Members are the “New Breed”

small nplc logo revamp-v2-p1Thought I’d share an excerpt from the latest “Gazette” published for the National Pedigreed Livestock Council. This is a 100 year-old-plus organization of livestock registry organizations representing horses, beef cattle, dairy, swine, goats, etc. The NPLC Annual Meeting was held earlier this month in Lafayette, Indiana, home of our hosts the National Swine Registry and American Berkshire Association.

A long-time acquaintance, Phil Anderson, presented a session called “Shifting Gears,” in which he described the variety of challenges in today’s membership/association world.

Members are, and have always been, the heart and soul of most nonprofit organizations. The challenge facing today’s organizations range from the differing perspectives of multiple generations, technology and its effect on communications and relationships, and the shifting landscape of agriculture, food and leisure. As we move beyond 2015, we must “shift gears” to embrace and respond to these changes (and opportunities). We have to work faster, smarter, and maximize each and every resource. As a membership organization it comes down to this simple perspective: “It’s not who we are TO each other, it’s who we are FOR each other.”

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