AHC’s 2011 Van Ness Award Presented to Idaho Horse Industry’s Edith Stanger

Each year the American Horse Council awards the Van Ness Award to a person that embodies the dedication and service of the late Mrs. Marjorie Van Ness, one of the founders of the New Jersey Horse Council.

The American Horse Council is pleased to announce that it has awarded its 2011 Van Ness Award to Edith Stanger of Idaho Falls, ID.

In presenting the award, AHC president Jay Hickey noted that, “Mrs. Stanger has given her time continuously to the promotion of all aspects of the horse industry. She was instrumental in founding the Idaho State Horse Council in 1975, where she continues to contribute to this day – almost forty years later! Mrs. Stanger recognized the need for a united voice for all horse interests, and was instrumental in joining the AHC as one of the earliest State Horse Council members.”

Together with husband, Dick, Edith Stanger created the Double Arrow Ranch, the largest registered herd of Appaloosa horses in the world. She has served on the Board of Directors for the Appaloosa Horse Club, as President of the Intermountain Appaloosa Club, and as Secretary of the Snake River Valley Horse Show.

“Edith has also worked for the entire industry,” said Hickey. “She helped get legislation promoted to aid the racing industry; to get the brand inspection check-off fee dedicated to the Idaho Horse Board which awards grants to horse activities that meet the strict criteria of use for research, promotion, or education; and recently got a bill through the Idaho legislature allowing simulcast lease holders to move off-site.”

“Thank all of you who are supporters of the Council, and thank you for this great honor you have bestowed upon me,” Mrs. Stanger said in accepting the award. “And thank you to the past, present and future generations that love the horse, are truly concerned for its welfare, and are active in its treatment,” she added.

The horse community in Idaho has benefited greatly from the loyalty and dedication of Mrs. Edith Stanger. She has won many awards for her service to the horse industry, has been elected to the National Appaloosa Horse Club’s Hall of Fame, the Idaho Horse Council’s Hall of Fame, the Idaho Horsemen’s Hall of Fame, and has been deemed a living legend in her community. “She can now add the Van Ness Award to that long list of accomplishments,” said Hickey.

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