Horse seller’s terms

I ran across a fun little book called HORSE BITS AND PIECES, by Sarah Widdicombe. Might have made a good Christmas gift for someone, but in the meantime I’ve borrowed the following:

Horse Seller’s Terms
Excellent temperament = Never been out of his field.
In-hand prospect = Bred for beauty, not brains.
Showjumping prospect = Looks superb jumping the gate out of his field.
Eventing prospect = Big, fast horse.
Dressage prospect = Big, slow horse.
Endurance prospect = Fast horse that will turn sometimes.
Games prospect = Fast horse that will turn when you least expect it.
Lots of potential = Under the right circumstances, you might be able to ride him.
He will do it all = Bite, kick, buck, rear….
Very brave = Even a whip can’t force him back.
Top bloodlines = He can’t do anything, but that’s fine because some horse 20 generations back did something.
Unregistered = Probably stolen.
Excellent mother = Don’t even think about going near the foal.

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  1. Angie Said,

    January 10, 2009 @ 8:16 am

    How funny…and probably true more often than we’d like to think! Hmmm….I may have learned a few to use myself!! ha ha! I think I will print this list to remind myself of the possible realities when I do make a next purchase!

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