Stallion Service Auction “Round Two” Underway

small web bannerThe open bidding period for this year’s edition of the ApHC Stallion Service Auction has ended. And, thanks to all of the stallion owners, bidders and buyers!!! If you missed out on the first round, we have some good news. Stallion services not sold during the open bidding process are now available for immediate purchase at one-half the advertised stud fee — on a first-come, first-served basis. Visit If you click to bid (“buy now”) and you’ve remembered to sign in, you’ll be the buyer! These stallions will be available for a limited time (until March 31st), so get your fingers warmed up.

Quick update – during the open bidding that ended December 31st, a total of 47 services were sold, generating approximately $41,000, 75% of which will be part of the prize money added to the pot for resulting foals that are eventually entered in World Show Two-Year-Old Incentive Classes. We’ll be posting a more complete news release to the website on Monday.

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