National Show & Youth World schedule

Just to let you know that the complete schedule for the 64th National Appaloosa Show, July 4-16, is available on the Web site. Activities in Tulsa begin with the World Championship Appaloosa Youth Show. Don’t forget to make plans for the Year-End Youth Awards Banquet on Sunday July 3rd and the separate banquet for Open, Non-Pro, Race, Trail/Distance and Hall of Fame on Sunday July 10th.

Some other items for your to-do list: Encourage participation in the Youth Horse Judging Contest, plan your advertising (Journal, Yearbook, etc.), and set aside some cash for a buckle or class sponsorship. Information about Tulsa hotels can also be found by clicking on the National Show icon on the home page. The Tulsa Convention Housing Bureau can help with reservations. By the way, it’s important to use this resource as it helps us verify the total number of room nights for our show folks and ensures that we’ll get the full amount of our incentive money from the CVB. So, thanks in advance for helping us keep track.

Hope to see you in Tulsa!


  1. Kelley Said,

    March 10, 2011 @ 7:41 am

    Where can I go for more information on the Sweepstakes classes? I can’t find anything on the National Show link on the website. Are these open to everyone or are there nominations required? Thank you!

  2. Steve Said,

    March 22, 2011 @ 2:54 pm

    We’ll be posting full details very soon. I don’t think a “nomination” is required. Entry fee is $395, with most of the money paid back in each class. The estimated prize money for first place is at least $2,000 (based on a minimum of 13 entries). We’ve had great support from individuals and businesses who have donated and pledged cash and prizes. Stay tuned.

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