Frank Larrabee steps down as ApHC President

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Frank Larrabee has stepped down as Appaloosa Horse Club President in order to oversee the ApHC’s membership initiative. A unanimous ApHC Board of Directors elected Chuck McWhirter to succeed Mr. Larrabee as ApHC President and then elected Mr. Larrabee to the Vice President’s position.

ApHC President Frank Larrabee

frank-l.jpgAlthough not an active campaigner for the position, Frank Larrabee, Corrales, New Mexico, was elected Appaloosa Horse Club President at the Board of Directors meeting last week in Jackson, Mississippi. Frank is a past-president and has been active for several years as the lead guy in international marketing. Several important intiatives have been launched in places such as Brazil, Australia and South Africa because of Frank’s efforts. The new International Registration Incentive Program in particular, came about due to his work toward a more global Appaloosa reach.

ApHC Board note

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small web bannerDirector and Past-President Frank Larrabee, Corrales, New Mexico, representing Territory II, Zone B, has resigned from the ApHC Board of Directors. At its June 24th meeting in Fort Worth, the Board will determine the process for filling the vacancy (temporary appointment or special election).

Catching up on election results

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small web bannerThese are the details of election results for the past two years:

Total Number of Eligible Voters: 11,076
Total Votes Cast: 769
Total Voter Turnout: 6.94%
Voter Turnout (I, II, IV, V, and VII): 7.78%
Voter Turnout (I, II, IV, and V): 8.44%


Amend ARTICLE XV – YES 601 82%
Amend ARTICLE XV – NO 128 18%

Eligible Voters: 11,067 Voter Turnout: 6.58%

Lesli Glen 74 53%
Connie Taylor 66 47%

Eligible Voters: 1,781 Voter Turnout: 7.86%

Donna Goodison 54 46%
Frank Larrabee 64 54%

Eligible Voters: 1,423 Voter Turnout: 8.29%

Deborah Letham 97 61%
Sharon Marshall 62 39%

Eligible Voters: 1,746 Voter Turnout: 9.11%

Steve Bennett 76 72%
Terri Rakosky 29 28%

Eligible Voters: 1,246 Voter Turnout: 8.42%

Alison Chamberlain 7 9%
Wiebe Lise 73 91%

Eligible Voters: 1,565 Voter Turnout: 5.11%

Territory III – Bill Thiel (unopposed)
Territory VI – Ray Burchett (unopposed)

Total Voter Turnout: 9.25%


Territory I, Zone A 166 9.44%
Brandy Fraser 65 39%
Lynette Thompson 101 61%

Territory II, Zone A 255 16.43%
Marilynn Feuerstein 124 49%
Leslie Foxvog 131 51%

Territory III, Zone A 129 8.39%
Jim Jirkovsky 73 57%
Robert Swick 56 43%

Territory IV, Zone A 207 11.60%
Lonnie Ledbetter 118 57%
Dena Raggio 89 43%

Territory VI, Zone A 193 10.21%
Laura Lyon 74 38%
Todd Michael 119 62%

ApHC Board Election Results

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This morning we received the results for the 2012 ApHC Board of Directors election. Below please find the names of the winning candidates, listed by Territory/Zone:

Territory I, Zone B:
• Lesli Glen

Territory II, Zone B:
• Frank Larrabee

Territory III, Zone B:
• Bill Thiel (unopposed)

Territory IV, Zone B:
• Deborah Letham

Territory V, Zone B:
• Steve Bennett

Territory VI, Zone B:
• Ray Burchett (unopposed)

Territory VII, Zone B:
• Wiebe Lise

Also, the Bylaw Amendment to Article XV of the ApHC Bylaws was passed, and will be included in the 2013 ApHC Handbook.

Memorandum Regarding Disciplinary Proceeding

An Appaloosa Horse Club disciplinary matter involving several parties that had originally been scheduled to be heard by the ApHC Disciplinary Committee in early March, 2012 was vacated because one of the parties was unable to participate at that time for medical reasons. Because that party’s health has improved, this disciplinary hearing is now being rescheduled and should occur within the next thirty (30) days.

Reckless statements, shared on a social media site focused on ApHC topics, have erroneously attributed this delay to actions of ApHC President Frank Larrabee. This delay has been caused solely by a party’s medical condition, a circumstance beyond the control of the ApHC. Mr. Larrabee has had no involvement whatsoever in connection with this disciplinary proceeding from the outset because Mr. Larrabee’s membership in an ApHC regional club that is party to this proceeding might have created the perception of a conflict of interest and, accordingly, he recused himself from any participation in this matter.

The ApHC makes every effort to provide due process and to act fairly, impartially and respectfully to all persons involved in an ApHC disciplinary process.

Dated August 23, 2012

Lonnie Ledbetter
Appaloosa Horse Club Vice-President
on behalf of the ApHC Executive Committee

Board of Directors meets in Moscow

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The ApHC Board met Friday-Sunday March 9-11 in Moscow, Idaho. Newly installed directors from the photo are Todd Michael, Findlay, Ohio (Territory VI) and Leslie Foxvog, Phelan, California (Territory II). Officers elected for the year include: President, Frank Larrabee, Corrales, NM (Territory II), Vice President, Lonnie Ledbetter, Fort Worth, TX (Territory IV), Chair of Rules Committee, Diane Rushing, Decatur, IL (Territory III), Chair of Marketing, Steve Bennett, Climax, NC (Territory V), Chair of Finance Jack Zuidema, Alachua, FL (Territory IV) and Chair of Planning & Review, Monty Holmes, Cabot, AR (Territory V).

The board reviewed a number of proposals and considered various new and second-hearing motions and approved a fiscal year budget. We’ll have additional notes soon on specific provisions and their dates of implementation. You’ll also need to check future E-Newsletters and your email notices for more information. We had a good group of ApHC members from several states in attendance as well. Thanks to everyone who made the trip!

Plans are being developed and we hope to provide live web streaming for the July 14-16 board meeting which will be in Tulsa during the National Show.

ApHC election results

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aphc-logoDirectors elected or re-elected to serve on the Appaloosa Horse Club Board of Directors for 2009-2012 include:

Territory 1, Zone b – Connie Taylor, Douglas, Wyoming
Territory 2, Zone b – Frank Larrabee, Corrales, New Mexico
Territory 3, Zone b – Bill Thiel, Oconomowoc, Wisconsin
Territory 4, Zone b – Sharon Marshall, Lexington, Oklahoma
Territory 5, Zone a – Monty Holmes, Cabot, Arkansas
Territory 5, Zone b – Steve Bennett, Climax, North Carolina
Territory 6, Zone b – Ray Burchett, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
Territory 7, European zone – Jason Flinn, Bascara, Spain

All the bylaw amendment proposals were approved by a vote of the membership.

Appaloosa Horse Club Approves EQUIOXX®, ULCERGARD® and GASTROGARD®

Organization offers FDA-approved options to members nationwide

DULUTH, GA — Starting Jan. 1, 2009, Appaloosa Horse Club (ApHC) members will be able to use EQUIOXX® (firocoxib), ULCERGARD® (omeprazole) or GASTROGARD® (omeprazole) prior to competition.

The decision by the ApHC Board of Directors provides thousands of horse owners nationwide with FDA-approved options for common diseases like equine osteoarthritis and stomach ulcers.

“I believe these products are great options to help us maintain the health of our equine partners,” says Frank Larrabee, president of the ApHC Board of Directors. “Personally, my own horses have experienced stomach ulcers and the need for NSAIDs, and I’m sure the thousands of Appaloosa members involved in equine activities are faced with the same concerns. We salute the efforts of the researchers who have helped make life a little easier on these horses.”

With the approval, EQUIOXX is the only nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID) approved for use up to 14 consecutive days in the ApHC. EQUIOXX also is approved for use in the American Quarter Horse Association and United States Equestrian Federation.

EQUIOXX is the first equine oral NSAID to be approved in more than 20 years. It is proven to control joint pain and inflammation associated with equine osteoarthritis, which is one of the most common causes of lameness in horses. Also known as degenerative joint disease, osteoarthritis can develop in horses as young as 2 years old. EQUIOXX works quickly to provide 24 hours of pain relief and is easily administered as an oral paste.

The ApHC also approved GASTROGARD and ULCERGARD for use no more than 24 hours prior to competition. GASTROGARD and ULCERGARD are the first and only FDA-approved products for the treatment and prevention of equine stomach ulcers, respectively.

Horses can develop stomach ulcers in as little as five days, but GASTROGARD can treat stomach ulcers even while horses continue to train. Proactive use of ULCERGARD during short or long periods of time* can help reduce the risk of stomach ulcers in horses that regularly deal with stressful situations, such as training, traveling and competing.

“Equine osteoarthritis and stomach ulcers are common for horses of all breeds,” says Dr. Frank Hurtig, director, Veterinary Services, Merial. “Now, competitors in ApHC events can help ensure their horses have FDA-approved choices to help them address these diseases and enable their horses to compete at their best.”

For complete ApHC rules regarding the use of EQUIOXX, GASTROGARD and ULCERGARD, please visit

Merial is a world-leading, innovation-driven animal health company, providing a comprehensive range of products to enhance the health, well-being and performance of a wide range of animals. Merial employs approximately 5,000 people and operates in more than 150 countries worldwide. Its 2007 sales were nearly $2.5 billion. Merial Limited is a joint venture between Merck & Co., Inc. and sanofi-aventis. For more information, please see

Show notes

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Tonight’s Appaloosa World Show performance features timed roping events finals. The high-point roper gets a year’s use of this Featherlite Trailer from Twin Cities Featherlite.

I’m told that the next day’s order-of-go for each class is being posted on the website (usually early or mid-evening the night before).

Entries were definitely up in the various trail classes. It’s almost 6:00 p.m. and they’re still going.

Directors Diane Rushing, chair of the ApHC International Committee, and Frank Larrabee, President, hosted a session this morning for visitors from several different countries There was helpful discussion about ApHC programs, but also lots of good information about what’s going on in the rest of the world.

Stay tuned for reminders about the Appaloosa World Sale coming up Wednesday evening. Be sure to go ahead and sign up with to view the sale on-line and to bid and/or buy.

Stallion Service Silent Auction at World Show in Fort Worth

A friendly reminder – Don’t miss your chance to breed your mare to one of the finest Appaloosa stallions in the industry! The ApHC is hosting a Stallion Service Silent Auction at the 2008 World Championship Appaloosa Show in Fort Worth, Texas, giving all Appaloosa breeders and enthusiasts a chance to bid on breedings to world class Appaloosa stallions.

Bid on breedings to quality stallions, including: Authentic Sonny, Choc Full of Chips, Distinctive, Heza Dreamer, Impulsive Invitation, Impulsive Zipper, JR Hunter, Maid Magic, Mr. Cool Hand Luke, Nastyattitude, Rather Inclusive, Renaissance Man, Sacred Dream, Skipa Maxi Treat, State of the Art, Supreme Court Dream, The Radio Flyer, Undertack, Zip Me Impressive, Zips Dark Chocolate and Zips Strawsam MMR.

Foals resulting from breedings through this unique opportunity will be eligible for the World Championship Appaloosa Sale Incentive classes and compete for large payouts as two-year-olds. Place your bid at the Stallion Service Silent Auction center in the John Justin Lobby, right next to the ApHC Information Booth. Bidding begins at noon, Friday, Oct. 24, and will continue until the end of the last class Saturday, November 1. Winning bids will be announced on the ApHC website on Friday, November 7th (but I’ll bet you’ll know sooner than that).

For more information, contact Sandra Matthews at (719) 651-1771 or via email at; Frank Larrabee at (505) 249-6736 or via email at

ApHC World Show Earns Tax Rebate

worldhorse1.jpgIt is estimated that the World Championship Appaloosa Show contributes over $11,000,000 to the local economy in direct and secondary spending. The Appaloosa Horse Club received word from the City of Fort Worth and the State of Texas that a tax incentive rebate of $99,586 will be returned to the ApHC following this year’s World Championship Show. Based on economic impact analyses and a long-term commitment to the Will Rogers Equestrian Center in Fort Worth, the monies have been awarded by the State of Texas under S.B. 1523, a legislative act intended to generate economic development by attracting and hosting major sporting and athletic events.

The ApHC would like to thank the State of Texas and the City of Fort Worth for guiding the association through the process to earn this award. With assistance from officials at the Will Rogers facility and the City of Fort Worth, a series of annual applications for funding has been made on behalf of the Club. Because of recent changes in the process and persistence by all the cooperators involved, funds for 2008 were approved.

“The ongoing efforts of ApHC leadership and staff has paid off,” ApHC President Frank Larrabee said. “These funds help offset losses incurred at the 2007 World Championship Appaloosa Show, and certainly are helpful as we work to maintain a wide range of programs and services for ApHC members in the current economic climate,” he explained. “We sincerely appreciate the positive relationship with our friends in Fort Worth and look forward to a successful event in October.”

Stallion Service Auction at World Show

aphc-logo.jpgThe ApHC is conducting a Stallion Service Silent Auction at the 2008 World Championship Appaloosa Show! Breedings to high quality Appaloosa stallions will be sold to the highest bidder– don’t miss your chance at this unique opportunity!

Interested parties may place their bids in the John Justin lobby, outside of the James L. & Eunice West Sale Arena. Located next to the ApHC Information Booth. Bidding begins at noon, Tuesday Oct. 24, and ends at the close after the last class on Friday, October 31st.

Special Note: Resulting foals will be eligible for the Sale Incentive Classes as two-year-olds. Stallion service donors will also have the opportunity to nominate an entry in the incentive classes.

For more information, contact Sandra Matthews at (719) 651-1771 or via email at; Frank Larrabee at (505) 249-6736 or via email at

ApHC outlines fiscal management strategy

aphc-logo.jpgNewly elected Appaloosa Horse Club President Frank Larrabee and ApHC senior staff met recently to develop specific financial goals for the current fiscal year and to initiate a specific response to the realities of a changing economic climate. Rising costs are affecting the horse industry, the Club and its members. The strategy sessions were meant to address both the revenue side of the Club’s activities and all categories of expenditures with the primary goal of preserving members’ equity in the association and to end the year with a balanced budget.

“Our job as directors and staff is to work harder and smarter to maintain the core strengths of the Appaloosa Horse Club, provide honest stewardship of the resources necessary to maintain a high level of member services and sponsored programs, and to enhance the overall appeal of the Appaloosa breed” Larrabee said.

A number of cost-cutting measures and basic savings are included in the plans. Some of the key areas include reductions in staff travel, personnel costs and administrative expenses. Several proposals for cuts related to Board of Director meetings will be considered for both the short and long term. According to President Larrabee, the serious work of maintaining members’ equity should start with the board leading by example to evaluate all costs of doing the Club’s business. A reduction in the number of face-to-face board meetings, limits on travel expenses for directors and other controls are expected to be implemented.

Program expenditures specific to shows, trail rides and awards will be adjusted to account for significant savings as well. In combination with administrative cuts by the board and ApHC management, the club expects to realize a savings of at least $250,000 to help sustain current levels of member equity.

Additional strategies on the revenue side include repackaging sponsorship agreements, being more aggressive in reaching out to potential new supporters, providing a variety of Journal and web site advertising options and promoting the benefits of programs such as the International Registration Incentive.

ApHC Board of Directors Meeting Summary (part 1)

aphc-logo.jpgJuly, 2008

Officers elected for 2008-09 include: Frank Larrabee, President; Chuck McWhirter, Vice President; Chair of Planning & Review, Laura Lyon; Chair of Finance, Jack Zuidema; Chair of Rules Committee, Debby Letham; and Chair of Marketing, Dennis Dean.

The Board of Directors made a temporary appointment to fill a vacancy in Territory V, Zone A (Arkansas, Tennessee and Mississippi). Monty Holmes, Cabot, Arkansas, will serve until a special election in the spring of 2009. At that time, he may also run as a candidate for a full term.

Lynette Thompson, Garfield, Washington, was sworn in as the new director from Territory I, Zone A (Washington, Oregon, Alaska, British Columbia and Yukon).

Board Notes

No action was taken on the subject of changing Non-Pro age divisions (a previous motion to study the issue had caused some concern).

Discussion in the Regional Club Committee focused on the need for ongoing communications and ApHC support for non-show activities. There was a question about whether recommendations from town hall meetings have been addressed. In many cases, the suggestions became board motions or discussion topics. Several of the items have also been incorporated into program planning and customer service procedures in the office. We’ll work on a complete checklist that will be distributed.

The ApHC World Sale will include a silent auction of stallion services. Resulting foals will be eligible for Sale Incentive Classes. Owners of stallions sold in the service auction will also be eligible to pay entry into the incentive classes.

There was definite enthusiasm about a “National Appaloosa Day,” which could involve a variety of promotional activities at the regional club level. Stay tuned for more plans but let us know what you think and how your regional club might participate.

It is a consensus of interested folks that we need to bring back a more complete and more regular Journal listing of leading sires and leading-the-nation categories.

We are also exploring ways to get ApHC moving forward to make on-line registration a reality.

A proposal for double-pointed “Zone Shows” was discussed. Also on the table is a proposal to support smaller regional clubs by double pointing some two-judge shows. The board will be working on both ideas during the next few weeks.

ApHC will conduct a “workshop” at the 2009 National Show involving regional clubs, show secretaries and/or others.

A summary of board motions will follow soon.

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