Reasons for belonging, Question of the Week #5

The most recent e-newsletter asks the question: Why do you enjoy being part of the Appaloosa Horse Club? We’d like feedback about the various reasons ApHC members choose to become members. Friendly competition in the show ring? Camaraderie on the trail? Whatever the reason, set it to paper (or pixels) and tell us why the ApHC is your association. The testimonials that best embody the spirit of the Appaloosa association will receive a FREE custom Appaloosa E-mail account and will be published in Appaloosa Journal for the world to read. Submit your testimonial to the ApHC Marketing Department at or post a comment here.


  1. Dar KDJJ Appaloosas Said,

    February 11, 2009 @ 9:22 am

    #1 reason for us here at KDJJ Appaloosa is simple… the love of the breed… The HORSE! We can easily belong to several of the other division registries for “appy characteristics”, nothing wrong with that, but the “true” appy belongs here! Remains here! Needs to stay here! Those (of us) that remain (here) are holding on to hope, their own, the history, the future. Sometimes its not the “enjoyment” of the collapse but the belief in the rebuilding!
    I am curious however, in Steves meaning of his quote in H&R.
    “Its become clear that we need to exert “euthanasia” on some of our “sacred cows””-Steve Taylor, Horse & Rider Feb 2009 pg 42

  2. Jacquelyn West Johnson Said,

    February 11, 2009 @ 11:35 pm

    I am a member because I love the breed so much and believe in the hard work it takes to keep the color in this wonderful horse. In years past many have tried to water down the requirements for showing, racing,etc. I have learned from life’s expierences, if you disagree with what the Board is doing, you keep on making your objections known and why you object, in order to effect changes. One doesn’t drop membership because you disagree with what is happening. That is why I remain a member.

  3. Dana Said,

    February 13, 2009 @ 1:48 pm

    My reason for belonging to the ApHC is to lend additional support to the breed that I have chosen to associate myself with for the past 35+ years. Even though this association has seen rocky times I think that not only the members, but also the employees have tried hard to promote and keep the Appaloosa growing and improving for future generations to love and enjoy.

  4. Debbie Said,

    February 16, 2009 @ 7:18 am

    for the love of the horse & the breed – it has nothing to do with the ApHC – they are constantly changing things and directions as much as the wind shifts to suit the needs of a fad or a few at any one time – those who remain members (and I have been one for 39 years) do so because of the horse & the dreams people such as George Haltley & others had for it when they took up the challenge to bring it back from what had happened to the Appaloosa – we have appaloosas because they are different, because of their abilities, their attitudes and the fact they can do whatever their supporters & owners want to do with them, be it an everyday trail horse, a trusty 4-H mount, a world class dressage or cross country horse, the one that gathers cows day in & day out, the one spotted as different in the show ring because of their color or just a trusted friend.

  5. Charity Said,

    February 19, 2009 @ 5:57 am

    My reasons for belonging are the same as other, for the love of the breed and nothing to do with the ApHC.

    I belong because I dare to be different. Nothing like standing out in sea of bay horses in the HUS classes on your black and white.

    I belong because I love the be the centre of attention. No matter where we show, from the local fall fair to the rated hunter circuit we are the centre of attention. We are always the first one families with little girls come over to at fall fairs and ask if they can pet “the dalmation horse”. If we have time between classes we even give them little pony rides on our appaloosa knowing that this memory will last a lifetime and maybe remind them to consider appaloosas when and if they ever get a horse.

    I belong because I love to prove people wrong. The years old opinion of Appaloosas is strong wherever I show…that they are rat tailed crummy moving ponies. At a local saddle club show with some big QH trainers having some clients there to practice before Congress my Appaloosa won the HUS huge class with several cuts…one of the QH trainers came up to me after and said “wow you just changed my opinion of Appaloosas, I hate them but I LOVE YOUR HORSE!!

    I belong because I am not esily intimidated. I love taking my highly colored Appaloosa to rated hunter shows where everyone stares at me gives me dirty looks and even laughs at us pretty much to say we are wasting out time…that is until we win.

    I belong because the Appaloosa is the best most versatile family horse there is. We can go from showing western at the fall fair one day to the next a rated hunter show. We can be the “dalmation” for the fire dept. as they go x-mas caroling raising money for Charity, our App trots along with the fire trucks down the rd. We never worry about beginner on our horses we know they are the most trust worthy mount out there!!

    And I belong because I simply love spots. It’s so much fun looking at spots and trying to figure out what the shape of spots look like. One of our horses have a perfect heart and bear paw…how cool it that.

    So those are my reasons for belonging…sorry it has nothing to do with the ApHC but honeslt I feel like most others, the ApHC has very little to offer me, it feels like the ApHC caters to the elite group of big time breeders or multiple world champion trainers…and offers nothing for the average member who simply loves their horse to death!!

  6. Carrie Hemken Said,

    February 22, 2009 @ 8:13 am

    A long time ago an Applaoosa came into my life. I rode that broom tailed and roached maned appy horse everywhere! We never went to a show or won any ribbons, but I loved him for what he was-a good spotted horse! Though he did not stay long he left his mark on me. From that time on I have been an Appaloosa lover. Long before I had any idea what the ApHC was.
    Years passed- I was introduced to the ApHC and the show world, I showed some. My daughter showed this year in leadline for the first time. We had a great year and tons of fun. She will be out there again this year.

    Over the few years my family have been members of the ApHC raising and showing, we have met many friends and good people.(yes they are out there). We have also seen things we would like to forget. To each their own I guess. What others do or say will not change the way I look at the breed or the club. Big fancy trainers come and go-we will be here for the long haul!
    So we will continue to show, ride and just enjoy our spotted friends being proud members of the ApHC and do our thing!!
    I hope we are are all members to support our wonderful breed and preserve its bright and colorful future…..

  7. Julie Kreider Said,

    March 2, 2009 @ 4:39 am

    A quality horse is a quality horse…regardless of discipline or breed. Form to function is not necessarily breed specific. So why the Appaloosa? It’s unique and distinct coat patterns make it easily recognizable world wide! It’s FUN to own a horse of “a different color.” That uniqueness is our breed’s most marketable trait. It is what motivates the general public’s interest. Too bad so many within our organization have forgotten that.

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