Trophy rumors

Apparently there are rumors that the ApHC is changing or eliminating trophies for our National and World Show. Not true! We are simply evaluating production options and giving potential suppliers an opportunity to bid competitively — as always. Here’s a better statement from the Performance Department:

ApHC continually assesses all expenditures as we try to ensure that we get the most benefit for each dollar spent. To that end, we have a bid process for many goods and services each year. Currently, we have provided Requests for Proposals (RFPs) to a number of award suppliers asking them to bid on producing our National and World trophies. While we have no intention of changing the trophies (we like the Mare & Foal and Versatility trophies as much as you all do), we’d still like to make sure that award dollars are being well spent. If there’s a way to get a great product for less money, we’d like to find it. We apologize for any misinformation you’ve heard about this process, but rest assured that we’ll carefully consider the quality, look, feel and price of each sample we receive to ensure that these trophies not only look great, but are a great value.

No, we are not changing to plastic!

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  1. Kelley Cote Said,

    February 12, 2010 @ 3:14 pm

    Hooray! I’ve been lucky enough to win a couple of the National trophies but have been on a quest to get one of those darn mares & foals since 1986. Glad I may still have a chance! Thanks for the update.

  2. Dale Said,

    February 25, 2010 @ 3:44 am

    While you are keeping the design of the trophies, will they be bronze, or resin?

  3. Steve Said,

    March 1, 2010 @ 8:47 am

    Actually, they’ve never been 100% bronze. They’ve been metal with a bronze overlay. Price differences between materials vary according to manufacturer and supplier. We’re still looking at a variety of options, but whatever the end result, it will have a similar overlay, look and feel.

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