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ApHC-LogoWe’re still trying to decide which and how many news channels to use in our efforts to keep ApHC members up to date. Hopefully, you’ve already signed up for the E-Newsletter and/or have checked out the archives. Folks in the Journal always include tidbits in the “Member Reminders” section. Fairly regular email blasts are sent to alert you to pending deadlines, new programs and other important activities. And, there is the social media realm, where much of the interaction seems to be taking place these days. Be sure to check out the ApHC and Journal (and Museum) Facebook pages.

In the meantime, here’s wishing you a safe, successful and peaceful 2015! If you need help keeping track of days, we can recommend the Stallion pin-up calendar and/or the handy-dandy tabletop calendar brought to you by the talented team at Appaloosa Journal.

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