Attention regional clubs: Consider holding a single-judge, fee-waiver show

From the ApHC Performance Department

If you are looking for a way to raise money for your club treasury, consider holding a single-judge, fee waiver show. You can offer an ApHC-approved show to regional club participants and local Appaloosa enthusiasts, earn national points and you don’t have to collect or pay any national point fees to the Appaloosa Horse Club.

In addition, this is a great way to expose owners of other breeds to the Appaloosa community and our wonderful Appaloosa horses.

Here’s how it works:

1. Approval fees remain intact at $25 per judge/show.
2. Minimum class requirements still apply. See the show approval application form for details on minimum requirements for open, non-pro and youth divisions. This form is available on the ApHC Web site.
3. Shows must be combined with open, all-breed classes and said classes must be intermixed with regular ApHC-approved classes.
4. There is to be a limited selection of basic classes at these shows. However, regional clubs may choose a class list that best reflects the needs/interests of horse owners in their geographical area.
5. These single judge shows shall not be held in conjunction with another ApHC-approved show and shall not be held at the same facility within 5 days of another ApHC-approved show.
6. At the conclusion of the show, submit all class placings in all ApHC-approved classes so that horses and exhibitors may earn national points. DON’T turn in any national point fees!

Frequently Asked Questions
Q: How many Single Judge Shows can a Regional Club hold per year in which National Point Fees are waived?
A: There is no limit on the number of shows per year as long as the show(s) go through the standard approval process and meet rulebook requirements.

Q: What is the minimum number of horses required for the single judge show?
A: 24 horses. All requirements for an ApHC-approved event apply.

Q: Can a club hold two shows concurrently in separate arenas, hiring a judge that will only judge in the single point show and one judge for the other show?
A: No. In order to be eligible to waive the point fees, you may NOT hold single-judge fee waiver shows concurrently or in conjunction with another show.

Q: Is it required for the exhibitor to be an ApHC member and/or Regional Club member to earn points in the Single Judge Show?
A: Regular membership and ownership requirements apply to all horses and exhibitors in all ApHC-approved classes.

Q: Is the horse required to be ApHC registered?
A: In ApHC approved shows only horses, including current year foals, registered with the ApHC in the Foundation, Permanent, Tentative, or CPO registry are eligible to participate. Horses with Certificates of Registration stamped, “Not eligible for show or exhibition in ApHC-approved events” are not eligible to show at any approved show.

In order to make this event financially successful for your club, we recommend that you:

1. Find an inexpensive place to hold the show – maybe a local pony club grounds or saddle club grounds arena or maybe the practice barn of one of the trainers in your area. You really don’t need an indoor space – just an arena that offers enough parking for trucks and trailers.
2. Hold all your classes on one day and let everyone show out of their trailers. Stalls aren’t a necessity and cutting them out can mean saving money on facility rental.
3. Find an ApHC judge who lives nearby to help save on travel expenses.
4. Pace the show so that you are able to present awards while the horses are still in the arena. Everyone loves to be recognized in front of their peers.
5. Be sure to advertise locally and extend invitations to local 4-H groups and/or saddle clubs. The point is to get people involved with your group who may not otherwise come into contact with you at a regional show.
6. Remember, these are beginner events. The point is to try and increase interest in your club, the ApHC and the Appaloosa horse.

Many people who attend these types of shows leave feeling nostalgic about the “way things used to be”. Try to keep a relaxed and social atmosphere. There are a number of regional clubs already offering these types of events with success. They’ll tell you that the secret is to give recognition in the arena, offer some type of awards or ribbons and pair it up with a social activity (maybe a barbecue lunch or potluck). Try to get some local businesses to donate items for a raffle or ask club members to donate items. Have a tack swap. Sell your used show clothes. Have a dog show during lunch break – everyone knows that dogs and horses go together! Most of all – remember to have fun!

And best of all, submit your show results to ApHC so that horses can earn points in the ApHC-approved classes FREE OF CHARGE!

Remember that Appaloosas competing in the all-breed classes can also earn ACAAP merits for their placings.

Several regional clubs are doing this with success and even hold several shows and offer cumulative awards based upon participation in more than one of the shows. If you’re looking for a great fundraiser that still gives you the opportunity to earn some points and get you a little closer to your show-ring goals, why not hold a single-judge, fee waiver show? You may be surprised at how successful it can be!


  1. Vicki Gaudreau Said,

    January 15, 2009 @ 7:33 pm

    An ApHC one-judge pointed show, combined with an open, all-breed show, is a not only a great way to earn points & to promote our beautiful, kind, & versatile “Breed of Choice”, it is also a wonderful club fundraiser.

    OPAA has such a show scheduled for Memorial Weekend 2009, at Champions Center, Springfield, Ohio. May 23rd will be our 1-judge show, with Richard Rau, who will also judge the all-breed classes. On Sunday, May 24th, Alan Cornett will judge the second day of all-breed classes. There are plenty of classes, no matter what your discipline.

    We have many other fun promotional activities planned for the weekend so come join us if you can!


  2. Charity Said,

    January 21, 2009 @ 1:59 pm

    I enquired a couple years ago about the all-breed classes if they are offered at ApHC regional shows and was told that the all-breed classes DO NOT qualify for ACAAP merits as the show is ApHC sponsored…can I have clarification?

  3. Steve Said,

    January 21, 2009 @ 5:41 pm

    What you have been told is true — with one exception. If the ApHC-approved show is a one-judge, fee-waivered show, you can earn ACAAP merits.

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