ApHC Director Election

small web bannerThe Appaloosa Horse Club (ApHC) announces that all candidates for the 2014 ApHC Board of Directors election in Zone A are unopposed. The six candidates consist of the following current board Members:

Lynette Thompson, Garfield, WA
Territory I, Zone A:

Leslie Foxvog, Phelan, CA
Territory II, Zone A:

Jim Jirkovsky, Kearney, NE
Territory III, Zone A:

Dena Raggio, Pilot Point, TX
Territory IV, Zone A:

Brian Irvin, Fall Branch, TN
Territory V, Zone A:

Todd Michael, Findlay, OH
Territory VI, Zone A

According to Article IV, Section 2 of the ApHC Bylaws, “If only one (1) member is properly nominated for election as director from a geographical zone, that nominee shall be deemed elected as director without conducting the election.” Due to this rare occurrence, no election will be held in 2014.

Catching up on election results

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small web bannerThese are the details of election results for the past two years:

Total Number of Eligible Voters: 11,076
Total Votes Cast: 769
Total Voter Turnout: 6.94%
Voter Turnout (I, II, IV, V, and VII): 7.78%
Voter Turnout (I, II, IV, and V): 8.44%


Amend ARTICLE XV – YES 601 82%
Amend ARTICLE XV – NO 128 18%

Eligible Voters: 11,067 Voter Turnout: 6.58%

Lesli Glen 74 53%
Connie Taylor 66 47%

Eligible Voters: 1,781 Voter Turnout: 7.86%

Donna Goodison 54 46%
Frank Larrabee 64 54%

Eligible Voters: 1,423 Voter Turnout: 8.29%

Deborah Letham 97 61%
Sharon Marshall 62 39%

Eligible Voters: 1,746 Voter Turnout: 9.11%

Steve Bennett 76 72%
Terri Rakosky 29 28%

Eligible Voters: 1,246 Voter Turnout: 8.42%

Alison Chamberlain 7 9%
Wiebe Lise 73 91%

Eligible Voters: 1,565 Voter Turnout: 5.11%

Territory III – Bill Thiel (unopposed)
Territory VI – Ray Burchett (unopposed)

Total Voter Turnout: 9.25%


Territory I, Zone A 166 9.44%
Brandy Fraser 65 39%
Lynette Thompson 101 61%

Territory II, Zone A 255 16.43%
Marilynn Feuerstein 124 49%
Leslie Foxvog 131 51%

Territory III, Zone A 129 8.39%
Jim Jirkovsky 73 57%
Robert Swick 56 43%

Territory IV, Zone A 207 11.60%
Lonnie Ledbetter 118 57%
Dena Raggio 89 43%

Territory VI, Zone A 193 10.21%
Laura Lyon 74 38%
Todd Michael 119 62%


We recently had the opportunity to enjoy the Wrangler National Finals Rodeo in Las Vegas, and we stopped by the ApHC booth at one of the Cowboy Christmas venues. It was so great to see the appaloosa horse represented and promoted to so many people! Thank you to Gary and Nicene Connolly and everyone else who made it possible!!

Attached are a couple of pictures of visitors to the booth…Jim Jirkovsky and Chet Bennett in one and Danny and Dorine Bennett in the other.

(Thanks Dorine)

2011 ApHC Election & Bylaw Voting

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The 2011 ApHC election closed today, October 20, 2011 at 12:00 A.M. The election results are as follows:

Bylaw Results
Amend ARTICLE VI, Section 3 of the bylaws: Passed.

Amend ARTICLE VI, Section 3 and renumber as ARTICLE VI, Section 4 of the bylaws: Passed.


Amend ARTICLE XV of the bylaws: Passed.

To view full verbiage of the bylaw changes, please go to These bylaw changes will take effect January 1, 2012 and will be printed in the 2012 ApHC Official Handbook.

ApHC Board of Director Election Results:
Territory I, Zone A
Lynette Thompson

Territory II, Zone A
Leslie Foxvog

Territory III, Zone A
Jim Jirkovsky

Territory IV, Zone A
Lonnie Ledbetter

Territory V, Zone A
Monty Holmes (unopposed)

Territory VI, Zone A
Todd Michael

CBC judges reunion

Most of the time between sessions at the Color Breed Council Judges Seminar is taken up with conversations among friends and new acquaintances. In this case, Pat Trebesch and Sandy Jirkovsky have know each other and, I assume, judged shows together for “many” years.

One of the real benefits of the CBC session is that judges have the opportunity to review and compare rules of several breed associations. Good ideas for clarifying one group’s set of rules can be borrowed by the others. Judges are an excellent resource for helping us understand more about what works and what doesn’t at the ground level.

Big Day of Roping

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We had lots of roping action in the John Justin Arena yesterday and last night. We’ll have more about the Timed Roping Extravaganza later.

We do know that Sherri Mell, of San Antonio, TX, won the Non-Pro Breakaway Roping; Paul Tierney was a busy guy throughout the event and rode a winner,DUN TWEAKER, in Open Judged Tie-Down Roping for Rocking Double J Ranch of Conroe, TX; Corey Braskamp rode a winner, TARIS TAPPIN LENA, in the Senior division for Grant Anderson of Rockford, IL; Ed Millhouse, Stillwater, MN, won the Non-Pro Judged Tie-Down Roping on STATE OF DEE HEART. Ed also won the NP Timed Tie-Down Roping.

Paul Tierney won the Timed Tie-Down Roping on MR BIG BUCKS, owned by Karen Grimm of Minden, NV;

Robbie Schroeder rode DYNAMITE DAYLITE, owned by Julia Young of Marshall, NC, to a win in Open Junior Judged Heading. Sherri Mell won the Non-Pro division on CREDENCE.

Open Senior Judged Heading – Roger Johnson rode the winner, IMAGINE THAT JACK, owned by Michelle Miller of Racine, WI; in the Open Junior, Casey Wilson won on MISS TARI OLENA, owned by Leslie Rinehart of Milton, WI.

Open Senior Judged Heeling — Russell Funk won on DOCZIPS SCARLET LADY, owned by Donna Redmer of Dundee, IL; in the Non-Pro, Sherri Mell rode and won on CREDENCE, owned by Queen Suzanne Koch, Stevinson, CA.

In the Open Heading & Heeling, John Phillips won on DYNAMITE DAYLITE; Jay Stewart of Grand Island, Nebraska, won the Non-Pro on HEZA FANCY MILHOUSE.

Kyra Cruse, Pilot Point, TX, won the Non-Pro Steer Daubing on ZEVIS ROCKETT. Jim Jirkovsky won the winner, STATE OF DEE HEART, owned by Ed Millhouse, in the Open Steer Daubing.

Sharing Information

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As testimony to the cooperative spirit of Apploosa exhibitors, here’s an example of competitors helping each other. Sandy Jirkovsky was willing to share information from the trail course map with another entry. We’re not sure how the whole conversation went, but it’s a heartwarming story of sportsmanship.

For those of you who spent time watching the trail classes yesterday, you may have missed something if you weren’t watching ALL day. It was a marathon, but a positive sign that entries were up in the category.

Jim Says He’ll Come Back To Jackson

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Jim JirkovskyOne of the ApHC board members here at the National Show is Jim Jirkovsky from Kearney, NE where he trains horses with his wife. He says they train all around horses. He thinks these horses can do more than one thing.

He’s enjoying Jackson and thinks the facilities are nice and the town is friendly. He says the security has been good and that he’ll come back.

I asked him what he thinks about the horse industry and he says it’s down right now but that things go in cycles and that it will come back. He says we’ll turn things around. He’d like to see the board make current members happy since they’ll be the ones to go out and get new ones.

You can listen to my interview with the Jim here: Listen to MP3 Interview With Jim Jirkovsky (3 min MP3)

National Show Photo Album

2008 ApHC director election results

aphc-logo.jpgThe Appaloosa Horse Club is pleased to announce the results from the 2008 Board of Directors election.

There were contested elections in two territories. In Territory I (Zone A) the new director will be Lynette Thompson, Garfield, Washington. In Territory III (Zone A) Jim Jirkovsky, Kearney, Nebraska, is re-elected. Each will serve a three-term on the board.

The following directors ran unopposed and are therefore re-elected to an additional three-year term:

In Territory II (Zone A), Dennis Dean, Apple Valley, California;

In Territory IV (Zone A), Larry Baker, Sumner, Texas;

In Territory VI (Zone A), Laura Lyon, Howell, Michigan;

*In Territory V (Zone A), Although technically “properly nominated and deemed” re-elected, Eric Beené has declined the directorship term which begins July 3, 2008. According to ApHC bylaws, the Board of Directors may make a termporary appointment of any directorship to be filled by appointing an ApHC member domiciled in the affected geographical zone, but a special election is required when the unexpired term of the vacancy exceeds one year.

The bylaws do not require a special election to be held immediately, therefore a temporary appointment could be made and remain in effect for the period of time between swearing in and the next regularly scheduled election. Of course, the appointed person may then run as a candidate for the unexpired term.

To the Victor goes the Trailer

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trailerAmong the many special prizes awarded during Sunday night’s timed roping event extravaganza was the use for a year of this S & H Trailer from Sundowner of Texas. The winning owner, Karen Grimm from Minden, Nevada, will enjoy memories of the 2007 World Show roping with understandable fondness. Along with the trailer goes a ton of feed from Nutrena. Her horse, Mr Big Bucks, will especially appreciate that part of the prize package.

We want to say a special “thank you” to cash sponsors: M & C Ranch, Mike and Claudette Mataya; Last Day Lite and his owners Hyman and Julia Young; and J/S Training, Jim and Sandy Jirkovsky.

Other awards included custom roping saddles from Lusky’s/Ryon’s and Coats Saddlery, Hot Heels roping dummies, Classic Equine pads, and buckles by Gist. Thank you to all our exhibitors and sponsors!

We were also delighted to have Sherri Mell, a 2006 Hall of Fame inductee, carry the American flag for the National Anthem, which was performed by ApHC member Don Charest.

Amazing courage

Janelle Radney receiving the Dee Cole Memorial Sportsmanship Award from Jim and Sandy Jirkovsky at the Youth World Show in OKC. Dennis Dean and Steve Taylor serve as bookends. Photo by Larry Williams.

Janelle Radney – Amazing Courage and an Award Winner
By Diane Rice

For most Youth World Show participants, competing in three classes and the speech contest isn’t all that remarkable. But for 13-year-old Janelle Radney of Wood River, Nebraska, they’re extraordinary feats. Just a few weeks ago, Janelle suffered so much pain that she was unable to walk and had to be carried. Doctors told her she’d never walk, let alone ride at the show. But this week, she showed in western pleasure, western equitation and showmanship, and to top it all off, she won the speech contest.

Janelle suffers from NOMID: neonatal-onset multisystemic inflammatory disease, a condition caused by genetic mutation that, left untreated, causes chronic inflammation and rashes, hearing loss, blindness, kidney failure and limited life span. Two years ago, severe leg pain led her to Shriners Hospital for bone scans and later to the Mayo Clinic where a biopsy indicated NOMID.

She received the first of her treatment regimen of daily injections just four weeks ago. Within four hours, the rash she’d had since birth disappeared. Her treatments, though painful, have brought Janelle relief. She rode for the first time just 10 days ago.

In the speech contest on Sunday, June 24, Janelle said her illness had taught her “…not to judge others by what they look like, but by what they are like on the inside. Looking at my horse, ‘Denny,’ you might think that he isn’t worth a penny, but if you could see his heart and what he is all about, you wouldn’t be able to put a price tag on him.”

Although she didn’t place in the top 10, she did win a personal championship. And her tenacity and heart are an inspiration. “Denny taught me to never lose my confidence and to always believe in myself,” she says—“just like I believe in him.”

Lots of Buyer and Seller Interest

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Sandy JirkovskyOne of the people showing horses here is Sandy Jirkovsky, J/S Training. She’s pictured here with ApHC CEO Steve Taylor. I’ll let you guess which is which.

Sandy serves on several ApHC committees and judges horses when she’s not training or showing. I talked with her about what she’s doing and what she thinks of this year’s show. Like just about everyone I’ve spoken too she mentioned the construction but also says that everyone seems to be taking it in stride. They’re doing some major work here on the grounds right in between some of the main barns and the show arena.

Sandy says that one good sign for those in the Appaloosa horse business is all the interest from people who would like to buy a horse. She says a number of high quality animals have been sold here at the show.

You can listen to my interview with Sandy here: Listen to MP3 File Interview with Sandy Jirkovsky (3 min MP3)

Appaloosas Well Represented at South Dakota Horse Fair

CON boothDuring the 2007 South Dakota Horse Fair in Sioux Falls, held March 16-18, spectators had a number of opportunities to see the beauty and abilities of the appaloosa horse. Beginning with the stallion versatility competition on Friday night and continuing through the breed parades held on Saturday and Sunday, the appaloosas were exhibited in the arena; and the Center of the Nation Appaloosa Horse Club (CON ApHC) sponsored a hospitality booth in the breed area of the event as well. Clinicians Craig Cameron and Sandy Jirkovsky used appaloosa horses in their seminars to help demonstrate the concepts of their lessons.

Members of the CON ApHC regional club were available at the booth during the three day event to answer questions and distribute informational literature about appaloosa horses. The booth was decorated with a variety of photos, and videos of the appaloosa horse show and highlights of appaloosa freestyle reining were also playing on a television for visitors to view. A stall next to the hospitality booth was used for a live appaloosa gelding named Ima Touch DZ, so that people could also stop by to see an appaloosa horse “in person”.

PARADECaptain Zip Ahoy, a nine-year-old stallion, exhibited by Jim Jirkovsky, was the uncontested winner of the versatility championship award at the Horse Fair. The pair won four of the five events, halter, reining, western pleasure, and trail; and placed third in the fifth event, barrel racing. Captain Zip Ahoy was also the winner of both the 2006 Nutrena Iron Horse and the 2006 World’s Best Appaloosa awards at the Appaloosa World Show held in Fort Worth last Fall.

During the breed parades, four horses and riders presented examples of the variety of events in which appaloosa horses excel. Nancy Nickel rode Kool’s Legacy sidesaddle, Emily Ketcham exhibited Ima Touch DZ in English attire, Jim Jirkovsky and Captain Zip Ahoy demonstrated western riding and reining expertise, and western pleasure was shown by Sandy Jirkovsky and Zip A Dee Bar. During the exhibition, the announcer read information about the history, characteristics and other highlights of appaloosa horses.

Thanks to Center of the Nation secretary Dorine Bennett for providing the information and photos!

CBC Seminar

The Color Breed Council hosted a successful judges’ seminar in Oklahoma City last week. Special thanks to Jessica Dixon, ApHC Judges Coordinator, for her efforts on our behalf. Keri and Steve were also in attendance. Jim Jirkovsky, Chairman of the Judges Committee, Debby Letham (thanks – again – for your assistance in providing horses for the live judging), and Gene Carr were active participants. We had a good group of new applicants and a large contingent of current judges, several of whom received service pins in recognition of their years in the show ring. We also took advantage of the opportunity to meet with representatives of several breed associations. The Pinto folks allowed us the use of their conference room for a committee call and we paid a visit to the National Reining Horse Association office.