Color Breed Congress

Going on through Sunday Nov 6th in Tulsa, the Color Breed Congress includes competition for Pinto, Appaloosa, Buckskin, POA and Palomino horses. This is the first year for an approved ApHC show to be included at the Congress. It’s a four-judge ApHC show. The Pinto Association is the presenting organization. You can find more details at The logo shown here is being featured on award jackets and seems to be very popular. The new four-sided video screen in the photo is new to the Ford Truck Arena.

Some of us believe the concept of a multi-breed show is a good one. Horse folks getting acquainted, vendors dealing with customers from several segments and sponsors getting their names in front of a cross section of industry participants seem to make sense.

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  1. Barry A.Goss Said,

    November 4, 2011 @ 7:07 am

    Did this club use it’s assets to promote this? Were are the minutes from the meetings to show the board vote?

  2. Steve Said,

    November 7, 2011 @ 11:32 am

    The ApHC-approved show within the Congress is a separate show with ApHC classes and judges. There are also separate shows for Pinto, Palominos, POA and Buckskin. Appaloosas were not eligible for the Pinto show and vice versa. The Color Breed Congress is a natural alignment based on the long-time existence of a Color Breed Council which conducts the annual judges seminar for various breed groups. Each breed holds separate sessions for its judges and there are seminars attended by all judges in class subjects such as Western pleasure, cutting, reining, etc.

  3. Lynn Said,

    November 7, 2011 @ 12:58 pm

    With the ENTIRE horse industry struggling to stay alive, kudos to the forward-thinking folks who worked to pull this effort together. No doubt it is helping the Pinto Association and the other breeds’ involved Regional Clubs save money (and preserve assets) while providing a nice show venue and experience for exhibitors, vendors and sponsors. As the rental costs for nice facilities continues to rise, spliting facility (and judges’) costs among breed Associations seems smart to me — it can possibily lower exhibitors entry/stall fees while providing a more enjoyable experience (i.e. more folks on the grounds, more vendors — perhaps more sponsors willing to step up and provide “fun” and social events for exhibitors, etc., since they are reaching out to more people in one place). All one has to do is look at the report in the most recent Horse & Rider magazine to see the numbers in ALL breeds are falling like a rock regarding breeding and registrations…. we cannot stand many more 20% per year drops in numbers. Certainly what we are doing now is not working. Again – kudos to the folks who are willing to not just think about new things, but to actually DO new things and who are reaching out to all horsemen and horsewomen regardless of breed or discipline to strengthen the horse industry as a whole before it’s too late.

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