62nd National and 2009 Youth World Appaloosa Horse Show Class Specials

A non-pro or a youth exhibitor may enter 9 classes at regular price and enter a 10th class for FREE! This option is available for PRE-ENTRIES ONLY! This option is available to non-pro and youth exhibitors regardless of the number of different horses they exhibit and is based solely on the number of classes in which that non-pro or that youth exhibitor enters.

Entries for multiple horses MUST BE RECEIVED TOGETHER in order to credit the exhibitor for the free class. Once entries have been received, classes can NOT be substituted, scratched, added or changed in order to qualify for a class. After the pre-entry deadline, regular post-entry processes and fees apply to any changes or added classes. Equipment, cattle and NSBA charges must still be paid on all classes even if these are assessed in the class in which the non-pro or youth exhibitor does not have to pay the entry fee.

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