Office Notes

small web bannerWe know that ApHC members keep up with at least some of the news because many of you took care of renewals before the dues increase went into effect. Thank you! It’s nice to be able to say that at the end of January we had more members enrolled than at the same time last year. Of course, we will continue to point out that a gift of membership is always appreciated by the receiver and that a lifetime membership is still a pretty good bargain. We ended 2014 with 11,998 members.

On the registration front, we ended 2014 with 2,391 new registrations. There are lots of factors across all breeds that have contributed to a persistent decline in those numbers. On a more positive note, we do keep hearing at least anecdotal evidence that stallion bookings are significant and we’ll be monitoring the breeding reports later in the year to track the number of mares bred.

In the meantime, it’s budget season and preparation time for a board meeting in March and finalizing plans for the National Show and Youth World. Springtime is also the season for equine expos around the globe and several regional clubs and international partners are planning to exhibit and promote our breed at these events. Our brochure inventory is fairly good right now and we’ve re-ordered the “Guide to Identifying” posters that seem to be popular, so if you can give us some advance time, we can send you a supply of materials for various activities. We will be taking a look at processes and costs to consider options. You do need to know that it’s always a possibility that printing and shipping costs might eventually need to be passed along.

We do apologize for the delay in printing and posting the 2015 Official Handbook. We’ve had to check and re-check a significant portion of the rules sections to clarify and correct. And, some of the new classes that have been added for this year required substantial work to hopefully get the wording right the first time. The online version should be available with the next few days.

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