Chief Joseph Trail Ride 2010

Just returned from this year’s Chief Joseph Trail Ride and need to send thanks and congratulations to all the participants – riders, drivers, crew, professional support staff, scouts, etc. I firmly believe this is one of the best trail ride experiences in the world and it’s truly unique. The ride started near Wisdom, Montana and ended in the Lemhi Valley of Idaho. A number of riders specifically gushed about Thursday’s trip along the Continental Divide and said it was probably their best day of riding — ever.

We had a group of Nez Perce youth riders as well as representatives of the Nez Perce Appaloosa Horse Club and Chief Joseph Foundation. Folks were there from all across the U.S., Canada, England, The Netherlands, Germany and Norway. I’ll have a separate story about the gents from Norway who decided more than a year ago to plan a ride of the complete 1300-mile trail in one year. Now they’ve modified the route a bit to include “only” the more difficult and scenic parts of the trail, but they’ll still be riding through September.

I want to add a special thanks to Susan Fredrickson, who stepped in late in the game to serve as ride manager. She and husband Mike helped in so many ways to ensure a successful adventure. Andy Shaw, camp crew supervisor, Norman Shaw our chef and Ervin Gross the camp manager (and ever-patient parking director) all provided outstanding support. The list of people we depend on is very long. Their reward comes when riders acknowledge that they had a wonderful time and were spoiled.

The Chief Joseph Trail Ride is a commemoration, a history lesson and a family reunion that the ApHC is proud to be associated with.

We’ll have more photos in the Flicker album very soon.

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  1. Michelle Bobbitt Said,

    July 26, 2010 @ 10:00 am

    I want to give Steve Taylor and Lynette Thomson a very special Thank You. In the 17 years that I have been on the Chief Joseph Trail Ride I can not remember ever having a CEO or a Director that has stayed the whole week and worked as hard as these two in making the ride a very pleasant and enjoyable one. Thank You both from helping welding on the bumper of the cook truck to spreading manure and hay.

  2. Penny Whitehead Said,

    August 8, 2010 @ 8:53 am

    I was yet again unable to attend the Joe ride but from personal knowledge and aquaintance with Steve and Lynette, I know them to be very strong supporters of the breed and the registry and I thank you for letting folks know how dedicated they really are.

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