Online Stallion Breeding Reports

Another ApHC Member Advantage!

The ApHC is pleased to announce that members owning Appaloosa breeding stallions now have the opportunity to file annual stallion breeding reports on-line.

To file your Appaloosa stallion breeding report(s) on-line simply log into the Members Only section of the ApHC website ( and select the “My Stallion Reports” menu option.

To create your stallion breeding report(s), click on the “Create New Stallion Breeding Report” button and enter the requested information.

To update, delete, or add information to a report that has already been created simply click on the “Edit Report” link next to the open report that you wish to change.

On the My Stallion Report webpage you will see a listing for Open Reports and Submitted Reports.

Open Reports are stallion breeding reports that you are currently entering but have not completed or submitted. You have an ability to enter breeding information throughout the year and the system will retain all information. Just remember to submit the report prior to the November 30th deadline so late fees will not be incurred!

Submitted Reports are reports that you have submitted on-line to the ApHC for approval. Once your on-line stallion breeding report has been verified as being correctly filed it will be uploaded for you to view via the Web.

Users are required to pay stallion breeding report fees at the time of submission. All submitted stallion breeding reports will automatically have work orders allocated to them as proof of your payment. Any reports submitted after the November 30th deadline will be subject to late fees.

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  1. Heather Said,

    February 8, 2012 @ 1:20 pm

    This is only available for Appaloosa stallions?

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