Calizona wins another parade sweepstakes!

Entering the Riverside (California) Black History Parade for the first time, the Calizona Appaloosa Horse Club won the “Equestrian Sweepstakes” Award as well as Best Indian Group. The Parade was held Saturday, February 12, 2011 and eight CZ members rode to honor and promote the Appaloosa Horse with regards to its ties to the Nez Perce and other native cultures riding colored (and non colored) Appaloosas dressed in traditional heritage parade horse trappings and regalia. The parade was themed, “The Gift of Legacy” and what better than to show off the legacy of the Appaloosa!

The parade group included riders: Leslie Foxvog, Paul Foxvog, Danie Foxvog, CJ Brooks, Joe Brooks, Kristal Mead, Diane Dodd and Laura Rinard as well as two carrying the Club banner: Brian and Ashley. Other support team members included Debbie Herzman, Evon Owens and Chuck Collins. We also wowed the California State Horseman’s Association (CSHA) judge with our knowledge of the Appaloosa and detailed costumes! The Judge stated that in his past experiences, other groups could not explain their costumes or history of their horses. Calizona enjoys and takes pride in promoting the breed, and reaching out to the public to share the Appaloosa experience.

Leslie Foxvog

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  1. Penny Whitehead Said,

    March 7, 2011 @ 5:43 pm

    Wonderful news and know members worked hard on outfits and history. One of my favorite times was riding in parades in Heritage outfits when a Californian and Calizona was a big factor, long ago, in my long time association with the breed.
    A big congratulations and hope to see you again in the Rose Parade soon.

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