Skip of Stars

white-horseA note from Mildred Truelove:

In response to the Appaloosa Journal’s request for owners of Sheldak bred horses I would like to tell about the time we bought Skip Of Stars from Dave and Kim Utke.

In 2000 I bought Star Status a 1990 model halter bred stallion that was standing by St. Louis in Illinois from the Youngs. We had only 2 short years with this beautiful stallion before he suffered a broken leg and had to be put down. It was a very traumatic experience for us and we cried many tears for this loss.

I began making several calls all over the country trying to locate a horse as nice as the one we had lost. The breeding season would soon be upon us. In the mean time a friend Karen Youmans who was frequently on the internet looking said you have to see this stallion Skip Of Stars so she took me to the library to see a picture on Sheldak’s web site. I had already talked to Kim about whether or not they had anything available in a earlier phone call and Kim said possibly they might sell Skip because the maiden mares they would be breeding that Spring would all be half sisters. Well after seeing his picture at the library I made another phone call and began earnestly trying to convince Kim that I needed to have him. And I promised to love him forever.

So since Jan. of 2003 Skip Of Stars has been producing colts and fillies for us here in Illinois. And he’s still passing on the same beautiful heads and outstanding conformation that he did in North Dakota. They are still athletic and enjoy the same qualities that Skip produced from Sheldak mares. He is a kind horse, never causes any problems just hangs out and does his job when needed. And I will still love him forever just as I promised.

Mildred Truelove
Rock n’ T Appaloosas
Casey, Illinois

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  1. Dawn M. La Pinta Said,

    June 10, 2009 @ 6:16 am

    Dear Mildred,

    I’m planning on bringing my Sheldak yearling to Illinois this weekend. I hope to see some of your babies there.


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