Another Appaloosa TV star

This is from Stephanie Hutcherson, Appaloosa Horse Club member, with a registered Appaloosa gelding named Touche Roman. I wanted to let you know that he (“Romeo”) was in a side saddle scene on the TV series Vampire Diaries on November 11, 2010. Romeo was also on the Vampire Diaries website for the previews of the show for almost a week before the show, and currently he can be seen on the website on their past episodes video. The episode is called Katrina.

You can see some photos that I took while on the shoot on my club’s sidesaddle website , both on the blog and on the past events page.

Romeo and I have been partners for almost twelve years, and I have to say he has been the best horse I’ve had in the over twenty-five years I have owned horses. We (Romeo and I) have competed in hunter/jumper, combined training, and dressage shows… in astride saddles and in sidesaddle. We have participated in the ACAAP program for many years, receiving Top Ten in Combined Training and Certificate of Achievements in combined training, over fences and dressage. We have also received many awards at the national and international levels in sidesaddle riding.

For pleasure we enjoy driving, trail rides, hunter paces and parades. We have competed in many parades in Georgia and Kentucky. Our most memorable parade was in a sidesaddle in the 2009 Presidential Inaugural Parade in Washington, D.C. We also participate in sidesaddle demos throughout Georgia and also at the Kentucky Horse Park once a year. Romeo and I have also volunteered our time with Special Olympics riders and horse shows.

Back to the Vampire Diaries. I was contacted by the film production company who found me through our web site, and who were initially looking for a “side saddle consultant.” This role grew over the next few days as we got closer to the shoot date, to the point where they invited Romeo in for a role with a stunt double for the actress. When I was asked to include Romeo, I knew right away that my Appaloosa could handle it. It was an 18-hour day with the scene being shot at night. There were bright lights, ladders, fog machines, and people coming and going out of the dark woods with video equipment. Romeo did not spook once. He had to canter past “dead bodies” (actors, or course!), a stuffed wolf, and an overturned wagon. He also did many takes where he had to stand completely still as the actress ran away from him. Throughout it all, he delivered a perfect performance, and was quite popular with the cast and film crew.

He was and is the perfect “spokes-horse” for the Appaloosa breed: smart, calm, gentle, and versatile. And I’m so blessed to have him!

Stephanie Hutcherson

Board of Directors

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