ACTHA competition update

From ApHC member George Ehmer, Milton-Freewater, Oregon

The April 8th audition (one of many across the country) for “America’s favorite horse,” a competition organized by the American Competitive Trail Horse Association, was held at the beautiful Sky Hawk Ranch near Redmond, Oregon.

All 35 riders met with Carrie Scrima, one of the founders of ACTHA, who explained the course obstacles, the free ride and the interview process.

The obstacles were:
First: 6 logs, 8 in. in diameter, with the first two spaced 28” apart and the last spaced to 36” apart. This was done at the trot.
Second obstacle was a stop straddling another log with a marker in the center where we were supposed stop.
Third obstacle was a side pass to the right off of the log.
Fourth and final obstacle was two cones spaced four feet apart that we were to back a figure 8 around.

The next phase was to do a free ride with a time limit of 45 sec.

The last phase was an interview of 3- 10 minutes to talk about our horse and why the horse should be America’s favorite trail horse. As usual Joker and I were the first team in; we did everything ok – could have been better. In the interview I focused on the heritage of the Appaloosa horse, the Nez-Perce and what they contributed the Appaloosa breed and the many accomplishments of my horse Joker. I also wanted to let the world know how much he has done to help me be a better rider and person.

We will be notified within the next couple of weeks if we will be traveling to Austin, Texas, for the finals.

The photo is of George and Joker competing in the Supreme Cowboy Race (similar to an extreme trail challenge) at the Idaho Horse Expo this past weekend.

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  1. Jessica Smith Said,

    April 26, 2011 @ 8:25 am

    Just found out last night George and Joker made it! They are going to Texas! Can’t wait to watch them on TV and vote! Congrats guys!

  2. Liz Kincaid Said,

    April 26, 2011 @ 8:27 am

    Good LUCK George and Joker!!! You certainly bring color to the competition in more ways than one!!
    Liz K.

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