Judging contest

judging-contestThe ApHC and AYA hosted a horse judging contest for youth on Friday during the National Show in Jackson, Mississippi. At least 11 teams participated. Official results will be posted later, but we know a few basics. High-point overall team placings might not mean much to those who don’t know what the names represent, but here they are: 1st – Illinois Blue; 2nd – Stone Creek Stable; 3rd – Owyee; 4th – Ponchatoula FFA Blue; 5th – Southern Sensation; 6th – Boyd County A; 7th – New Era Ag Center; 8th – Ponchatoula FFA Gold; 9th – Lots of Spots; 10th – Illinois Orange tied with Boyd County B.

High-Point Youth 14-18 in performance judging and overall was Casey Parr; High-Point Halter and also High-Point in reasons was Cori Elliot.

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