You might think this is crazy

We received this note from Mary Bengel in Oregon. The details are pretty amazing.

Dear Appaloosa Horse Club,

Please check out our friend and horse trainer’s Facebook page and blog. Plus you can hear her being interviewed on The Horse Radio Network’s Stable Scoop show (episodes 94-107). Kathleen Dodd left Oregon mid-May to ride her two Appy’s across the USA to the East Coast….alone with no support or follow vehicle. She is currently in Nebraska. Her Appy’s are mother and daughter. Mystic, the mama, is Kathleen’s jumper champion. And Delightful, the daughter, is as pretty as she can be at only 4 years old. These mares have seen a lot over the last 4 states. They are now snake proof, wild horse proof, firework proof, semi-truck proof, jack rabbit proof, and train proof.

Kathleen and the mares are traveling on little to no money. Care packages are being sent as well as cash. We are looking for sponsorship to help cover the cost of hay, horseshoes, and the cell phone bill that is used for safety and to monitor and navigate their trip. I have added your facebook page to Kathleen’s Wild Ride as one of “our favorites” Please check it out at: Kathleen’s Wild Ride [On facebook] The Horse Radio Network’s Stable Scoop Show [episode 94-107] They also have a facebook page. And Kathleen blogs when she can:


  1. terri flint Said,

    October 25, 2010 @ 5:09 pm

    Today Oct 25th Kathleen stopped at our school for special children ( Robert Bycroft),located in Lisbon, Ohio. Our students were thrilled to see the horses and Kathleen, it was a real kindness for her to take time out on her way East. Our students have much in common with Kathleen, they like her don’t worry about the obstacles in front of them, they just take 1 step at a time and keep on moving at their own pace to meet their goals. I who am a teacher their admire thir courage as well as hers, goodluck and God be with you throughouy your journey.

  2. marie burish Said,

    December 10, 2010 @ 4:45 pm

    my husband & I pasted you on 534 in PA it was raining that day & yes I thought you where crazy lol not really. you are a trooper

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