Studying the rulebook

Everyone in attendance at this year’s Color Breed Council International Judges Seminar in OKC carries around with them at least one breed association handbook. New applicants have to be familiar with the rule book because they are tested on it. Veterans keep the book handy to discuss/debate the finer points of meaning and interpretation. In the photo, John Tabb, ApHC judge and a presenter at the seminar, discusses the bracket system for games classes with Michelle Nyberg, a judging applicant, and Alexcia Livinstone, ApHC judges coordinator.

Participating groups in the Color Breed Council include American Miniature Horse Association, American Paint Horse Association, ApHC, International Buckskin Horse Association, National Reined Cow Horse Association, National Snaffle Bit Association, Palomino Horse Breeders of America, Pinto Horse Association of America, Pony of Americas and the United States Equestrian Federation.

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