Youth Show Correction

The ApHC would like to congratulate co-champions in class Y508 – Youth Junior Geldings, Two & Under at the 2012 World Championship Appaloosa Youth Show Fernando Vera Ibarra showing MH TAG HEZ IT and Francine Henderson showing A WAY. Please visit the class results located on the National Show page on the ApHC web site to view photos of these co-champions. The ApHC would like to thank all ApHC members associated with these champions for their ongoing support of the ApHC and its programs and objectives and for their efforts to swiftly resolve this matter to allow for both champions to be recognized. This adjustment was made in accordance with ApHC Board policy as initially applied in 2009 and re-enforced this year. Congratulations again to Fernando and Francine.

The ApHC’s ongoing efforts to develop and maintain a solid marketing and programming relationship internationally have benefited greatly from the persistent work of the ApHC International Committee. You may have noticed that approximately one-third of our registrations last year came from outside the U.S. That kind of vital statistic is an obvious indicator of how important these international efforts have been and will continue to be.

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  1. marilynn feuerstein Said,

    September 26, 2012 @ 7:36 am

    We need to work WITH the Mexico Association to have shows that require horses to be registered and increase the number of shows. There is a lot of enthusiasm South of our border with lots of good people wanting to have Appaloosa horses but there is “no reason to invest in them when there is no place to go or show with them.” We need to work WITH with them to have shows and require registration.

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