2016 ApHC Board Election Clarification/Correction

small web bannerThe motion below was passed unanimously by the ApHC Board on August 4, 2016.

BOD Motion 01-08-16: As a result of a clerical error in the preparation and publication of the 2016 Declaration of Candidacy for the ApHC Board of Directors that in form and content likely misled ApHC members otherwise eligible to seek an ApHC director position from considering and/or seeking nomination as an ApHC director because they did not meet the ApHC director eligibility criteria that had been erroneously set forth in the Declaration and to remedy that error such that all eligible ApHC members are provided the rightful opportunity to seek nomination for an ApHC director position in the 2016 regular election of ApHC directors as provided under the ApHC Bylaws:

The ApHC Board of Directors moves, as a matter of equity and fairness to all concerned, to (i) exercise its rights and powers under law in the best interests of the ApHC by approving the extension of the deadline set forth in the ApHC Bylaws from July 31, 2016 to August 31, 2016 for submittal to the ApHC of the required nominating petition for the 2016 ApHC Board of Directors regular election and the 2016 special election to fill a vacancy in Territory V, (ii) approve for use in the regular election the form of 2016 Nominating Petition and Declaration of Candidacy, (iii) approve acceptance of the 2016 Declaration of Candidacy submitted by nine ApHC members on or before July 31, 2016 as timely for all purposes of the regular election, (iv) approve for use in the special election the form of 2016 Special Election Nomination Petition and Declaration of Candidacy and (v) approve immediate publication of this Motion.

Eligible ApHC members are advised that the domicile restrictions set forth in Article IV, Section 2.B of the ApHC Bylaws will not apply to this 2016 territorial election, but will become effective beginning with the next territorial election in 2018. For the 2016 regular election, all members in Territories I-VI are eligible for election based on domicile considerations.

*In other words, the Declaration of Candidacy should not have referenced zones as they have been eliminated beginning with this year’s election. Any eligible ApHC member from a territory may seek nomination as a director.

Updated and corrected nomination forms are available by clicking on the “About Us” tab, then “Board of Directors” on

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