Appaloosa Project update

From researcher Sheila Archer:

Hi Everyone!

I’ve just posted a new article on our website for everyone who is interested in learning more about what the recent LP research means. It was written by Dr. Bellone and I, and it explains what the SNP discovery means, what is possible now because of it (eg. DNA testing for LP), how such a test would work, and where we’re going from here with our LP research.

Rather than putting it up as a “Hot Topic”, the article is accessible directly from the main menu on our website. This means all visitors, whether they have subscriptions or not, can read it. The name of the link is “LP Discovery!”, and it’s the bottom one in the list of links.

To access the article directly, you can also click on: LP Discovery!

We hope you find this information useful and interesting! Please feel free to post questions to the list after you’ve had a chance to read it!

Sheila Archer

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