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johnandcakeOARThanks to all the members of Oklahoma Appaloosa Racing for their hospitality at this week’s meeting, stallion service auction and auction of other fund-raising items. In the case of this photo, OAR Vice President John Diediker is beckoning bids for a cake decorated with an Appaloosa. Turns out, the winning bid was offered by our own Darrell Bilke, ApHC judge and Pinto Association exec, who stopped by for a visit and became a soft target for the fund-raising auction.

Talk among OAR members has turned to the 2010 foal crop and, of course, horses already in training for racing season. The ApHC Executive Race Committee meets on Saturday morning prior to the final session of the Heritage Place Winter Mixed Sale in OKC.

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  1. robyn vandiver Said,

    February 16, 2011 @ 6:36 am

    John get hold of me I want to help make the next auction fantabolous


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