The Passing of Cim-Bad

It is with my most sincere regret to inform the Appaloosa Horse Club of the passing of Cim-Bad. He was the World’s Best Appalossa in 1985, carried 5 riders to National and World Championship, and capped off his career by winning the 12 and under Youth Western Pleasure at age 23 with his final owner Cara Sparks. The Equine Chronicle has him on the front page of their digital magazine right now with a full-story. I am hoping that the Appaloosa Horse Club will honor one of their own with the same recongnition. It is the passing of a true champion and legend.

Thank you, Donna Miller
Franklin NJ

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  1. Carla Parkes Said,

    August 23, 2010 @ 2:59 pm

    My niece was Cara Sparks, the last owner of Cim-Bad. His passing nearly broke her heart. She has requested,if anyone has any stories to tell, to post at Cim-Bad’s facebook page. She would love to hear the stories, that I am sure, have brought many happiness. Thank you for considering posting this somewhere, to get the word out.

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