Appaloosa in “Fit to Boom” Subway promotion

No, it’s not the underground train, it’s the sandwich chain of restaurants. The marketing folks at Subway have apparently been listening to the research and reminding themselves that Baby Boomers are still a fairly active and very large segment of consumers. Nothing says “be healthy” like an appeal to lifestyle choices involving physical fitness and some mental restoration/alignment (think about where we’ve been and the culture we grew up with). I guess a good sandwich can help.

The “Fit to Boom” campaign invites us to share our stories about later-in-life revelations and enter a “Refresh Your Life” contest. We like the fact that a spotted horse is part of the equation.

The point of this post is to direct your attention to a video on the Subway website. You’ll eventually see the subject enjoying the great outdoors on a colorful Appaloosa. That’s our version of “finding yourself” and being centered in the complex universe.

Thanks to ApHC member Pam Hargesheimer for sharing the information. Take a look.

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