Fort Worth parking update

To dispel at least one rumor, there will be such a thing as a day pass for parking at the Will Rogers Memorial Center in Fort Worth. This will allow you to leave the grounds and return without paying the fee multiple times in a day. There is also such a thing as a multiple-day pass.

Since the ApHC isn’t able to sell parking permits, you are encouraged to contact WRMC for additional information. Permits can be purchased on-line or by calling the number below.

Answers to some additional and specific WRMC parking questions from World Show attendees…

1. The lot east of the Watt arena (#4 on the map on the ApHC Web site) is a designated parking area. The same parking rates apply for vehicles at $5/day.
2. For people who want to park behind (south) of the Moncrief stalls and the cattle barns, this is available for vehicle parking (no trailers) at the same rate of $5/day.
3. The daily passes (and also the multi-day passes) allow people to come and go from the facility as they choose.

For additional information, please call 1-877-430-PARK (7275) or check on-line at

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