World Show update

fl1798I guess everything really is big in Texas.

It must be “casual Friday” at the World Championship Appaloosa Show in Fort Worth — everyone seems to be wearing jeans! While watching the “stump” race, I’m reminded that we have some pretty cool horses that really can do it all. The variety of games classes have featured power, speed and finesse on the part of humans and their mounts. Other classes, from halter to pleasure driving, showcase the beauty, grace and style of horses that seem to already know they are special.

I’ll get final stats for you after the show, but for now I can tell you that we ended up with nearly 950 horses, a number very close the last year’s, and we had considerably more entries. In terms of quality, I’ve had several people express the sentiment that it’s better than they’ve seen in a few years. I have to agree. And, it was great to see bigger classes in cutting, working cowhorse, reining and others.

Our open, non-pro (and youth) exhibitors can compete with the best of any breed and so can our horses. Congratulations to all the winners, but more importantly, thanks to everyone who made the trip to Texas for the show. We know what it takes in terms of time, effort and money to be at a major horse show for more than a week. We appreciate you and your support of the Appaloosa breed.

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