Memorandum Regarding Disciplinary Proceeding

An Appaloosa Horse Club disciplinary matter involving several parties that had originally been scheduled to be heard by the ApHC Disciplinary Committee in early March, 2012 was vacated because one of the parties was unable to participate at that time for medical reasons. Because that party’s health has improved, this disciplinary hearing is now being rescheduled and should occur within the next thirty (30) days.

Reckless statements, shared on a social media site focused on ApHC topics, have erroneously attributed this delay to actions of ApHC President Frank Larrabee. This delay has been caused solely by a party’s medical condition, a circumstance beyond the control of the ApHC. Mr. Larrabee has had no involvement whatsoever in connection with this disciplinary proceeding from the outset because Mr. Larrabee’s membership in an ApHC regional club that is party to this proceeding might have created the perception of a conflict of interest and, accordingly, he recused himself from any participation in this matter.

The ApHC makes every effort to provide due process and to act fairly, impartially and respectfully to all persons involved in an ApHC disciplinary process.

Dated August 23, 2012

Lonnie Ledbetter
Appaloosa Horse Club Vice-President
on behalf of the ApHC Executive Committee

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