Regional Club “Portal” Added to ApHC Website

small web bannerWe are happy to inform you that the ApHC has completed the initial phase of the new Regional Club Portal system. The portal system is being developed to make it easier for the regional clubs to interact with the ApHC.

The first phase of this system was to develop a process that would allow the regional clubs to manage their membership and officer listings via the web. This will eliminate the need for Regional Clubs to go through the tedious task of submitting this information to the ApHC in a written form. Emails have been sent to the primary contacts – usually either the listed President or Secretary – for all regional clubs to provide initial log-in information and instructions.

Enhanced services for regional clubs was one of the priorities identified in last year’s ApHC Board strategy session and background work has been underway to add this and other on-line features for clubs and individuals. We will continue to add features to the Regional Club Portal as time allows. The next tools to be added are the ability to file your club’s Yearly Report and to submit World Show Nominations.

Please let us know if you have any questions or experience any problems while using the Regional Club Portal. We would also like to hear from you if you have any suggestions regarding ways to improve the portal or make it easier for Regional Clubs to work with the ApHC.

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