Appaloosa horse on Horse Master with Julie Goodnight

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I wanted to let you know that on October 14, our show about BJ Winship and her Appaloosa horse will air on Julie Goodnight’s Horse Master RFD-TV show. BJ was a delight to have on the show. Her father raised Appaloosas for years and offered that BJ could select the horse she wanted from his herd. BJ chose Candy who was part of the brood mare herd.

BJ’s dad passed away just recently and BJ is dedicated to helping Candy be the best horse she can be in order to celebrate her dad’s legacy. Since Candy hadn’t been started under saddle until late, she didn’t have a good stop cue. The episode with Julie starts with BJ telling her about her dad’s history with horses, then her plan to make BJ a great horse—if she can learn to stop! In the next two days, Julie taught BJ how to cue her horse with her seat first—teaching a sequence of cues that will help the horse have a relaxed stop once training progresses.

I’m attaching a quote from Julie about working with BJ and some still photos from the show.

“Working with BJ and her lovely Appy mare, Candy, took me back to my childhood and the first time I ever saw an Appaloosa. It was a stunning leopard stallion and he and his master were something to behold. Candy is a lovely mare with a good mind, strong build and that priceless willingness that is true to the breed. It was fun to think about BJ getting to choose a mare from her father’s herd and it was clearly fulfilling to BJ.” –Julie Goodnight

Julie’s Blog about the Horse Master shoot in Oregon, where BJ was one of 6 shows:

Thank you!

Heidi Nyland
Horse Master Producer/ Marketing Director

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