). This show management rule is effective immediately.

As with the magnetic devices rule, specific language will be developed for implementation at all ApHC-approved shows and is expected to be included in the 2017 ApHC Handbook.

Green Class Eligibility?

small web bannerThe link to determine horse eligibility for green classes is now available online. This is on the show page of the web site. Click to view the page. When you’re on that page, you’ll see a link to “Verify Green Class Eligibility”. From there, you can enter a horse’s registration number to determine their eligibility in all green classes.

2016 National/Youth World Show Schedule

The schedule has been posted on the ApHC website. Hope to see ALL of you there.

ApHC Board Elects Executive Committee

small web bannerA regular meeting of the Appaloosa Horse Club Board of Directors was held Wednesday January 13th via conference call. Newly elected and appointed directors were sworn in, specifically David Johnson, North Carolina, and Terie Clark, from Wisconsin. An Executive Committee was also elected. That group includes Dena Raggio, Texas, as President; Todd Michael, Ohio, Vice President; Leslie Foxvog, California, Chair of the Finance Committee; Deborah Letham, Oklahoma, Chair of the Rules Committee; Lynette Thompson, Washington, Chair of the Planning & Review Committee; and Mary Ann Page, Arizona, Chair of the Marketing Committee.

Look for Spots in the Tournament of Roses Parade themed “Find Your Adventure”

Press Release - 2012 RP Entry 45The Calizona Appaloosa Horse Club’s Parade group will once again bring the adventures of the Nez Perce and the Appaloosa breed’s ancestral past to those in the present with a ride down famous Colorado Blvd in Pasadena, California for the Tournament of Roses Parade on January 1, 2016.

This year’s Rose Parade is themed “Find Your Adventure” and is a unique partnership with the U.S. National Park Service to help shine light on the centennial celebration of our nation’s national parks.

This is the fourth time Calizona is honored with the opportunity to show off the Appaloosa on New Year’s Day (2010, 2012, 2014 and 2016). Riding in their finest and most elaborate regalia, Calizona’s ride is dedicated to and will commemorate ApHC’s Chief Joseph Trail Ride and the final segment of the 13 year journey (cycle) planned for July 2016. As adventurous as it is historic the Chief Joseph Trail Ride is a celebrated event crossing through several national parks and has a trail identified to the 1877 Nez Perce Flight.

Calizona’s Equestrian Group is comprised of 14 mounted riders with four new members that will experience their first Rose Parade ride. Riders include: Debbie Herzman, Christy Wood, Steve Wood, CJ Brooks, Joe Brooks, Tisa Aley, Evon Owens, Paul Foxvog, Danie Foxvog and Leslie Foxvog. New members are: Jamie Thompson, Janella Mullican, Patty Baker and Austin Bogner. The group is assisted by several family and friends as the Support Team with efforts at 3:00 a.m. to help ready horses & riders, move trailers, and meet the riders at the end of the parade.

Calizona’s Equestrian Group will also participate in the Tournament of Roses Equestfest preceding New Year’s Day which will be held this year on Tuesday, December 29, 2015 at the Los Angeles Equestrian Center at 12:00 noon. This event allows the public to get up close and personal with all of the 2016 Rose Parade equestrian units and watch beautiful horses and talented riders perform drills, dances, trick riding and roping. Attendees can also stroll through the stables, talk to riders and learn about the various tack and the many different breeds while enjoying the vendor court. The event is to be televised on RFDTV. CZ thoroughly enjoys this opportunity to get their horses in the public eye!

The Tournament of Roses, National Park Service AND Calizona ApHC desire to preserve history as well as connect and enage the public in new adventures and there is no better way than on an Appaloosa! Find one near you for the best adventure ever!

Leslie Foxvog
Group Marshal
Calizona ApHC – See pictures on Calizona’s Facebook Page

ApHC Board vacancy to be filled by appointment

small web bannerIn the recent Appaloosa Horse Club election, there was no nominee for the director position in Zone B of Territory V. According to the ApHC Bylaws, the Board of Directors “shall appoint a qualified ApHC member to any such director position for the full term of three years.” Anyone interested in filling this position should submit a letter to the ApHC outlining his/her qualifications, experience and reasons for seeking the appointment. Letters must be received on or before December 1, 2015. The Board will make the appointment in December and the appointee’s term will begin in January.

Proposed Bylaw Amendments Approved

small web bannerWe received results of voting on the proposed bylaw change to eventually reduce the size of the ApHC Board of Directors from 19 to 13. Folks at Election-America report that 703 members voted to approve the proposed amendments and 314 voted no. The required two-thirds have approved the amendment.

Appaloosas Breed Class at Dressage at Devon

Thanks to the efforts of Dr. Ted Zajac and Saucon, Inc. as sponsors, Appaloosa horses will have an individual breed class at this year’s Dressage at Devon – next week (Tuesday September 1st). The link below is to a nice article in the Equine Chronicle.

Horse ownership and involvement has stabilized and is likely to rise, according to key findings from survey sponsored by Zoetis

AHP-New-site-logo-1970The equine industry has found stability and shows positive signs of growth, especially among young adult horse owners and event participants, according to results of a survey by American Horse Publications (AHP) sponsored by Zoetis. The survey included responses from over 10,662 horse owners.

Among the highlights, the third online nationwide equine industry survey shows:
• For 2016, 88.6% of respondents expect to own or manage the same number of horses or more horses.
• This year, 93% of respondents plan to enter the same or more competitions than last year, and 95.1% expect to compete in the same or more events in 2016.
• A high number of respondents (84.7%) rely on their veterinarians for vaccination advice, and respondents are increasingly relying on veterinarians for deworming advice.

“It appears the industry is beginning to recover from the Great Recession of 2008, as indicated by the percentage of respondents participating in the industry, either through owning/managing horses or competing with them, at the same or greater levels than three years ago,” said Jill Stowe, Ph.D., associate professor of agricultural economics at the University of Kentucky, who analyzed the data and consulted on the results.

Read the entire media release at this link:

September ApHC Board of Directors Meeting

.small web bannerThe Fall 2015 ApHC Board of Director’s Meeting will take place September 18-19, 2015 at the Cambria Suites in Avon Lake, Ohio! To receive a special rate call (440) 695-1270 by August 31st and mention the Appaloosa Horse Club Board Meeting. Rooms will be available at the regular rate after August 31st based on availability. Agendas and meeting details will be posted at as they become available

Responding to Facebook “Conversations”

15N_ShowLogoApHC Members and Friends,

Despite the fact that social media is not a good platform for debate, nor is it a practical channel for correcting misinformation or responding to gossip, the ApHC is compelled to offer a few bits of commentary. By the way, the “ApHC” includes board members, staff and anyone who pays dues.

We again acknowledge and apologize for the unfortunate errors that resulting in at least two National/Youth World award saddles with misspellings. Recipients have been offered a replacement or compensation. It’s safe to say that such an oversight will not occur in the future!

At this point, our biggest concern is the impact of negative online chatter. There is a difference between “input or feedback” and “self-inflicted wounds.” The ApHC Board operates with genuine interest in member opinions and recommendations, many of which have resulted in changes to rules or policies. In the case of sponsorships and awards, a small group has already been designated to evaluate and organize the overall sponsor and recognition program. If you have specific suggestions or contacts to share regarding potential support from sponsor groups or companies, please forward those to Dena Raggio, Marketing Committee Chair.

For those who are interested in direct communication with Board members, that process is always appropriate and helpful. The September Board of Directors meeting will be held in Avon (Cleveland), Ohio, and as always, is open to ApHC members.

As we move forward, you are asked to consider these thoughts and corrections:
• Online negativity can cause current or potential members, sponsors and others to turn away from what we believe is a great community of Appaloosa folks.
• ApHC entry fees are not only competitive with other major event costs, they are considerably less than most. Whether members would favor increases in order to “upgrade” potential awards is a matter of debate.
• No ApHC staff member is paid a six-figure salary, much less a million dollars! IRS 990 forms are available for confirmation.
• No one has issued a “gag order” on board members or others. A social media policy statement simply outlines appropriate use of various communications channels and that policy is available for viewing.
• Lastly, we really are all in this venture together and the ApHC community needs each individual to participate as an ambassador and thoughtful contributor.

ACTHA & ApHC Announce Competitive Trail Partnership

ANCER2012 069The American Competitive Trail Horse Association (ACTHA) and the Appaloosa Horse Club are pleased to announce a new program to further recognize the great American trail horse. In line with the motto, “A job for every horse,” ACTHA’s new Competitive Trail Organization Partnership program is a way to keep even more horses employed and out of dire circumstances. Beginning June 1, as an ACTHA member, your horse can earn points wherever they compete! Regardless if ridden at an ACTHA event or with another organization, horses can accumulate points in the Achievement Awards Program that stay with them for life. Now you can combine the points earned at ACTHA rides with those earned from other organizations that host competitive trail riding or obstacles. This means your endurance ride, or trail class in an arena will count toward your next Achievement Award. For more information on ACTHA, please visit

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