Appaloosa Makes 4400 Mile Journey Across the USA

Note from: Bobbie McTimmons, Back Country Horsemen of Washington, Lewis Co. Chapter; ApHC member

Thought you might be interested in meeting “Wolf” (the Appy) who has walked (both packing and being ridden) from Quoddy Point State Park in Maine to Grayland, WA — a 4-year, 4400 mile trip, 20 miles a day! The trip was made in four laps, side-stepping bad weather each year to return home/beginning the next year, as weather allowed, at the point left off the previous year.

My attached photo (the 3 horses and 2 riders) appeared in the Chehalis, WA “Chronicle” on August 18, 2011. Wolf is the only horse of the three pictured who made the entire trip. The blurb which was published with the photo explains all.

Wolf left Maine June 16, 2007 and arrived at the Pacific Ocean on August 21, 2011. Luckily the two long riders did not experience any of Washington’s famous rain while crossing the state. The rain started the day after they completed their journey.

Wolf belongs to Deb Yavorski, who had a life-dream to ride across the USA. She started out with two horses. Her “non-Appy” Walker proved to be too traffic shy to be safe and she next she bought “Mercury”, her Arab. Deb York joined Yavorski in Montana for the final leg of the trip. She borrowed the QH, “Chiquatah”. The two horsewomen met years earlier at a stable where Yavorski worked and York boarded her horse. Both women are from New York. York rode to honor her mother who passed away in 2007 from leukemia. She says she wanted to do something “extraordinary” before she passed from life (and the trip definitely qualifies in that category).

Deb Yavorski is a member of the Long Riders Guild. She plans to write a book about the trip across the country. I came away from several visits with the two women with the idea that no matter what anyone may say, America is a wonderful place – both women told me that people have been “AMAZING”! Additionally, both women firmly believe that ‘God will provide’ and have many stories to illustrate their belief.

As of today, the women have rented a car and plan to see the Olympia coast beach. (Their horses are being boarded and are resting up while the two long riders see some country and visit). Yesterday plans were being made to have a horse hauler pick up the horses for transport back to New York. The QH was loaned to York and is going back to his pasture in Montana and will work on a pack-string. York plans to get hay in as soon as she gets home and get some painting done around the place. Just business as usual! She is thinking about riding the Pacific Crest Trail in two years. Deb York retired from a job as a cable line woman in 2007; Deb Yavorski will return to her two jobs — she works for an inventory company and subs for the post office. Deb Yavorski is 49; Deb York is 57.

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  1. Edward Anderson Said,

    September 19, 2011 @ 5:46 am

    I met these ladies at the Snakepit, Enaville, ID and invited them for a stay at my place for a rest and some good grass for the horses. These ladies are jewels.

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