New York ApHC member seriously injured

We received this sad note from Catherine Dunnagan

To all my horse friends………….

I just found out today that Jeanne Buisman, a person that I have known for a long time is in ICU fighting for her life as she sustained a kick to her head last Thursday while trying to load a horse on the trailer to be transported to a horse show. Jeanne sustained a fractured skull – they have operated on her and have put her back together with a plate and pins, they have been keeping her in an induced coma. She has not been aware of where she is or what has happened. If you believe in the power of prayer, please offer one for Jeanne Buisman and hope that she can heal and overcome this tragedy.

Jeanne and Gary Buisman and their son Keith has been in the Appaloosa Horses for as long as I have known them. Jeanne has been on the Board of Directors of the N.A.A. Appaloosa Association since she was a person in her early 20’s. We all understand the horse business, but you never expect that a tragedy like this is going to happen to you or to someone that we all know. I just thought that everyone might like to know……so I am passing along this information.

If you wish to send a card to the family, I will include their address:

Gary, Jeanne and Keith Buisman
3686 Atlantic Avenue
Fairport, NY 14450

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