World Show 2011

Dateline Fort Worth, Texas — Most of the exhibitors, vendors, staff, crew and the equine athletes have arrived for the 2011 World Show at the Will Rogers Memorial Center. At first glance, visitors will notice several things that are new: new stalls in several barns, a new additional warmup pen (photo), new round pens on the South side, a new cafe, fresh paint, etc. The most obvious attention-getter is the construction zone. By this time next year, we’ll have access to a new building with 700+ stalls on the lower level and two 100’X200′ covered warmup pens on the upper level. Other projects are planned and the facility folks are pretty enthused about catering to the horse crowd.

The class schedule starts tomorrow morning with trail in the Watt and roping in the Justin. Web viewing will be available, so tune in for your favorites.

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