Battle of the Breeds, Masters at Spruce Meadows

Beginning Thursday at the gorgeous Spruce Meadows facility in Calgary, Alberta, is the Telus Battle of the Breeds competition held in conjunction with an international jumping tournament known as the Masters. Teams of four horses and riders from several breeds (usually 12 or so) wil participate in compulsory skills (more/less a dressage pattern), “jeopardy” jumping, precision driving, barrel race (using four barrels) and a timed trail course. Two entries from each breed are in each “class.” Our ApHC folks in Alberta have organized a team and we’ll have photos and updates for you. Results will also be posted daily on the Spruce Meadows web site.

While you’re on the Spruce Meadows site, be sure to check out the process for voting on your favorite breed…and here’s hoping we don’t have to pursuade you to vote the right way!

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